MELO Plus Melatonin Diffuser - Cosmic Berry

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800 Inhales

0% Nicotine

Premium Melatonin

Usage Recommendation: 5-10 Inhales

Flavor: Blend of tangy blue raspberry and ripe strawberry

A soothing sleep aid that comes with a tasty puff of organic Cosmic Berry flavor. Inhale a mild dose of melatonin that takes effect in minutes, giving your body a gentle signal that it’s time to slumber. The MELO Plus melatonin vape can last for weeks, giving you a deep reservoir of plant-powered relaxation.

Our inhalers work faster than melatonin pills or gummies, letting you absorb your dose directly into your bloodstream for maximum efficiency. You’ll fall asleep fast and wake up without morning grogginess. Each MELO Plus melatonin diffuser contains ~800 puffs and 0% nicotine.

"Helps me settle down to sleep! I've tried too many different ways to settle down for bed and nothing works like this! It tastes great too so that's a huge bonus."
Autumn B.

Ingredients Matters

It’s a refreshingly simple formula with just three food-grade ingredients. You can rest easy knowing exactly what’s helping you get better sleep.

Premium grade melatonin
Organic fruit extracts flavoring
Vegetable glycerin from coconut and soybean oil

That's it!

100% Calm & Worry-free Inhalation

Our inhalers are plant-powered and contain no addictive or harmful compounds.

ZERO Nicotine

You don’t have to worry about getting hooked.

ZERO Nicotine

You don’t have to worry about getting hooked.

ZERO Diacetyl

No risk of “popcorn lung”.

ZERO Diacetyl

No risk of “popcorn lung”.

ZERO Vitamin E Acetate

Almost all vape-related injuries are linked to this additive, so we won’t use it.

ZERO Vitamin E Acetate

Almost all vape-related injuries are linked to this additive, so we won’t use it.

You’ll love MELO Plus melatonin vapes if…

You’re tired of counting sheep.

Stop staring at your alarm clock and waiting for sleep to come to you. A dose from a MELO Plus diffuser reaches your brain much faster than other kinds of melatonin supplements so you can get a longer rest.

You want a long-lasting supply.

These seemingly small vapes hold a lot of juice. With a typical daily dose of 5-10 inhales, a MELO Plus inhaler will last you for months.

You prefer a mellow inhale that’s easy on the throat.

Unlike most other vapes, the MELO Plus doesn’t use propylene glycol, a petroleum-based flavor enhancer that adds a harsh edge to the inhale. Our diffusers taste great but feel gentle.

You’d like to fight stress without addictive chemicals.

Do you tend to light up when you want to unwind? Melatonin vapes are a nicotine-free cigarette alternative that can relieve anxiety and improve your rest.

Over 5,000+ Good Night SleepzzZ Delivered


Brandon Moore
A Knockout! This stuff has changed my life! This has helped me to fall asleep quicker and sleep soundly through the night. Roughly 30 minutes after taking my dose I'm knocked right out. This is a must try!
Tanny M.
Amazing I am so happy I found a product that actually does work when it comes to getting sleep. I’ve tried lots of products to help me get sleep. I have used the diffuser a few times now and every time I wake up rested and reenergized. It’s pretty easy to use and the flavor is pretty delicious.
Christina D.
Taste super good and is relaxing! I have horrible insomnia, and this Melatonin diffuser is amazing. I don’t use it every night, but when I am having trouble staying asleep. It also works wonderfully for my RLS - my legs calm right down. I love the taste, it tastes like a blue raspberry icee! I use 5-7 puffs before bed and it works within 15 minutes!

How To Use a MELO Plus Melatonin Vape

Open the packaging and remove the rubber cap.
Place the opening to your lips.
Breathe it in, hold for a few seconds, and breathe out.

Open the packaging, remove the rubber cap, and place the opening to your lips. Give it a tap and inhale. The device will automatically release a tasty puff of vapor. Breathe in, hold it for a few seconds, and breathe out.

You don’t need to take the vapor all the way into your lungs, either. The melatonin absorbs equally well if you draw a puff into your mouth and breathe it out your nose.

The standard recommended dose is 5-10 puffs, which is about 1.3 mg of melatonin — but you may not even need that much. Since it hits your bloodstream with no detours to the digestive system, it’s much more efficient than edible supplements. As a result, many users are ready for sleep after just 2-3 puffs.

MELO Plus vapes contain about 800 puffs each. (The exact amount depends on how deeply you breathe in!) You’ll know it’s time to replace your melatonin diffuser when you inhale and you no longer get any vapor or flavor.

Safety Info

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Victoria Wiseman

Absolutely amazing company and flavors! I just wish that the watermelon ice and pink slush did not run out so fast .. the melatonin ones still have flavor but the watermelon and pink ones not even after 2 days just died.... But overall amazing flavors!

Derek Sachs

MELO Plus Melatonin Diffuser - Cosmic Berry

Kodongles Spirals
Pretty good

Customer service was phenomenal. Wasn’t delivered 2 times customer service was outstanding in reaching back out asap.

Got delivery and really like both the caffeine and melatonin vapes. Both pretty good.

Janet Kromah
Too Good

I got the cosmic berrt one and it tastes sooo good i almost forgot it’s melatonin and it knocked me right out. The taste is amazing and the effects are too, just don’t puff too much in my case or else you’ll get a headache but overall very effective and enjoyable

Dylan Batten

MELO Plus Melatonin Diffuser - Cosmic Berry


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