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800 Inhales

0% Nicotine

Natural Caffeine

Usage recommendation: 5-10 inhales

Flavor: Fresh blend of strawberries with an icy finish.

The HELO Plus caffeine vape delivers a shot of pure, naturally-sourced caffeine straight to your bloodstream. It sharpens your focus and gets you going in minutes. And every puff comes with a burst of delicious Strawberry Ice flavor made from organically-grown fruit. It’s a long-lasting supply of plant-fueled energy that you can carry around in your pocket.

The HELO Plus caffeine inhaler carries twice as much juice as most small vapes, but it’s still compact enough to take wherever you go. It’s faster and more efficient than coffee or energy drinks, and it won’t give you jitters, fill you up with sugar, or set you up for a crash. Each HELO Plus caffeine diffuser contains ~800 puffs and 0% nicotine.

"Long lasting, flavorful, and works! Almost instant results after 5-10 inhales!"

Ingredients Matters

All three of our ingredients are food-grade and derived from natural sources. The HELO Plus is as pure as energy vapes come.

Caffeine from coffee beans
Flavoring from organic fruit extracts
Vegetable glycerin from coconut and soybean oil

That's it!

100% Clarity & Worry-free Inhalation

Our inhalers are plant-powered and contain no addictive or harmful compounds.

ZERO Nicotine

You don’t have to worry about getting hooked

ZERO Nicotine

You don’t have to worry about getting hooked

ZERO Diacetyl

No risk of “popcorn lung”

ZERO Diacetyl

No risk of “popcorn lung”

ZERO vitamin E acetate

This additive is linked to almost all vape-related injuries, so we won’t touch it

ZERO vitamin E acetate

This additive is linked to almost all vape-related injuries, so we won’t touch it

You’ll love HELO Plus caffeine vapes if…

You want a burst of energy available anytime, anywhere.

Unlike a can of energy drink or a thermos of coffee, you can slip this device into a pocket with your wallet and keys. Whenever you’re feeling fatigued, you’ll have a quick pick-me-up at the ready.

You want a caffeine diffuser that lasts.

They may be small vapes, but the HELO Plus pens last longer than most. An 800-puff capacity means they can offer weeks or even months of daily use.

You want the purest plant-powered dose of caffeine possible.

HELO diffusers don’t have unnecessary additives like l-theanine or vitamin B12. We keep it simple with just one active ingredient.

You’re hooked on e-cigarettes and want to quit.

Caffeine vapes give you a nice jolt of energy, but don’t contain addictive nicotine. HELO Plus is among the best e-cigarette alternatives for users who like to puff but don’t want to be hooked.

You prefer a mellow inhale that’s easy on the throat.

Unlike many other vapes, ours don’t use propylene glycol, a common flavor enhancer made from petroleum that adds a harsh edge to the inhale. Our propylene-free diffusers taste great but feel gentle.

You want to save money.

HELO Plus caffeine inhalers have double the capacity of our HELO Air series — but they don’t cost twice as much. They’re great for your focus and your wallet.

Over 5,000+ Energized Days Delivered


Mason B.
Great product! I am not one who likes coffee, and energy drinks get too expensive too fast. This product gives me the boost I need when I want it. No jitters, just a great flavor and instant energy!
Andrea S.
Best purchase ever! The Strawberry Ice has an excellent flavor, gives me a little extra energy and has helped immensely with quitting smoking. Within 2 days of my first order arriving, I put in another order for 3 more flavors and another Strawberry Ice!
Amazing!! I quit smoking over 3 years ago. It has been a constant struggle, but lately the urge to smoke has been overwhelming. I was searching for something that could satisfy the urge without going back to cigarettes. My husband found these and they are amazing! It is exactly the kind of product I was looking for! The flavor is amazing, and the caffeine boost is a very welcoming bonus! I highly recommend!

How To Use a HELO Plus Caffeine Vape

Open the packaging and remove the rubber cap.
Place the opening to your lips.
Breathe it in, hold for a few seconds, and breathe out.

Open the packaging, remove the rubber cap, and place the opening to your lips. Give it a tap and inhale. The device will automatically release a tasty puff of vapor. Breathe it in, hold it for a few seconds, and breathe out.

You don’t need to take the vapor all the way into your lungs. The caffeine absorbs equally well if you draw a puff into your mouth and breathe it out your nose.

A standard dose is 5-10 puffs, which delivers around 1.3 mg of caffeine directly to your bloodstream. Because it’s such an efficient way to absorb the dose, many users report that they get enough alertness from only a few inhales. You might want to start with just a few puffs and see what works for you.

HELO Plus vapes contain about 800 puffs each. (The exact number depends on how deeply you breathe in!) You’ll know it’s time to replace your caffeine diffuser when you no longer get the vapor and the flavor.

Safety Info

Customer Reviews

Based on 258 reviews

They work as advertised, very good

Annabelle Towle
Strawberry Ice

Ever since my coworker has introduced me to Melo, I’ve loved it! I used to spend hundreds of dollars a week on energy drinks and now, one Melo lasts me weeks at most. There are some flaws but every company has them. Very well put together and would recommend to anyone!!!

Strawberry 🍓 tasting

Pretty tasty… has kinda a frosty minty aftertaste but definitely can taste and smell the strawberry!!! Came exactly when expected!!

Macey Colombo
Don’t buy

Flavor too intense. Not reusable.

Strawberry ice caffeine diffuser

I love my caffeine diffuser, the taste is amazing and it's a part of my daily routine. Coffee makes me too shaky so this was the perfect substitute for that.


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