Trouble Sleeping? Tips for A Bedtime Routine That Actually Works

Trouble Sleeping? Tips for A Bedtime Routine That Actually Works

Millions of people worldwide have trouble sleeping. While many consumers get a restful sleep at night, nearly half of Americans surveyed reported problems staying awake during the day. More than 35% are sleeping less than the recommended seven hours nightly. An excellent way to improve sleep quality is with a bedtime routine that helps your mind and body relax before it's time to turn out the lights.

Step Away From the Screen

The blue light emitted from phones, computers, and TV screens make it harder to fall asleep because it signals your brain that the sun is up. Although it may be a habit to check your phone before bed, resist the urge by turning off electronics for one hour before completing a calming bedtime routine. Additionally, consider adding a physical alarm clock to your nightstand and keeping your phone out of reach.

Soothe Your Senses

Strong smells can cause your brain to think it's time to wake up. Make sure you're not filling the room with an overpowering scent that will keep you up all night. The same goes for loud noises, primarily if your bedroom is located in a noisy area of the house or directly above a busy street that makes it difficult to drift off into dreamland.

Relax Your Body

Allowing your mind and body to relax at night can be difficult after a long day at work or a busy schedule. However, it can cause you to have trouble sleeping. Taking time to breathe deeply and move your muscles in a rhythmic motion will improve circulation and send a message to your brain it's ready for slumber. Take a yoga class, stretch, or even perform ankle rotations before turning out the lights—as long as you can clear your mind of all worries and focus solely on your body and breathing, you'll be well on your way to a good night's rest.

Involve Your Significant Other

A bedtime routine works best when it is created with a partner. Let your partner know how they can help you relax at night and suggest what to do during the hour before sleeping, whether it's reading a book or playing a board game together. Once you find out what works for both of you, stick to the routine every, single night and your mind and body will become accustomed to winding down and preparing for a long night of rest.

Take A Melatonin Supplement

One great way to start this routine is with a melatonin drink. Your body produces melatonin naturally to regulate sleep. Still, you can also take a supplement to help calm your nerves and induce drowsiness which can help you when you're having trouble sleeping. It is safe, effective, and easy to use. However, it's essential to follow the label directions and never take it with alcohol.

Try Melo Sip Melatonin in three refreshing flavors—Pink Star, Watermelon, and Green Apple. Not only does it taste delicious—you can mix it with water or low-sugar juice—but it's also proven to work. The all-natural melatonin drink mix from Melo can help you fall asleep faster and stay sleeping deep into the night.

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