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Is a Melatonin Diffuser a Vape? What You Need to Know

Melatonin “diffusers” are all the rage in the melatonin industry these days. But they look and function exactly like vape pens. This begs the question: Are they diffusers or vape pens? The short answer is that they are, in fact, vape pens. So why do they call themselves melatonin diffusers instead of melatonin vape pens?

Read on to learn why companies use the term “melatonin diffuser” instead of “melatonin vaporizer,” how melatonin diffusers compare to other melatonin supplements, why vaping melatonin works so well, and how you can vape melatonin safely.

Is a Melatonin Diffuser a Vape?

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In short, yes, melatonin diffusers are the same thing as melatonin vaporizers. The main reason companies refer to their products as melatonin diffusers and not vaporizers is because of advertising rules, which prohibit advertising tobacco products or “related paraphernalia.” This includes vaporizers, even if they don’t contain any tobacco. For this reason, it’s become the industry standard to refer to these products as melatonin diffusers. There’s no rule against advertising diffusers.

Of course, the problem with this terminology is that it’s confusing. Some companies will even describe their vapes as “sleep aromatherapy products” and say they’re not meant for inhalation (even if it’s not true). With unclear instructions, how can you be sure how to use the product? We’re here to tell you that these products are vaporizers.

So are we saying that all companies that call their products diffusers are lying and should switch their labels? Not exactly.

At this point, it’s an industry standard to refer to melatonin vapes as “diffusers.” Here at MELO Labs, we create such devices, and our customers often find us by searching for “melatonin diffusers.” That’s why we decided to label our products “diffusers” when we started MELO Labs. We may be a bit biased, but we think we offer the best melatonin diffusers on the market, and we’d like our customers to be able to find them.

Of course, we’re not shy about telling you that MELO Air is a vaporizer. You’ll notice that the instructions on the package tell you to inhale it directly, and that we refer to our product as a vaporizer repeatedly throughout our blog.

How We’ve Made Melatonin Vapes Safe

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Now that we’ve cleared up the fact that melatonin diffusers are vapes, you may have some reasonable questions about safety. After all, vaporizers have been linked to various types of lung injury. So, how can we be sure melatonin vapes are safe?

While more research on the subject would be welcome, we can safely say that melatonin diffusers don’t contain anything known to be harmful when inhaled. They are free of vitamin E acetate (the compound associated with EVALI or vape-related lung injury) and contain no tobacco, THC, or any other drugs.

In fact, we’re confident that MELO Air is even safer than other melatonin diffuser brands. While other melatonin diffuser brands include propylene glycol – a petroleum byproduct – ours don’t. The only three ingredients in MELO Air are melatonin, organic vegetable glycerin, and natural flavors.

And they’re even more effective than many other melatonin supplements. In fact, they’re the fastest-acting melatonin supplements available, as we’ll see later on.

Why Vaping Melatonin Works So Well

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So, why should you choose a melatonin vape over another type of melatonin supplement? Unlike most other vaporized substances (nicotine, THC, CBD, etc.), melatonin is not a drug. Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally by your brain’s pineal gland to regulate your body’s circadian rhythm, i.e. your internal clock. Its effects are subtle, and it’s not addictive, unlike other vaporized substances.

As a sleep aid, melatonin can help when you have trouble falling asleep. A meta-analysis from PLOS One found melatonin supplements could improve total sleep time and quality and help you fall asleep faster. But these studies analyzed the effects of melatonin pills. So, is vaping melatonin as effective as taking a melatonin pill?

The fact is that melatonin diffusers are relatively new, and scientific research has yet to catch up. But anecdotal evidence shows that vaping melatonin is actually more effective than taking a melatonin pill. This is because vaporizing a substance gets it into your bloodstream right away, much faster than when you swallow a pill.

Thousands of customer reviews of MELO Air confirm our melatonin diffusers work in as little as 10-20 minutes, and customers also comment that they don’t feel groggy the next day. What’s more, they’re ingesting a much smaller amount of melatonin from our melatonin diffusers than what they would be getting from a melatonin pill, which we’ll explain more in the next section.

Try A Melatonin Vape Today

If you’re interested in trying a melatonin diffuser, there’s no better option than MELO Air. It’s even safer than other brands, and it comes in a wide variety of customer-approved flavors, everything from herbal to fruity to candy-flavored. With so many flavor options, you’re sure to find at least one or two you’re excited about.

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