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How to Choose the Best Energy Vape

No matter what you want out of your vaping experience, one thing's for sure — you can probably find it. There are vapes for everyone, whether you’re looking for an alternative nicotine hit, for relaxation, focus or just straight up energy. That last one is what we're going to concentrate on today.

Energy vapes are a great alternative to super strong energy drinks and their energy boosts usually come from one of two substances: caffeine or vitamin B12. (If you're relying on that vitamin, by the way, make sure you check out our note below on why you may not want to.)

There are other options as well, which we cover below. Want more with just a focus on caffeine vapes? Check out 4 Best Caffeine Vapes of 2024.

Without further ado, here are reviews of a few of the best and more popular energy vapes on the market.


HELO Plus caffeine diffuser in strawberry flavor

HELO Air was, of course, expressly created to be the choice when it comes to non-nicotine energy vapes. And in our admittedly biased opinion, it still tops that list.

Pure and simple, HELO Air contains the natural ingredients you want — organic flavors and caffeine, along with vegetable glycerin and water — and none that you don't. It contains zero nicotine, diacetyl or vitamin E acetate, all of which have been implicated in causing harm to your lungs.

Also, unlike some other caffeine vapes on this list, HELO Air comes in a wide variety of exciting flavors to choose from. There’s Strawberry Ice, Pink Slush, Banana Ice, Caramel Coffee, Tropic Slush, Aloe Grape, Baja Berry, Pink Lemonade and more.

HELO Air comes in two sizes: regular, containing enough juice for around 400 puffs, and Plus, with enough for around 800.

Shop HELO Air here on our website.


Ripple+ Boost packaging

We've covered many of the best healthy non-nicotine vapes in this blog before, and one that's shown up a number of times is Ripple+. Ripple's energy offerings include Boost, with maca and green tea (i.e. caffeine), and Power, with ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

In terms of effects, maca and the caffeine in green tea are the more traditional energy components. Caffeine you're familiar with, but Maca has a far more interesting history. Conquistadors used Maca during battles with the Aztecs and Incas to give them energy for battle. After the battle, however, it was banned. Reason? It put their libido into overdrive!

With that history, it's easy to understand why modern proponents cite its use as both an aide for low energy and sexual performance. Boost comes in one flavor — pomegranate — and is available either as a disposable pen or as pods. Each pen should deliver about 1,000 inhales, while each two-pod pack of liquid should deliver around 800 inhales.

Power's ingredients suggest more of a "tonic" approach to energy. Both ginseng and ginkgo biloba are touted as overall brain and body boosters that are more level in their effects, as opposed to the quick boost you'd get from caffeine or maca.

Power is also available in a single flavor — peppermint — and comes in both pens and pods with the same usage stats as those for Boost.

Shop Ripple+ energy vapes on their website.


HealthVape energy vape pen

We've also written about HealthVape before in our article on the 12 Best Nicotine Free Vapes, but let's talk specifically about what they offer in the energy category.

HealthVape's real claim to fame is their focus on providing smokers a way to replace cigarettes with healthier nicotine-free alternatives. But they've also included ingredients that can help their customers get other benefits besides just kicking a nicotine addiction. Among those are vapes designed to give you an energy boost.

HealthVape features different energy formulations in both disposable vape pens and vape pods. They offer a B12 vape, a caffeine & B12 vape and a vitamin C vape (although vitamin C is more of an all-around "health tonic," so we'll leave that one out of the energy category).

HealthVape calls their B12 formulation Boost, and it's available in two flavors, Berry Mint and Strawberry.

Berry Mint's ingredients include 12 mcg of vitamin B12; 3 mg of vitamin B6; 157 mcg each of L-Theanine and L-Lysine; 1.57 mg of taurine; and the berry and mint flavoring. Strawberry contains the same ingredients except, of course, for the flavoring.

Each pen should deliver between 400-500 inhales, and the pods contain the same ingredients as the pens. They're sold in packs of four, with each 4-pack box promising approximately 800 inhales.

HealthVape's second offering in the energy vape category is called, appropriately enough, Energy. Available in Citrus and Cinnamon flavors, ingredients in the Energy formulation include 96 mcg of caffeine, 12 mcg of vitamin B12, 157 mcg of L-theanine and L-carvone, and either mandarin orange or cinnamon flavoring.

As with the Boost formulation, you'll get around 400-500 inhales from the pens, and around 800 from each 4-pack of pods.

Shop HealthVape on their website.


RISE B12 Pods in a red box.

Luvv is another vape option we've covered, but now let's dive deeper on their energy offerings.

Like HealthVape above, Luvv offers three energy formulations — Rise (with vitamin B12), Wake (with caffeine) and Vita (with vitamin C). In keeping with how we treated vitamin C above, we'll stick with discussing Luvv's two other energy offerings — Rise and Wake.

Both Rise and Wake are available as either disposable vape pens or as a pod unit. Rise is available in one flavor (Berry Mint), and contains ingredients very similar to HealthyVape's Boost. Rise contains 24 mcg of vitamin B12, 6.5 mcg of vitamin B6, and 329 mcg of L-Theanine, L-Lysine and vegan-friendly taurine.

Wake, too, comes in one flavor (Mandarin Orange). Wake's ingredients are 198 mcg of caffeine, 24 mcg of vitamin B12, and 329 mcg each of L-theanine and L-carvone.

For both formulations, Luvv says that each pen should deliver about 650-700 inhales, while each pod should deliver about 200.

Shop Luvv on their website.


Breathe Pod System Starter Kit

Breathe is all about vitamin B12. In fact, Breathe touts the fact that its vape delivers over 133 mcg of B12 in every serving. That’s 5000% of the recommended daily amount, and anywhere from 5 to 10 times the amount contained in the other B12 vapes on this list.

When it comes to a complete list of ingredients, they're pretty simple (and are all sourced and mixed in the US): vegetable glycerin, deionized water, organic fruit flavor extract and, of course, vitamin B12. Breathe does NOT contain nicotine or tobacco, propylene glycol, vitamin E acetate, acetyl propionyl, THC or CBD.

In terms of the unit itself, Breathe features both a rechargeable pod system and non-rechargeable diffusers/vape pens. Both come in only one flavor — a relatively nondescript "fruit" flavor.

Pods are supposed to last up to 75 days, based on daily use of 5-10 inhales. Each disposable contains enough juice for 30 servings.

Shop Breathe on their website.

A Special Note About Vitamin B12

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With ingredients like caffeine, you already know the effects. But what about ingredients like vitamin B12? Let's talk about this vitamin, because in addition to what we've covered here, you're likely to see it included in many other energy supplements.

Many people believe that vitamin B12 helps boost your energy. And there's some evidence that it does just that in people who are B12 deficient. However, there's little to no evidence that B12 provides an energy boost in people who don;t have a deficiency.

Knowing if you are or you aren't "low" on B12 is tough, particularly since the most common sign of B12 deficiency is fatigue (a symptom that has probably brought you to this article in the first place). Want to know for sure? You'll need a blood test from your doctor.

Before you purchase a dedicated B12 vape, in the interest of not wasting your money, maybe it's best to stick with what you know will give you a boost. At least until you know whether or not you could benefit from supplementation.

Get Energized!

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We've given you a few great options here for vapes that can supply you with an energy boost. Looking for more? Check out our article on the 4 Best Caffeine Supplements, including more than just vapes! We hope, of course, that you'll give HELO Air a try and sample its rainbow of flavors — something that truly sets HELO apart from every other option on this list. Good luck!

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