HELO Air Caffeine Diffuser - Gush

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400 Inhales

0% Nicotine

Natural Caffeine

Usage Recommendation: 5-10 Inhales

Flavor: Premium blend of natural caffeine and sweet flavor.

Grab a fast-acting burst of energy with a HELO Air vape. Naturally-sourced caffeine absorbs rapidly into your bloodstream to wake you up and get you moving. And the Gush taste — made from organic plant extracts — makes each puff a treat.

A HELO Air diffuser works quicker than coffee or energy drinks, with no jitters now, no crash later, and no sugar to weigh you down. It’s a refreshing breath of pure alertness. Each inhaler contains ~400 puffs and 0% nicotine.

"This is the perfect way to get energy with a great taste. I love the way they work without making me feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin. Perfect boost of energy!"
Madyson G.

Ingredients Matters

Our formula has just three ingredients, all of them derived from natural sources. If you want a clean, plant-based caffeine supplement, look no further.

Caffeine from coffee beans
Flavoring from organic fruit extracts
Vegetable glycerin from coconut and soybean oil

That's it!

100% Clarity & Worry-free Inhalation

Our inhalers are plant-powered and contain no addictive or harmful compounds.

ZERO Nicotine

You don’t have to worry about getting hooked

ZERO Nicotine

You don’t have to worry about getting hooked

ZERO Diacetyl

No risk of “popcorn lung”

ZERO Diacetyl

No risk of “popcorn lung”

ZERO vitamin E acetate

This additive is linked to almost all vape-related injuries, so we won’t touch it

ZERO vitamin E acetate

This additive is linked to almost all vape-related injuries, so we won’t touch it

You'll love HELO Air caffeine vapes if...

You want to recharge on the go.

It’s a small vape that packs a serious punch, so you can slip it in your pocket for a quick infusion of energy when you need it most.

You want the purest plant-powered dose of caffeine possible.

Our diffusers don’t use unnecessary additives like l-theanine or vitamin B12. We keep it simple with just one active ingredient.

You love to smoke or vape but want to quit your addiction.

A caffeine inhaler lets you enjoy a pleasant puff of tasty vapor without any nicotine. Lots of customers say the HELO Air helped them kick their habit.

You prefer a mellow inhale that’s easy on the throat.

Unlike many other vapes, the HELO AIR doesn’t use propylene glycol, a flavor enhancer made from petroleum that adds a harsh edge to the inhale. Our diffusers taste great but feel gentle.

Over 5,000+ Energized Days Delivered


Charlene N.
Delicious and amazing!
The taste is really really good, and it's super smooth! it definitely gives you the same pick me up as coffee, without the jitters! LOVE IT
Jess S.
Amazing, Refreshing, & Delicious
As a working mom I’m always on the go & coffee is always my go to! But this has been AMAZING to have with me! And the fact it’s nicotine free makes it even better for a non smoker like myself. Officially obsessed! I even caught my hubby trying it!
Bowman F.
Definitely works
Was skeptical about how well caffeine would work in this form but it is very noticeable the energy you get from just a few puffs. Plus I got no headache and no weird out of it feeling that I often get from nicotine vapes. Over 3 weeks without using a nicotine vape now and I’m not looking back!

How To Use a HELO Air Caffeine Vape

Open the packaging and remove the rubber cap.
Place the opening to your lips.
Breathe it in, hold for a few seconds, and breathe out.

Open the packaging, remove the rubber cap, and place the opening to your lips. Then inhale. The device will automatically release a tasty puff of vapor. Breathe in, hold it for a few seconds, and breathe out.

You don’t need to take the vapor all the way into your lungs, either. The caffeine absorbs equally well if you draw a puff into your mouth and breathe it out your nose.

A standard dose is 5-10 puffs, which delivers around 1.3 mg of caffeine directly to your bloodstream. Because it’s such an efficient way to absorb the dose, many users report that they get enough alertness from only a few inhales. You might want to start with just a few puffs and see what works for you.

HELO Air vapes contain about 400 puffs each. (The exact amount depends on how deeply you breathe in!) You’ll know it’s time to replace your caffeine diffuser when you no longer get the vapor and the flavor.

Safety Info

Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews
Jade Love
Don’t think it put out 400 hits

I liked the flavor, but it didn’t last long, I went thru it in a week, taking 5-10 hits a day. Going to try the larger one to see if it might be better and last much longer than this one did.

daniel aldridge
good energy

helping me with trying to stop vaping

Kasie Roznovsky
Not so good

Like the baja berry better

Danielle Smith

HELO Air Caffeine Diffuser - Gush

Disappointed new customer

Bought 2 items, and was very excited to try both (1 helo, and 1 melo). Neither worked when I opened the packages, I reached out to customer support, and they asked me to send in a video. Unfortunately the file size was too large to be emailed so I asked if there was another way to send it. I even offered to return the product before the video was ever displayed so they could see both devices were defective. I never heard back from them. After seeing the great reviews on tiktok, I thought I would try them, I just wish I didn't waste $30 plus the 'insurance' against damage, as it didn't seem to matter.


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