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Are Melatonin Vapes Safe?

Let’s get this out of the way right up front — in general, melatonin vapes are considered as safe as any other non-nicotine vape. And as people have become more aware of their efficacy as a sleep aid, their popularity has skyrocketed.

But there's a little more to it than that, which is why we're going to take a deeper dive. Because there are circumstances when a melatonin vape is definitely not safe. We're going to cover all of that below, and give you tips on what to look for … and look out for … when shopping for a melatonin vape..

So let's dive in.

Can You Vape Melatonin?

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You can, indeed, vape melatonin. In fact, vaping melatonin may even be more effective than taking melatonin supplements in other forms, like gummies or pills. That's for two reasons.

One, a certain percentage of the oral melatonin supplement that you have to swallow is going to be lost in the digestion process. And two, for the amount of melatonin that does survive the journey through your gut, it can still take an awfully long time to get into your bloodstream and have any effect — typically 30 minutes or more.

When you vape melatonin, you don't have those problems. Vaping melatonin delivers it directly and nearly instantaneously into your lungs, and from there into your bloodstream. That means that nearly 100% of the melatonin is available to your body, and with almost no waiting.

Compare that to taking oral melatonin supplements like a capsule or a gummy, and then waiting around for 45 minutes while you're staring at the clock. You’ll quickly start to see why fast-acting is a big plus for any sleep aid.

Are Melatonin Vapes Really Safe?

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There aren't any studies that show vaping melatonin specifically is either more or less harmful than vaping any other supplement. So the same precautions and warnings that apply to vaping in general, whether it’s in the form of caffeine vapes, coffee vapes, or any other variety, also apply here.

For starters, it's important to choose a melatonin vape that's backed by a company that truly cares about your health — a company like MELO, for example.

MELO contains nothing you probably want to avoid — no nicotine, no THC or CBD, and no harmful chemicals. The only ingredients are melatonin and organic natural flavoring. MELO is kept simple because most people want a vape that doesn't hide unnecessary ingredients in its formula.

MELO's melatonin diffusers come in two sizes — Air and Plus. Air is good for around 400 inhales, with Plus good for around 800. You can shop MELO's full line of melatonin vapes here.

Beyond that recommendation, here are a few other substances you'll probably want to make sure your melatonin vape does not contain.


There's really no reason why a melatonin vape should contain nicotine, and we're not aware of any major brands that feature this combination. But it's always a good idea to check for it (and others mentioned below).

Harmful additives

There are a number of harmful additives and chemicals that are added to some vapes. Compounds like diacetyl have been directly linked to specific conditions like "popcorn lung," while others, like Vitamin E Acetate, have been proven to have adverse health effects. (You can read more about ingredients to avoid in our article, "Is the MELO Air Vape Bad for You?")

Ingredients that might increase the effect of things you’re already taking

Several melatonin vapes add additional ingredients — herbs like valerian or chamomile, or amino acids like L-Theanine, for example — which in and of themselves aren't harmful.

However, if you're already taking them in the form of another supplement, and aren't aware they're in the vape as well, you could be loading up more than you think. Another reason why it's a must to read the ingredient label.

Other Melatonin Vape FAQs

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Are melatonin vapes safe for kids?

As we've been saying, there's no evidence that melatonin vapes are either safer or less safe than any other non-nicotine vape. That being said, as we point out in our article "Is Melatonin Vape Safe for Kids?", we do not recommend that anyone under 18 use any of our vapes, and we don't sell them to anyone under 18. With that precaution in mind, MELO does offer non-vape melatonin choices — MELO Sip and MELO Patch.

MELO Sip is a powder that you dissolve in water to create a delicious melatonin-infused drink, while MELO Patch is applied to your skin and gradually releases melatonin over time. Give them a look if you're after an effective alternative to melatonin vapes.

Is a melatonin diffuser the same thing as a melatonin vape?

Yes, most companies will use "diffuser" and "vape" interchangeably. By the way, some companies might claim that a "diffuser" is somehow different from, or healthier than, a "vape," which isn't true. They're the same thing. You can read more about this in our article, "Is a Melatonin Diffuser a Vape?"

What does a melatonin vape taste like?

Most companies that offer melatonin vapes will have a variety of flavors to choose from. But for this one, there's no single right answer. MELO, for example, offers melatonin vapes in more than 12 flavors, like Cotton Candy, Gummy Bear, Midnight Mint, Lavender Dream and more. You'll no doubt be able to find one that ignites your taste buds.

How many times should you "hit" a melatonin vape?

Another question where there's no one right answer. Manufacturers put different amounts of melatonin in their vape liquids, so each one might be slightly (or sometimes radically) different, which is why it's important to pay attention to the directions on the packaging. But to give you an idea, the "standard dose" for a MELO vape is 10 puffs.

Are there side effects to using a melatonin vape?

From what's currently known, the risks and side effects from vaping melatonin are the same that you'd find for vaping any other non-nicotine substance. (See our discussion above for more.)

What are the dangers in vaping melatonin?

Vaping melatonin doesn't seem to carry any additional risks or warnings beyond what's standard for other non-nicotine vapes. However, one thing to be aware of, particularly at the beginning, is that you should feel the effects of the melatonin much faster.

If you're "doubling up" and taking something like a melatonin supplement at the same time, you might inadvertently overdo it a bit. But even if you do, most vapes (such as MELO) don't contain enough melatonin to be dangerous. For more on this, see our article "Can You Overdose on a Melatonin Vape?"

Is melatonin safer than sleeping pills?

Most health professionals say that taking melatonin to help you fall and stay asleep is much safer than taking prescription sleeping pills. But for this one, you'll want to check with your doctor for a definitive answer. Popular sleeping pills like Ambien, Lunesta or Restoril all have documented side effects that range from minor to severe. Always check with your doctor if you have questions about taking any kind of supplement.

Wishing You Sweet Dreams …

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So there you have it. Current evidence suggests that melatonin vapes share the same risks as other non-nicotine vapes. If those risks are acceptable to you, and you don't fall victim to any of the specific dangers we cover above, then you shouldn't be taking any additional risks.

Also as we covered above, melatonin vapes can be a more effective melatonin delivery system than other supplement forms that require the melatonin to pass through your digestive system. So they might just be your new preferred melatonin source!

Good luck if you decide to give them a try. Here's to better sleep!

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