Enjoy Premium Nicotine-Free Vapes from MELO Labs

MELO’s line of nicotine-free caffeine vapes, melatonin vapes, and "plant-powered puffs" can help convert any nicotine vape user to our healthier, tastier zero-nicotine alternatives. Whether you're looking for a burst of energy, a dose of relaxation, or just want to kick back and enjoy the best flavors, MELO has you covered.

FAQ: Are nicotine-free vapes safe?

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      28 products

      Why Choose a Premium Nicotine-Free Vape?

      No Nicotine, No Tobacco
      Plant-based Ingredients
      Unique, Organic Flavors
      Pay Less Per Puff
      single pack of HELO Plus in Caramel Coffee flavor

      More Effective

      If the goal is to steer clear of nicotine while satisfying an oral fixation, HELO, MELO and ZERO are among the most effective disposable, nicotine-free vape options available.

      HELO and MELO contain only proven ingredients from natural sources like vegetable glycerin from coconut and soybean oil, fruit flavor extracts, and melatonin for relaxation or caffeine for energy.

      ZERO contains the same natural ingredients, but with no caffeine or melatonin. Think of ZERO as simply "flavored air." Other products often use unproven or questionable ingredients that are "trendy," but that may or may not do what they say.

      a hand holding a single pack of MELO Plus in Heaven flavor with faux clouds at the bottom

      More Convenient

      MELO, HELO and ZERO nicotine-free puff bars and diffusers are more convenient and faster acting than other sources of energy or relaxation.

      Most melatonin, even chewable tablets, can require up to 30 minutes or more to kick in. It's the same story with sugary energy drinks or coffee.

      With our diffusers, the effects are nearly instantaneous.

      single pack of MELO Plus in Blue Cloud flavor

      More Affordable

      Other disposable vapes and refillable vape pods add pricy, trendy ingredients that drive up cost and provide few benefits. We keep our ZERO, MELO and HELO non-nicotine vapes affordable by simplifying our ingredient list: we only include what's required for great taste and functionality.

      Compared to sugary energy drinks, overpriced coffee concoctions, and other common alternatives for caffeine or melatonin, HELO and MELO are almost always more affordable. They usually taste better too!

      assorted flavors of ZERO Air - Plant Powered Aromatherapy Device

      More (and Better) Flavors

      ZERO, MELO and HELO have delicious and unique flavors that simply can't be found in other vapes and diffusers.

      MELO comes in flavors like Cotton Candy, Cosmic Berry, Gummy Bear, Heaven, Blue Cloud, Rainbow Road and Peach Cream.

      HELO features Strawberry Ice, Pink Slush, Banana Ice, Caramel Coffee, Aloe Grape and Tropic Slush.

      And ZERO delights users with Magic Mint, Arctic Peach, Jolly Berries, White Gummy and Green Punch, among others.

      smiling man sitting on a rock

      More Uses

      Everyone is different, and we’ve got a vape to suit anyone’s needs. That’s what makes the MELO, HELO and ZERO lineup among the best vapes to help you quit smoking, and perfect for those trying to break an addiction to nicotine.

      Nicotine acts as both a stimulant and a depressant. When you first introduce nicotine to your body, it releases a hormone called epinephrine, which stimulates your central nervous system. But that's not the end of the story. Because after that initial "kick," nicotine can have the opposite effect and depress neural activity.

      What you're really doing when you give up nicotine from either smoking or traditional vaping is breaking a nicotine addiction — which causes both a "high" and a "low" — and breaking the behavioral oral fixation addiction of repeatedly bringing something to your mouth.

      No matter which of these is giving you the most trouble, we’ve got a solution. MELO's melatonin acts as a relaxant if that's what you need. HELO, with its caffeine, acts as a stimulant. And ZERO satisfies the oral fixation aspect (MELO and HELO do too!) while delivering nothing but flavor.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are nicotine-free vapes safe?

      It's impossible to say definitively whether all nicotine-free vapes are safe, because nicotine isn’t the only potentially harmful substance you might find in a vape. There are also chemicals like diacetyl (associated with popcorn lung), vitamin E acetate (known to cause lung injury) and propylene glycol (a petroleum derivative) that can make a vape unsafe. MELO, HELO and ZERO don't contain any of these harmful ingredients. That makes them one of the healthier traditional vape alternatives.

      How long do HELO, MELO & ZERO vapes last?

      While that answer depends on how often you use them, each HELO and MELO disposable is designed to last quite a while.

      Each product line comes in two sizes — Air and Plus. Each Air zero-nicotine disposable vape lasts for around 400 inhales, while each Plus lasts for around 800 inhales. ZERO disposables should last for around 2,000 inhales, while the new ZERO Max is good for around 5,000 inhales. (For a deeper dive, check out our articles on how long a disposable vape lasts.)

      Can nicotine-free vapes help with nicotine withdrawal?

      MELO, which contains melatonin, and HELO, which contains caffeine, may act as a substitute for nicotine's dual stimulant/sedative effects, and so they could help reduce your nicotine cravings.

      If you're turning to nicotine-free vapes to help break an addiction to smoking cigarettes or vapes with nicotine, a non-nicotine vape like MELO, HELO or ZERO will let you continue to enjoy vaping. You’ll just do so without nicotine, and while helping satisfy the oral fixation component of that addiction.

      How old do I have to be to order?

      You must be 18 years old or older to purchase MELO, HELO and ZERO products.

      What do customers say?

      Tastes good and effective!

      I bought this one on a whim during the Black Friday sale, and I definitely don’t regret it! It tastes like blueberry jam and has a nice cooling effect when I blow out. When I use it, I start getting tired maybe 20 minutes later! Definitely recommend!


      I use these for energy and to avoid over using my reg nicotine vape. This tastes amazing and helps energy AND helps me not over use my more harmful vape.

      Leaving behind the Redbulls.

      I work many long hours and usually drink 4-6 20oz redbulls a day to get me through. I saw this product while scrolling for the melatonin ones and decided to give it a try. I definitely get a burst of energy that lasts a few hours and I do not get the shaky feeling or headaches. Using this, I have been able to ween myself off of redbulls completely since they do not do anything good for your body. The Pink Slush tastes sooooo good and has a icy feeling at the end like you get when drinking a slushy. I love that these products don't use dangerous additives and are organic and vegan friendly. It's nice to find a product that can give me what I need without having to worry about dangerous side effects/additives. I recommend trying this, it's worth a shot!

      Zero Magic Mint

      I tried the magic mint pen to help me quit smoking. I am extremely satisfied. My cravings are satisfied with the pen. It has a great mint flavor that helps a lot since I smoked menthol. I’m ordering another one.

      Arctic peach

      Absolutely love it. In the past year I went from cigarettes to vaping, and now down to the Zero plant powered puffs. It made really easy to switch from the nicotine vapes to these. Definitely recommend!