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7 Best No-Nicotine Vapes to Quit Smoking in 2024

Are you thinking about getting a little help by using a nicotine-free vape to quit smoking? Looking for the best no-nicotine vape to quit smoking? You're far from alone.

One of the main reasons many people seek out nicotine-free vapes is to help break an addiction to nicotine and cigarette smoking.

Zero nic vapes are almost purpose-built for that very scenario.

Below is our list of seven of the very best nicotine-free vapes for quitting smoking, along with answers to some frequently asked questions we've gotten about this topic over the past year. Let's dive in!

7 Best Options for a No-nicotine Vape to Quit Smoking


HELO Plus starter kit

Our MELO and HELO devices are picks 1 and 1(a) in our book, and either would make for a tremendous nicotine-free vape alternative.

Which one of these nicotine-free disposable vapes takes the top spot depends on what you're looking for. HELO replaces nicotine with energizing caffeine, while MELO replaces it with calming melatonin.

So whichever effect you feel you were getting with nicotine — whether it helped you relax, or it pumped you up — you can get both with these two vapes and spare yourself the nicotine exposure.

The flavors are also great, with options like Cotton Candy, Gummy Bear, Midnight Mint, Baja Berry, and Pink Lemonade.

Shop MELO & HELO here


ARRØ Max vape

ARRØ is another excellent option for a non-nicotine vape to help quit smoking, and it comes with an ingredient list even shorter than that of MELO and HELO.

The ARRØ is what's known as a "flavored air" vape, which means its vape juice doesn't contain anything besides flavoring.

ARRØ helps you quit smoking because it satisfies the oral fixation and hand-to-mouth Pavlovian response that cigarette smoking triggers but removes the harmful nicotine from the equation.

That better balance means you only have to tackle one aspect of quitting — breaking the addiction to nicotine. We love that simplicity.

With a lifespan of 5,000 puffs, ARRØ is one of the longer-lasting zero-nicotine vapes. It comes in flavors like Jolly Berries, Green Punch, and Strawberry Pomegranate to keep your tastebuds happy.

Shop ARRØ here

Inhale Health's Anti-Cigarette

Anti-Cigarette from InhaleHealth

With a name like the Anti-Cigarette, you know this device is designed to help you quit tobacco for good. If Inhale Health had its way, it would probably prefer you didn't vape either!

That being said, the Anti-Cigarette is a rechargeable vape/diffuser that falls into the "flavored air" category of vape, like ARRØ above.

The device works with the company's own brand of nicotine-free vape juice, branded as “Life Pods,” to deliver popular flavors like Innocent Mint, Never Going Bacco, Peach of Mind, and more.

Shop Inhale Health here


Capnos Zero

Featured in Forbes and Yahoo! News, Capnos, like the Anti-Cigarette, is designed primarily as a smoking-cessation tool rather than a traditional vape like you're used to.

Capnos is a flavored-air inhaler that uses forced air to mimic the "throat hit" sensation that people who are trying to quit smoking crave.

Capnos comes in two varieties — the E-Z and the Zero. The only difference between the two is the amount of work you must put into getting a decent "drag" from the device, as the E-Z is supposed to require 50% less effort.

The Capnos offers three flavors: Orange Citrus, Lavender, and Mint.

Shop Capnos here


LUVV Glow vape

LUVV, like MELO and HELO, specializes in "functional vapes." That term simply means they include active ingredients in their vape juice designed to offer an added health benefit. This combo makes them a good choice for a 0-nicotine vape to quit smoking.

For example, LUVV's “Rise” formulation contains Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, L-theanine, L-lysine, and Taurine for energy, while “Zen” contains chamomile, valerian root, passionflower, and L-theanine to help you relax.

Other varieties include Calm, Glow, Vita, and Wake. LUVV's website provides a complete rundown of each variety and its ingredients.

Shop LUVV here


HealthVape Vital vape pen

Another great zero-nicotine vape to quit smoking, HealthVape is a frequent top contender — for example, it makes our list of Top Vapes for Anxiety.

With disposable pens and pods and a wide variety of flavors and varieties to choose from, this vape certainly checks all of our boxes.

HealthVape, like LUVV, sells both vapes designed to give you energy (like Boost, with Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, L-Theanine, L-Lysine, and Taurine), and those to help you relax (like Chill, with chamomile, valerian, passionflower, and L-Theanine).

The company’s website will give you a full rundown of each variety and flavor available.

Shop HealthVape here


Ripple+ Happy vape

Finally, there's Ripple+, a non-nicotine vape to quit smoking and the darling of media outlets like Vogue and Conde Nast Traveller.

Famous for its wide selection of vapes without nicotine to help quit smoking using functional ingredients designed to produce physiological effects, Ripple+ hit the ground running.

The Company's offerings are similar to those of HealthVape and LUVV regarding the effects they hope to produce.

There's Relax, with chamomile and lemon balm; Dream, with valerian and jujube seed; Power, with ginseng and ginkgo biloba; and more. Like HealthVape and LUVV, Ripple+'s full menu is on its website.

Shop Ripple+ here


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Can nicotine-free vapes actually help you quit smoking?

People who are trying to quit smoking often turn to vaping as an alternative. This tack usually sounds like a good idea at first.

However, studies have shown that if you switch to vapes with nicotine, you don't increase the chances you'll quit. That reality is why you should adopt a strategy of vaping 0 nicotine to quit smoking.

The best zero nicotine vapes, no matter what type they are -- whether they're disposable zero nicotine vapes or rechargeable zero nicotine vapes, or flavored nicotine free vapes or non flavored nicotine free vapes -- can be an excellent transitional step away from cigarettes for a few reasons.

There are two components to cigarette smoking that many people find hard to give up — nicotine and the ritualistic, repetitive hand-to-mouth action of raising a cigarette to your mouth, inhaling and exhaling several dozen or hundreds of times a day, depending on how much you smoke.

A no-nicotine vape for quitting smoking allows you to continue the "ritual" of smoking while eliminating nicotine and its incredibly harmful effects.

Using vapes with no nicotine should help give your hands and mouth something to do that's less harmful than inhaling cigarette smoke. This sensual feedback loop satiation makes puffing vapes without nicotine a solid strategy to help quit smoking.

What are the benefits of using zero-nicotine vapes?

There are many benefits to using 0 nicotine vapes rather than vapes with nicotine, so let's stick to three of the top ones.

First, there's no risk of developing a physical dependence on a toxic chemical. The types of vapes listed here lack the number one substance that gets people hooked for life on both cigarettes and traditional vapes — nicotine.

With no nicotine, there's no risk of developing an addiction.

Second, you avoid nicotine-related health issues: With no nicotine in your vape, you avoid all the altered physical states that nicotine intoxication can induce — and the problems like high blood pressure and an increased risk of strokes or heart attacks that can be their result.

Finally — better flavors: Today's non-nicotine vapes taste infinitely better than cigarettes and are often superior to vapes with nicotine, simply because non-nicotine vapes often have to rely on flavor and flavor alone to attract customers.

Is vaping without nicotine still addictive?

To answer that, let's distinguish between an addiction and a habit. A habit is something you do so often that it can become almost involuntary — you just keep doing it without really giving it much thought.

It's something you "get used to." That could be having a cup of coffee in the morning or checking your email as a final step before bed.

An addiction is different. An addiction involves a compound upon which your body relies to maintain physiological and psychological homeostasis.

People get addicted to smoking (or nicotine vaping) because of the nicotine. Alongside that, a hand-to-mouth habit develops simply because the nicotine delivery system requires it.

That habit isn't nearly as hard to break as your body's very dire physical addiction to nicotine.

All of this is a very long way of saying that you can't truly become physically addicted to nicotine-free vapes, provided they don't replace nicotine with another addictive substance.

You can form a hand-to-mouth oral fixation, but that's a habit. It's not a chemical dependency.

Are no nicotine vapes safe?

Vapes without nicotine are generally considered safer for you than vapes with nicotine, simply because nicotine is a harmful substance on its own. That being said, there haven't been many studies on what the long-term effects of using non-nicotine vapes might be.

What we can say is that there are certain substances you absolutely must avoid in any vape — nicotine-free or not. These include ingredients like vitamin E acetate and diacetyl, both of which have been linked to health problems.

We always recommend sticking to well-known and established brands from companies that have been in business for a while. Buying a vape is not the occasion to take a flier on a company you know very little about.

In general, look for vapes with plenty of reviews from real customers. For more guidance on this, check out Healthy Vapes without Nicotine.

What are the side effects of vaping without nicotine?

You would generally expect to experience the same side effects from nicotine-free vapes that you would with vapes that contain nicotine — except, of course, for side effects that occur precisely because of nicotine. And those nicotine-related side effects can be pretty severe.

Nicotine can raise your blood pressure and heart rate, and that can lead to severe outcomes like heart attacks or stroke.

Non-nicotine vapes shouldn't pose those kinds of problems. Still, you might experience things like a scratchy throat, cough, or lightheadedness, particularly if you overdo it and go beyond recommended usage.

For more info regarding potential issues, check out the Pros and Cons of Vaping without Nicotine.

What are healthy vape alternatives?

Try a no-nicotine vape for quitting smoking from our list above! If you're out there on your own trying to find vapes that are healthier for you, look for established brands that have plenty of reviews backing them up.

Also, if you want to replace nicotine with other functional ingredients, look for brands that make vapes containing stuff you might take anyway — like MELO if you already take melatonin.

Plenty of vapes contain vitamins and supplements instead of nicotine and might be worth a try.

Congratulations on Making the Decision to Quit!

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Quitting smoking and dealing with nicotine cravings is never easy. But the vapes we analyze in this article can help make your nicotine-free journey a little easier.

Give the zero-nicotine vapes on our list above a try. If you’re interested in learning more first, check out our articles on Where to Buy Nicotine Free VapesIs 0 Nicotine Vape Safe, Benefits of Vaping without Nicotine, and What is a Nicotine Free Vape.

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