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9 Safest Vapes for Health-Conscious Users - 2024

Vape lovers have a galaxy of choices for flavor, size, ingredients, colors, and overall style. But when it comes to safety, your options aren't always so clear. Researchers are still debating the health risks of e-cigarettes, while the companies making vaping devices try to give the impression that they're all completely harmless. With so much conflicting information, how can you pick the safest vape?

You can ask us! We make a living building vape pens that are free from potentially harmful substances. Our disposable vapes are designed to give you the closest thing possible to a pure dose of caffeine or melatonin, without the harmful ingredients sometimes found in vape juice. This list of the 9 safest vapes will help you avoid those toxic components and puff away without fear.

Note: It's important to remember that "safest vape" is a relative term. Vaping is still a relatively new hobby, and while it may be a healthier alternative to cigarette smoke, scientists are still studying its long-term effects. Our goal is to help you make the safest choice possible, but we can't guarantee there are no risks.

1. HELO Air: The Safest Vape For An Energy Boost

HELO Air vape pen in Rocket Fuel flavor next to open box

Remember how we said we put a lot of effort into creating the safest vape pen possible? Well, we're pretty confident we succeeded with the HELO Air. It's a pocket-sized caffeine diffuser that uses just three food-grade ingredients, all of them derived or extracted from plants:

  1. Vegetable glycerine, a non-toxic sweetener made from coconut and soybean oil.
  2. Pure caffeine extracted from coffee beans.
  3. Organic fruit extracts for flavoring.

All of the above meet United States Pharmacopeia standards for purity and quality. Our ultra-simple formula means you know exactly what's going into your lungs when you take a puff of a HELO Air.

There's no diacetyl, the flavor enhancer behind the infamous "popcorn lung" syndrome. And there's no vitamin E acetate, the additive linked to virtually every case of vaping-associated lung injury.

We also left out propylene glycol, a petroleum byproduct often used as a flavor enhancer. This stuff isn't considered toxic, but it adds a harsh edge to your inhale, and we wanted to stick to strictly plant-based components.

HELO Air vapes deliver their energy boost in the form of caffeine and not nicotine, so you don't need to worry about getting hooked. Inhaled caffeine also hits your bloodstream directly instead of passing through your digestive system first. Because this method is so efficient, many users find that a very small dose is all they need to feel alert and focused. You may even be able to cut down on coffee or energy drinks, which is good news for your health in the long run!

Overall, it's one of the best no nicotine vapes on the market for health conscious users. 

Find the HELO Air vape here

2. LUVV Air VITA: The Safest Vitamin Vape

Yellow LUVV Air vape

Some people aren't looking for energy from their vapes — they're more interested in getting a daily dose of vitamins. The LUVV Air VITA supplies vitamins A, B12, C, and D3, helping to make up for some of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the U.S. It's like a multivitamin delivered in a blast of minty, citrusy air.

What about the safety features? Like HELO, LUVV vapes are free of diacetyl, vitamin E acetate, and nicotine. They do contain propylene glycol, but the concentrations are far below levels usually considered harmful. Though this might make the VITAs hit slightly harsher than vapes without this ingredient, it shouldn't pose much risk to your health.

In addition, the VITA only heats its vape liquid to about 240 degrees Fahrenheit. That's much lower than many other kinds of vapes, so it won't be as rough on your lungs. LUVV also says their products are tested to "safeguard against" harmful byproducts of heating metal and vape fluid. They don't provide much detail to support this claim, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

Find the LUVV Air VITA here

3. HealthVape CHILL: The Safest Herbal Vape

HealthVape CHILL in Chamomile and Lychee flavor

The HealthVape CHILL delivers a blend of herbal extracts designed to provide a gentle sense of relaxation. The active ingredients include chamomile, passionflower, and valerian root, all of which are known for their soothing properties. It comes in two tasty flavors: lavender and lychee.

Like the HELO Air, the HealthVape avoids common harmful additives known to cause respiratory problems in vape users. It's made with USP-grade ingredients, and each pen is assembled in a laboratory-quality clean room to avoid contamination. That's why the CHILL is one of our favorite healthy alternatives to electronic cigarettes.

Are there any downsides? The main one is the presence of propylene glycol. Again, this isn't necessarily a safety issue, but some users may find it makes for a rougher puff.

Find the HealthVape CHILL here

4. ZERO: The Safest Vape For Smoking Cessation

ZERO Plant-Powered Puff in Green Punch flavor

What if you're not vaping to get energized or chill out, but because you want to kick your nicotine addiction? In that case, you might like the vape from our sister company ZERO. It's an aromatherapy inhaler that gives you a burst of pure flavor with no added chemicals. That way, you can quit smoking and vaping nicotine but still satisfy your oral fixation.

ZERO inhalers are all about simplicity. The flavored vape juice inside contains only vegetable glycerine and organic fruit extracts. That means it's free from all the harmful chemicals we mentioned above. It's a stripped-down, vegan-friendly, nicotine-free vaping experience.

You can choose between six fun tastes like Magic Mint and Arctic Peach. And although ZERO is a small, travel-friendly vape, it holds an impressive 2000 puffs.

Find the ZERO here

5. ELFBAR BC5000 Ultra: The Safest Vape For Nicotine

Teal wide-bodied ELFBAR vape on glass plate

Though we're always cautious about recommending nicotine products, it's hard to deny that they're less dangerous than cigarette smoking. If you're not interested in giving up nicotine but you want to leave smoking behind, an Elf Bar disposable vape might be your best choice.

The vape juice in this device is tightly sealed inside its own compartment, with heat-resistant food-grade fibers to wick it up to the heating coil. This reduces the chances of liquid sloshing around inside and causing issues with the battery. There's also a smart chip designed to prevent overheating, making it much less likely that you'll burn yourself or start a fire.

Like the previous entries on our list, the BC5000 uses e-liquid that's free of diacetyl and vitamin E acetate. This is one of the safest vapes for quitting smoking while still enjoying the effects of nicotine.

The main downside of the BC5000 is the heat of the vapor. Most disposable e-cigarettes heat nicotine to around 390 degrees, and the Elf Bar is no exception. Since it's so much hotter than the vapes listed above, it may put more stress on your lungs.

Find the ELFBAR BC5000 here

6. Tribe Tokes CBD All-In-One: The Safest CBD Vape Pen

Gray TribeTokes disposable vape and package

More and more people are vaping cannabidiol, or CBD, to feel the relaxing effects of cannabis without the intoxication. It's a faster-acting alternative to gummies and other edible supplements. Unfortunately, there have been some cases of negative health effects from unhealthy additives in CBD pens. That's why you're better off with these disposable vapes from Tribe Tokes, which are routinely tested by third-party labs to ensure their purity.

The company makes the test results available for anyone to view, so you can easily verify that the CBD All-In-One vape contains exactly what the label says. It's free of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, microbes, and fungal toxins. It contains nothing but hemp extract and terpenes (the molecules that give cannabis its piney, citrusy flavors).

Does this mean it's 100% safe? That's hard to say — the potential health risks of vaping CBD are still hotly debated. But with its plant-derived, additive-free formula and rigorous testing, this device from Tribe Tokes is one of the safest vape products for CBD lovers.

Find the Tribe Tokes CBD All-In-One here

7. ELFBAR 600: The Safest Low-Nicotine Vape

Multicolored ELFBAR vapes on colorful pedestals next to fruits

Part of the appeal of vaping is that it can help you quit smoking little by little instead of going cold turkey. These small disposables from Elf Bar make that easier by reducing the amount of nicotine per inhale. While many inhalers use e-liquid containing 5% nicotine salt, the ELFBAR 600 lets you choose between 2%, 1%, and 0%. It's a great way to gradually wean yourself off this addictive chemical.

Like the BC5000 profiled above, the ELFBAR 600 is free of diacetyl and vitamin E acetate and has a solidly sealed liquid compartment. The airflow allows for a nice mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw in which you hold each puff in your mouth for a bit before inhaling. This could be a little easier on your lungs, since the vapor can cool down before you breathe it in.

Note that the ELFBAR 600 does contain propylene glycol, like other Elf Bar products. This could be a slight drawback if you prefer a smoother hit.

Find the ELFBAR 600 here

8. SKE Crystal Bar: The Safest Nicotine Vape For Battery Issues

Clear SKE Crystal vape with red and green coloring inside

We appreciate the elegant design of the SKE Crystal Bar, and it's got a reputation for delivering rich, long-lasting flavor. However, the reason it belongs on this list is that it includes several safety features that help keep it from overheating and catching fire. This isn't a particularly common problem with disposable vapes, but we appreciate the extra attention to safety.

The SKE Crystal Bar has an auto-shutoff that powers it down after 15 minutes, preventing it from overheating while idle. It also shuts down in response to a short circuit so that wiring or battery issues won't cause it to ignite. And its reverse polarity protection keeps the device from being damaged if the battery is improperly installed (though this shouldn't be an issue since it's a pre-assembled vape).

Find the SKE Crystal Bar here

9. CAPNOS E-Z: The Safest Vape That's Not A Vape

White and purple Capnos E-Z inhaler next to package

Let's say you love the feel and flavor you get from puffing on a vape — but you can't quite bring yourself to trust that it's safe. The CAPNOS E-Z might be right for you. It uses a puff of pressurized, flavored air to simulate the "throat hit" of a vape, with no heating element whatsoever. That means you don't have to worry at all about the effects of hot vapor in your lungs.

There's no e-liquid at all in this device, just natural, food-grade flavor extracts. And third-party testing has confirmed that the E-Z contains no allergens, carcinogens, or toxins of any kind. It's essentially just a delicious burst of air. You can get the feel of a vape while still going nicotine-free.

Our only gripe with CAPNOS is that they're a little vague about where exactly their flavors come from. "Natural flavors" leaves a lot of wiggle room! However, this is still one of the safest vape-like devices on the market.

Find the CAPNOS E-Z here

What's the Safest Vaping Device?

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Flavored vapes without nicotine (and other types of vapes) come in hundreds of different sizes and styles, and some are less risky than others. How can you decide which ones are safest and what's considered a healthy vape brand

Disposable Vapes: The Safest Choice

If you're new to vaping, we'd suggest starting out with a disposable vape pen. Because these devices are pre-assembled and standardized, there's no need to worry about making a dangerous mistake with the power supply that causes overheating.

And since you're not going to be using them over the long run, there's very little chance that their internal components will suffer significant wear and tear. That's why all of the options we listed above are disposable vapes.

Closed-System Vapes: Refillable But Reliable

Long-term users may not want to keep buying new vapes every time, though, as we touch on in our article on the best 0 nicotine rechargeable vapes. If you're not using disposables, the next safest option is a closed-system vape.

Like disposable vapes, these devices don't allow modification to the battery and heating element. The difference is that they're rechargeable and refillable, letting you swap in a fresh pod or cartridge of vape juice when the old one runs out. These refills are cheaper than disposables, but they're almost as foolproof.

The main danger with a closed-system vape comes from the lithium-ion battery. If you try to charge it using an incompatible device, there's a small but real chance of a fire or explosion. So make sure you're clear on the voltage you need.

Open-System Vapes: More Choices, But More Room For Error

An open-system vape has to be manually refilled. This gives you much more flexibility to switch between different flavors and substances.

Open-system vapes also often allow you to modify things like temperature and airflow.

But this added flexibility means more possibilities for health hazards. You'll have to be careful not to buy knock-off vape liquids with unhealthy contaminants, for one thing. And using overly high temperatures could increase the stress on your lungs.

Vape Mods: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The biggest risks in vaping devices come when you get into highly customizable "mods." These devices allow for lots of fine-tuning in terms of the internal electrical setup. That means more ways for things to go wrong.

Many people stick to regulated mods, which include circuit boards that can help prevent problems like power surges. There's always a chance that the fail-safe could fail, though, which is why we don't consider these as safe as other vaping devices.

Unregulated mods are much riskier. As you can probably guess from the name, these lack the sophisticated internal controllers that help safeguard regulated mods. Steer clear of unregulated mods unless you have lots of experience vaping and a decent knowledge of electronics.

What Are The Safest Vape Liquid Brands?

a scientist woman looking on a microscope

If you do choose a vape with a refillable tank over a disposable, you'll need to give some thought to who's supplying your juice. Many of the biggest vaping health hazards come from off-brand e-liquids that contain harmful contaminants. Here are a few suppliers you can trust:


We have yet to encounter an e-liquid company as committed to transparency as VaporFi. Their products are made in the U.S.A., in FDA-registered labs, and all of their various test results and certifications are available for customers to view. VaporFi fluids use highly pure ingredients, with no diacetyl, vitamin E acetate, or acetyl propionyl.

Kind Juice

For those who prefer a more "natural" vape experience, Kind Juice provides a range of liquids derived entirely from organically grown plants. The flavors are extracted using relatively gentle solvents, while the vegetable glycerine carrier fluid is made from plant oils using hydrolysis. Kind Juice products contain no additives, nicotine, or psychoactive ingredients, though some have CBD.


Made according to strict U.K. standards, which prohibit the use of diacetyl in electronic cigarettes, Vapemate juice prioritizes safety. The ingredients are tested for contaminants before the manufacturing process begins, and production takes place in sanitized clean rooms. You can rest assured that you're getting high-quality vape juice with this brand.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind With These Safe Vapes

HELO Air vape in Gush flavor next to its box with usage recommendations printed inside

We hope this article helps you feel a little more secure about your choice of vaping products. Remember that the safest way to use any vape is in moderation, so try not to overdo it, no matter which one you choose.

And keep in mind that a vape with fewer chemical ingredients is usually less risky. That's why we think our plant-fueled, nicotine-free HELO Air inhalers are perfect for safety-minded users! Explore our wide collection of nicotine free vapes for sale! 

Also, we've published an article on where to buy nicotine free vapes, to help you make a more informed decision. 

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