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8 Best Vapes with No Nicotine or Tobacco (2024)

You don’t need nicotine or tobacco to enjoy vaping. Nicotine can get in the way if you have a passion for smooth and rich flavors. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the pros and cons of vaping without nicotine. The truth is, you’re better off with vapes with no nicotine or tobacco.

Why vape something harmful and addictive when you can vape vitamins? Why vape substances that don’t truly relax or energize you? Nicotine-free vapes offer the real deal.

Vaping technology has been making leaps and strides. The best vapes of 2024 certainly overshadow anything popular as recently as five years ago. So, what are the best nicotine-free vapes right now?

Best Nicotine & Tobacco Free Vape Overall - MELO Plus & HELO Plus

Several Melo Plus vapes in a blue box.

Many people who vape seek the stimulating effect of nicotine. But how do you get that buzz without the toxic chemical? One good answer is caffeine.

That’s where the HELO Plus comes in. Intended a pro-wellness vape, our HELO Plus is ideal for invoking jolts of energy and alertness on command. It can take nearly an hour for a cup of coffee to kick in, but vaping nicotine can give you a boost almost immediately.

On the other hand, many people vape to relax. That’s where the MELO Plus comes into play. In contrast to the energy burst formulation of HELO, the MELO Plus uses a special melatonin-enriched vape juice that delivers a more soothing effect. While nicotine can worsen sleep quality and raise anxiety, melatonin does the opposite.

Combined with a robust 800 puff capacity and a pretty impressive lineup of flavor options, it doesn’t matter what effect you’re trying to achieve – you should start your journey by checking out MELO.

Best for Quitting Smoking - Inhale Health

Five anti-cigarette vapes in a row.

Are you trying to quit smoking? You probably want a vape that closely emulates the experience. That’s what Inhale Health does with its lineup of portable anti-cigarette vapes. Even just drawing from the vape device feels a lot like enjoying a cigarette, just without the nicotine.

The flavor selection is a little timid, including familiar favorites like peach, apple, mango, and mint. More importantly, the company has classic tobacco flavors, which is much more important to someone like our team members fighting cravings.

Inhale Health is also a pretty good example of vapes without nicotine for anxiety.

All in all, this design is as close to traditional electronic cigarettes as one could hope. So, if you’re trying to find a quitting device, be sure to check out Inhale Health.

Best No Nicotine Vape for Anxiety - EBCREATE BC5000

Four BC5000 zero nicotine disposable vapes.

Many people in the vaping community remember the legendary Elf Bar's name and reputation. However, a recent trademark lawsuit means those previously famous vapes are now being produced in America under the much-less-famous marquee EBCREATE.

The EBCREATE BC5000 brings all the best things about high-quality vape devices into the no-nicotine market.

Just like the Elf Bar vapes people used to enjoy, the BC5000 shines because it does many small things well. For instance, the dual mesh coil design ensures each hit is rich and flavorful quality.

Most importantly, the company has built around a pretty impressive 650 mAh battery backing up an equally impressive 5,000 puff capacity.

There’s no USB charger included, but that does reduce both e-waste and the cost of the device. With more than 16 flavor options, it’s worth checking out EBCREATE.

Best for Flavor Accuracy - Foodgod Zero Luxe

A Foodgod nicotine free vape.

More decadent flavors are one of the many benefits of vaping without nicotine, and the Foodgod Zero Luxe vape with no nicotine and no tobacco takes full advantage of that fact.

This team recreates flavors like frozen grapes and birthday cake with stunning accuracy and a true-to-life aromatic profile. It also hits familiar flavors like mint with much more subtlety.

While these aren’t heavyweight vapes like the BC5000, they still offer a substantial 4,000 puff capacity. USB-based recharging is fast, but the ultra-lightweight 380 mAh battery requires frequent recharge. This requirement makes it not an ideal vape for people who are constantly on the go and unable to recharge.

However, those drawbacks are balanced against the enormous strength of these flavors, so if you’re a big fan of flavor accuracy, be sure to check out the Foodgod Zero.

Best for Small Budget - Twist Disposable Vape

A Twist zero nicotine vape.

Vaping on a budget isn’t hard. Finding a no-nicotine, no-tobacco vape can be a little more challenging when you want to maintain quality standards, especially regarding flavors. But the Twist Disposable Vape does a compelling job of delivering a lot of quality e-fluid for a reasonable price.

Twist is available in seven flavors — mostly predictable ones like mint, berry, and melon. None of them are overly sweet or unnatural in their flavor profile. More importantly, each vape has a ridiculously cost-effective 6,000 puff capacity.

You'll find corners were cut somewhere when you’re getting this much vapor at such a highly competitive price. In this case, it’s fair to say the build quality of these vapes isn’t spectacular.

Their aesthetic appeal is also a tad underwhelming, and the battery's size is relatively small compared to the fluid tank's high capacity. But on a tight budget, you can’t have it all in a vape pen without nicotine and no tobacco.

Best for Capacity - Snowwolf ZERO

Six Snowwolf non nicotine vapes.

A high-capacity vape needs more than a lot of nicotine-free vape juice; it needs the airflow and battery capacity to match.

Nobody does that quite as well as the Snowwolf ZERO team. These folk are best known for creating large vapes, like the EA9000. As the company has entered the zero nicotine market, its mid-sized devices have improved.

The Snowwolf ZERO supports a considerable 5,500 puff capacity. But more importantly, that’s backed by an equally robust 650mAh battery. Naturally, those superlative quantities are reflected in the price. What’s less reflected is the unbelievably impressive 30-minute recharge times.

The ZERO is available in ten standard flavors, ranging from Pear Cotton Candy to Mango Peach Watermelon. There’s a nice mix of standard flavors and more creative formulations for people to explore. If you like high-capacity vapes, be sure to check out Snowwolf.

Highest Battery Lifespan - Fire Vaporz Fire 0%

A Fire Vapor nicotine free vape.

The Fire Vaporz is an odd duck as a tobacco and nicotine-free vape. The brand rarely tries to be the best at anything.

Its vape devices are robust but not the most robust. They have a reasonably deep fluid capacity but not so deep as to be remarkable. But there is one area where these vapes excel, and that’s battery capacity.

The Fire Float is a particularly striking example. Its moderate 3,000-puff vape capacity is paired with a stunningly powerful 1200 mAh battery. The result is a vape that can keep you in the game twice as long as many of its competitors.

A draw-activated firing mechanism makes ease use a breeze, but a battery strength indicator would’ve been a welcome addition to help make the large pile harder to take for granted. Nevertheless, check out Fire Vaporz and their Fire 0% if you need your vape to last as long as possible between recharges.

Best for Portability - Lava Plus 2600 Puffs

A pair of LavaPlus non nicotine vapes.

Their portability suffers when nicotine-free disposables aim for enormous fluid and battery capacities. But going too portable can have the opposite effect, leaving you with an insufficient battery and a vape supply that just doesn’t last.

The Lava Plus 2600 is an excellent example of nicotine and tobacco-free vape pens that ride the line between those extremes. It’s got an exceptionally portable and ergonomic pen design, but not to the detriment of other qualities.

With more than 30 flavor options, Lava vapes aren’t a bad choice for people who like exploring new flavor experiences. That selection includes a lot of experimental flavors like “banana milkshake” and “coffee latte.”

Admittedly, these vapes are a little on the plain side. But if you can forgive their lack of style, do check out Lava Plus.

Nicotine and Tobacco Free Vape Pens FAQ

Are vapes with no nicotine or tobacco safe?

There’s such wide variability in e-liquid in vape formulas that we can’t make broad statements about their safety. Even without nicotine, e-liquids are made from a mixture of many chemicals.

Though these chemicals are generally considered safe to ingest, some studies suggest inhaling aerosols can cause respiratory disease.

The long-term effects of vaping are still being studied. But there’s little doubt that vaping with no nicotine or tobacco additives is more safe than vaping with nicotine.

Are there side effects to tobacco and nicotine-free vapes?

Some people experience allergic reactions to ingredients in e-liquids. Those reactions can create itching, skin rashes, and mild respiratory symptoms. People who swallow e-liquids can experience nausea or vomiting. And some people experience headaches or dizziness when they vape.

The most common side effect is dry mouth or thirst. That’s because propylene glycol, a common ingredient found in e-juice, can make you feel thirsty.

Are there healthy vape alternatives?

You can find herbal vaporizers that don’t use nicotine or tobacco products, nicotine-free e-liquids, and many types of vape hybrids infused with vitamins. In short, there are plenty of healthy vape alternatives. You just have to know where to look for them.

Choosing Tobacco and Nicotine-Free Vapes

Man waiting for the train while looking at his phone at train station.

When people start out looking for a nicotine and tobacco-free vape, they have questions. “What kind of vapes are the best for traveling?” “How can I get the best possible flavor?” “Are 0 nicotine vapes safe?

Many of those questions have the same answer: Find a reliable manufacturer and a few flavor options you love, and you’ll never have to worry about them again. If you’re ready to get started, take a moment to learn more about where to buy a nicotine-free vape.

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