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Melatonin Diffuser Reviews: What Customers Have to Say

If you’re searching for melatonin diffuser reviews, you’re probably trying to get a sense of how well melatonin diffusers actually work. As you’ll soon see, thousands of customers can confirm that our MELO Air melatonin diffusers work well and taste great.

In this article, we’re going to show you customer reviews for some of our best-selling melatonin diffusers and explain how they work. We’ll also show you some alternatives to melatonin diffusers in case you’re still on the fence about vaping.

Melatonin Diffuser Reviews for MELO Air

boxes of Melo Air Melatonin Diffuser in bubblegum, midnight mint, peach cream, and cotton candy flavors scattered around

At MELO Labs, we make melatonin diffusers that come in a wide variety of flavors. Every single one has hundreds of reviews and an average rating of 5 stars. Some of our best-selling flavors include Cotton Candy and Gummy Bear, each of which has over 500 customer reviews.

So, what do customers think? When you read through the reviews, you begin to notice some common themes. In this section, we’ll tell you about some of the most frequent comments we get about our vaporizers, and we’ll show you some actual customer reviews.

Works Fast

Not only do customers agree that MELO Air diffusers help them fall asleep, but they are thrilled with how quickly they feel the effects. Many customers say it helps them fall asleep in as little as 10 or 20 minutes.

Melatonin vapes work so fast because vaporized substances get into your bloodstream much faster than anything you have to swallow.

You’ll see this as a common theme in reviews, for example, we’ve had customers say, “I usually have a really hard time sleeping even with melatonin but this knocks me out!! It works so fast and tastes so good!” Yet another reviewer says, “Absolutely amazing I fell asleep so quick.”

A longer review suggests these products may help even the most persistent insomnia:

“I always have trouble sleeping so when I finally got a good night's sleep after taking a few puffs, I can't tell you how happy I am. It smells amazing and knocks me out within 10-30 minutes (depends on what I was doing beforehand). Absolutely love it and will definitely recommend to others!”

A similar review notes, “I get great sleep. That means a lot coming from someone with severe insomnia.” Clearly, our MELO Air diffusers have worked well for many people who frequently or always have trouble falling asleep.

More on WHY they work so well and the science behind them a bit later.

Tastes Great

Box of Melo Air Melatonin Diffuser in Rainbow Road flavor with colorful candies behind it

Another point nearly everyone agrees on is that all eight flavors are awesome. Many reviewers comment that they “love the taste,” and one reviewer says it was “full of flavor.” Another says, “I’ve tried Cotton Candy and Gummy Bear flavors and I love both of them.” Yet another says, “The taste of this product was amazing! It honestly exceeded my expectations!”

The variety of flavors is something we work hard on at MELO Labs, and you won’t find this variety anywhere else. If you want the tastiest flavors available, check out our diffusers.

Customers also love Rainbow Road, which they’ve described as a “perfect fruity taste” and “wonderful fruit punch taste.” One simply says, “Very good flavor but I have no idea how to describe it.”

Peach Cream is another favorite, which customers have described as “amazing” and “perfect.” One customer notes of Peach Cream, “I would definitely recommend this to someone who likes more sweeter flavors compared to the lavender.” But if lavender is more your thing, you’ll be pleased to know it also gets high marks and “tastes like actual lavender.”

Midnight Mint is described as “refreshing” and “low-key very tasty.” The Bubble Gum diffuser “tastes like actual bubble gum” and is also described as “very tasty.” And some customers prefer the Banana flavor. One customer called the Banana flavor “absolutely delicious” and another said it “tastes like banana pudding.”

With so many flavors to choose from – from candy to fruity to herbal – you’re sure to find one (or several) you love.

Doesn’t Cause “Sleep Hangover”

Some people experience a “sleep hangover” or residual grogginess the morning after taking melatonin pills to help them sleep. But one thing MELO Air customers agree on is that our diffusers do not make them groggy the next day.

Here’s what some reviewers have said about grogginess:

  • “Relaxes me and gives me a nice sleep without feeling like I’m too tired when I wake up like melatonin pills do.”
  • “With every usage, I get a great night's rest and feel absolutely refreshed the morning after.”
  • “I fell asleep in like 10 minutes after I laid down and slept for 8 hours WITHOUT feeling groggy the next day!”

The reason why people feel less groggy with melatonin vaporizers (compared to other melatonin products) may be that they’re taking less melatonin. It’s common for melatonin users to use too much melatonin, which can cause grogginess, but vapes reverse that trend and allow you to pinpoint the right amount for you.

Our vaporizers have 1.3 mg of melatonin per ten puffs – but as you’ll notice from the reviews, you may not even need ten puffs to feel the effects. They work so efficiently that you only need a small amount.

A more detailed review notes, “I have never slept better in my life! I've tried so many different melatonin products and none of them have seemed to work for my body, but this makes me get great sleep and gets me sleepy! I wake up fully energized and not drowsy! I highly recommend if you have trouble falling asleep!”

May Help You Quit Smoking

A few customers have even commented that these products have helped them quit smoking. One comments, “Best favors and helped me quit smoking,” while another says, “I miss smoking weed, this helped curb my desires to smoke and helped me get to sleep.” Another reviewer notes, “It’s good for quitting nicotine as well!”

This is in part because those who quit smoking often struggle to replace the habit with something else. If you’re trying to quit smoking or vaping nicotine but miss the feeling of using a flavored vaporizer, MELO Air might help give you that feeling you miss, but without any nicotine.

A more detailed review notes, “Bought me one of these to help sleep at night since I quit smoking and let me tell you this vape taste great and works amazingly! Not only does it taste great and works amazing but the staff/customer service is AMAZING as well!”

How Melatonin Diffusers Work

woman sleeping deeply in bed and covered in white comforter

Now that you’ve seen how happy customers are with MELO Air melatonin diffusers, the question remains: Why do these work so well? Here, we’re going to explain how melatonin diffusers work, and how these products compare to other types of melatonin supplements.

Also known as melatonin vape pens, melatonin diffusers work the fastest of all melatonin supplements. This is because inhaling melatonin gets it into your bloodstream much more quickly than ingesting it, which requires it to pass through your digestive system. As such, melatonin diffusers are very effective.

And if you’re wondering about the safety of inhaling melatonin, we can assure you MELO Air is safe, much safer than any other vape pen you’ll find. Unlike other melatonin diffuser brands, we do not use propylene glycol, nor any other substance known to be harmful when inhaled. MELO Air has just three ingredients: melatonin, organic vegetable glycerin, and natural flavors.

That said, if you’re on the fence about vaping for any reason, rest assured there are other ways to take melatonin that work almost as quickly and efficiently. An article from Medicare Europe explains that liquid supplements can be absorbed in as little as 1-4 minutes, and they have about 98% bioavailability. This makes liquid supplements a superior choice to pills.

At MELO Labs, we also make MELO Sip, a refreshing melatonin powdered drink. In addition to melatonin, it also has chamomile extract, valerian root extract, GABA, and l-theanine as well as multiple vitamins and minerals to help support sleep. It comes in four tasty, customer-approved flavors and has no added sugar or sugar alcohols.

And it is much more effective and fast-acting than melatonin pills. The Medicare Europe article suggests pills have somewhere between 39% and 53% bioavailability, which means you’re getting much less of the supplement than what it says on the label.

In fact, melatonin pills may have even lower bioavailability. A clinical trial from the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found melatonin pills had an average of just 15% bioavailability.

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