HELO Air Caffeine Diffuser - Gush

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Built for endurance, endorsed by wellness, and fueled by active adventurers.  HELO Air is a premium blend of natural caffeine, VG, and proprietary fruit blend.


After a few inhales of HELO Air, you will feel a jolt of relaxed energy, allowing you to kick those daily tasks, and get to the fun part, living.  With our advanced fast-acting formula built for energy, with just 5-10 inhales users will experience feelings of energy & alertness.


We call it Zeus’s oxygen with a pinch of jolts. Live Energized. Stay Stimulated. Welcome, HELO Air. 

Customer Reviews

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Real good

Nim Nie

I like it

Keara Waldron

Love it and the flavor is fire 🔥

Alexis Knauff
Try it!

I ended up getting two. One melatonin and one of the caffeine ones. Really love both. They don't taste terrible and both work pretty well.

Pretty Good

This caffeine vape is actually really cool, but if you hit it for longer than 3 seconds it leaves a really bad, burnt like taste in your mouth.

Real People. Real Results.

In a world where screens and technology surround us, it's hard to find rest and get away. That's why we built Melo Air to help busy professionals with fast lifestyles take back extra time for their nightly sleep rituals.

Since using this product, my sleep has improved significantly. With a few puffs each night I have found that I have consistently been sleeping more hours on average.

Mark Thompson

Was a bit skeptical of this product at first since I usually take pills of melatonin but ever since inhaling this product it has give me the same effect but quicker than normal. Would recommend to those who would be interested in trying things other than pills.

Sierra Lewis

This has become my go to for my insomnia and anxiety after a long weekend.

Calvin Carrington

I looked into this product after getting drowsy from my normal nighttime habits. I was looking. for something clean and natural. After trying out Melo Air for a few nights, the sleep was stellar with zero head fog or grogginess the next day. Highly recommend for those trying to get away from other sleep medications, alcohol, or Marijuana.

Marissa Angle

I work the night shift at a hospital and have to sleep during the day. From finding time in the middle of the day to unwind after what has been a daily nightmare with COVID, this has helped put me to sleep pretty fast after using.

Dave McArthur

Thankful that I found a product like this. Sits on my night stand and has become apart of my routine right after journaling.

Karen Miller

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