Tips to Fight Fatigue

Tips to Fight Fatigue

Are you feeling more run down and tired lately? Have you tried getting some extra sleep, and it's not helping? Again, we've said it before, but we want to repeat it: You're not alone with excess sleepiness or daytime fatigue. The Sleep Foundation reports that nearly half of all Americans report feeling sleepy during the day three to seven days a week. However, you can make a few lifestyle changes to improve your sleep, feel more awake, and boost your wellness. Keep reading for top tips on fighting daytime fatigue. 

Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the most common reasons people have trouble sleeping. When your mind's still racing and your body's tense from anxious thoughts and the next day's work, you can't fall asleep. You need to clear your mind and relax your body to drift into dreamland. Several options are available to create the perfect bedtime routine to improve your sleep, reduce stress, and feel refreshed the next day. 

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

What you eat plays a significant role in all areas of your life. Nutrition is what keeps your body operating properly. If you fuel up on simple carbohydrates and high-fat foods, you're not getting the vitamins and minerals necessary for wellness. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to decadent chocolate desserts and ice cream once in a while, but you need balance. Instead, eat plenty of complex carbohydrates, such as almonds, green vegetables, beans, and sweet potatoes.  

Use a Melatonin Pen to Sleep

The effects of melatonin can naturally help adults and children sleep. The vapor from a melatonin pen is much faster than traditional supplements, which can take an hour or two to work. Instead, with the melatonin diffuser, You can take a few puffs and start feeling sleepy in a couple of minutes. Additionally, you won't experience the problem that people experience with pills and gummies. If you take these supplements too late, it can throw off your morning. Because the pen works almost instantly, there's no delay in onset that can lead to daytime fog. 

Get Enough Exercise

Leading a sedentary lifestyle can be lead to excessive tiredness. At the same time, if you're always tired and working out daily, you might need to cut down and give your body a break. The key to wellness is balance. This symmetry for diet, exercise, and sleep creates an environment conducive to sleep. 

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can cause tiredness. Your body is over 50% water and your brain's 73% H2O. If you aren't drinking enough, it can play a significant role in how your feel. Along with feeling tired all the time, if you don't stay hydrated, you are more susceptible to frequent illness, sugar cravings, and your skin's appearance can suffer. Try to drink 15.5 cups daily for men and 11.5 for women.

Follow these tips to sleep better at night and feel more rested during the day. The better your nighttime routine, the more rest you'll get at night. Additionally, you can fight fatigue and sleep better with a Melo Air Melatonin pen. The effects of melatonin are well-proven to improve sleep quality for people of all ages naturally. 

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