Plant-Based Melatonin Vape Pens

Float to dreamland on a few breaths of air from our melatonin vapes. We use more flavors and fewer ingredients than other brands, creating a gentler vaping experience that helps you fall asleep fast.

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      34 products

      Why Choose a MELO Melatonin Vape?

      Safe Ingredients
      Plant-Based Non-GMO
      Tempting, Organic Flavors
      Pay Less Per Puff
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      Simple, Plant-Based Ingredients

      Inhaling an oil byproduct doesn't sound like a recipe for restful sleep. But many melatonin vape brands use propylene glycol, a petroleum derivative that's noticeably harsh on the throat.

      Not MELO. Each melatonin inhaler we sell contains just three ingredients: vegetable glycerine, melatonin, and natural flavors.

      The result is a smooth puff that lets you fall asleep in comfort, instead of coughing and wheezing. You can also rest easy knowing your vape is free of harmful compounds like diacetyl, vitamin E acetate, and acetyl propionyl. It's as close as melatonin supplements get to a breath of pure, fresh air.

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      Full-Spectrum Flavor

      No other melatonin vape pen comes in such tempting flavors. You can savor our dessert-inspired Peach Cream, grab a refreshing puff of Midnight Mint, or breathe in the soothing floral notes of Lavender Dream.

      All eight of our flavors are made from organic fruit extracts — no synthetic additives. And each one has earned rave reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. You may be shocked by how good a breath of MELO can taste.

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      Pay Less Per Puff

      No one should feel like they can’t afford a good night's sleep. That's why our melatonin inhaler costs less than other top brands. It's the same size vape. You just pay less for it.

      You can boost your savings even more if you go for our large-capacity MELO Plus vapes. They're a bit more up front, but cost less per serving, making them the cheapest melatonin vape you can buy.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      MELO vapes are easy to use. Take your vape out of its package, remove the rubber tip, and give it a light tap to activate it. Then inhale from the mouthpiece.

      You don't need to take the vapor all the way into your lungs to get the effects. The melatonin should quickly diffuse into your system through the membranes in your mouth and nose. Simply draw a puff into your mouth and breathe it out your nose, and you should feel your body beginning to relax.

      Vaping is a fairly new way of ingesting a melatonin supplement, so researchers haven't been able to definitively say if it's safe.

      Almost all vaping-related injuries to date appear to involve vitamin E acetate — which we don't use in MELO vapes. We've made our vapes as safe as possible by leaving out any chemicals known to be harmful or irritating.

      However, we don't recommend our products for those under the age of 18. Without more research into the effects of inhaled melatonin on young people, we think it's better to be safe than sorry.

      A vape pen should make it very easy to avoid overdosing on melatonin, because each inhale contains far less than the maximum recommended dose. As long as you're not taking more than 10-20 puffs at a time, you should never need to worry about ingesting too much.

      Many users find that 2 or 3 breaths are plenty. You might want to start with that amount the first time you use a melatonin inhaler. If you still find it hard to fall asleep, you can increase a little bit each night.

      Tons of customers have told us that it works great for them! Since it's instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, many users say they feel relaxed and ready for sleep almost immediately.

      There isn't much scientific data yet on the efficacy of inhaled melatonin. But many studies on oral melatonin supplements have shown that this hormone can help restore healthy sleep patterns in people with insomnia, jet lag, and daytime sleepiness.

      We offer free shipping on all orders over $40. If you order less than that, the shipping cost depends on your location, but it's usually under $5.

      Nope! None of our products contain nicotine or any other addictive substance.

      A single MELO Air vape should provide around 400 doses — the exact amount depends on how hard you puff each time. Since many people only need a couple of inhales at bedtime, that amount could last for months.

      Our MELO Plus vapes contain double the amount of fluid, so they'll last twice as long. (They don't cost twice as much, though!) You'll know it's time to get a replacement when you inhale and no vapor comes out.

      What Do Customers Love About MELO Vapes?

      Love it!

      My husband works super early so he can't take anything to make him groggy. He finally listened and tried my vape. I'm 3 meds for sleep and still used benadryl. This is the only thing that helps both of us.


      Great for sleep. Amazing flavor, and smooth. Works in less than 20 mins! Helps me stay sober from vaping.

      Great customer service!

      I ordered this in hopes that it could help being nothing else seems to. When I received it, the first 3 nights it worked great. Went to use it the next night and it wouldn't work. I contacted customer service and explained the situation. They asked for a video showing what it was doing. In less than 6 hours they had a replacement on the way. Not only did it work when I used it, they had no questions about replacing my defective one. I will definitely be a returning customer!


      Works well, easy to use. I really like the smell of the peach. It’s more of a soft smell, not too strong or fake smelling. After a few puffs, I’m out like a light in 10


      10/10 would recommend. 2-3 puffs chills me out if I feel myself starting to get anxious about something. For getting to sleep, it takes about 5-7, but it's SO helpful on nights when my mind won't turn off.