Melatonin Vapes & Diffusers

Enjoy a smooth, flavorful boost of energy from Helo caffeine vapes.
Try every flavor of the smaller Helo Air, or get unrivaled value with the larger Helo Plus.

FAQ: How are caffeine vapes and diffusers different?

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      20 products

      Melatonin Vapes & Diffusers

      Drift off to sleep with smooth, mellow melatonin vapes. Try every flavor 

      with the smaller Melo Air or get unrivaled value with the larger Melo Plus. 

      FAQ: How are melatonin vapes and diffusers different?

      Why Melo Melatonin Vapes?

      Nicotine-Free, Vitamin E Acetate-Free

      Melo vapes have no nicotine, vitamin E actetate, diacetyl, or other known harmful ingredients. We’ve made our vapes as safe as possible so you can drift off to sleep worry-free.

      Note that no vaping product is considered 100% safe and the standard disclaimer applies. But we did all the legwork and eliminated every harmful ingredient we could find!

      Fun, Organic Flavors

      We have more flavor combinations than you’ll find anywhere else. From mint, to fruity, to candy flavors, we have a vape for everyone. 

      Plus, all fruit flavors are made from organic fruit extracts. 

      Pay Less Per Puff

      Melo vape pens are priced lower than leading competition for standard sizes. Buy the Plus size and you’ll pay even less per serving.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How much is shipping for Melo vapes? 

      Shipping is free for orders over $40. For orders under $40 shipping costs vary, but are usually less than $5. 

      What’s the difference between melatonin diffusers and vapes?

      Melatonin “diffusers” and vapes are essentially the same thing. The term “vape” comes with more advertising restrictions, so most brands in the space use the terms interchangeably. Learn more in our dedicated blog talking about diffusers vs vapes

      Are Melo vapes nicotine-free? 

      Yes! All Melo vapes are nicotine free. 

      Are Melo vapes bad for you? 

      We’ve gone to every possible length to make Melo products as safe as possible. Still, there’s no guarantee with any vaping product. 

      How do I use Melo vapes? 

      Simply take the vape out of its packaging, tap it lightly to activate it, and inhale from the mouthpiece.

      How do melatonin vapes compare to other types of melatonin?  

      Melatonin vapes act much faster than other types of melatonin. Because the melatonin is absorbed via your lungs, it goes directly to your bloodstream. This way you can avoid the lag that comes with most melatonin and can get to sleep much more quickly.