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3 Best Melatonin Vapes for 2024: How the Top Products Compare

If you’re looking for the best melatonin vape (also known as melatonin diffusers) on the market, you basically have three choices: MELO Air, Inhale Health, or Cloudy melatonin vaporizers. All three products have similar doses of melatonin, and they are all free of vitamin E acetate. They also have zero nicotine or drugs. So, how are you supposed to choose between them?

While they may seem similar at first glance, there are some important differences. Read on to learn how these three options compare. We’ll start with our own product, MELO Air, then cover Inhale Health, Cloudy, and move on to general helpful info about melatonin vapes.

MELO Air Melatonin

Melo Air Melatonin Vaporizers in Bubblegum and Midnight Mint flavors in blue surface

When it comes to vaping melatonin, MELO Air is the safest, tastiest, and least expensive melatonin vaporizer (or melatonin diffuser) you can find.

Let’s start with safety. We’re happy to tell you exactly what’s in our vaporizers: melatonin, organic vegetable glycerin, and natural flavors. That’s it! Just three ingredients, and nothing harmful. It isn’t harsh the way other vaporizers often are. It’s described as a smooth inhale, and some customers even say it has helped them quit smoking and/or using nicotine vaporizers.

How about its taste? With eight different flavor options – more flavors than any other brand – you’re sure to find one (or a few) that you like. Some are fruity, some are herby, and some are candy-flavored, but all eight have received hundreds of five-star reviews from happy customers. Many reviewers specifically mention how surprisingly good the flavors are.

As for the price, one melatonin vaporizer is about $15. This is less expensive than vaporizers from Inhale Health and Cloudy. All three products have about the same total amount of melatonin, making MELO Air the most cost-effective option.

MELO Air vaporizers are fast-acting and effective. A dose is 10 puffs, but many reviewers say they only need 2-3 puffs to feel the effects. Customers say it works within 10-20 minutes and gives them a full night of restful sleep without making them groggy the next morning.

That’s all well and good for those customers, but at this point, you may be wondering how you can be sure MELO Air will work as well for you as it did for them. After all, these products are still very new, and scientific research is lacking. In the next section, we’ll explain more about how melatonin vaporizers work, and how they compare to other melatonin supplements.

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Inhale Health

Inhale Health melatonin vaporizers come in two flavors: lavender and chocolate. MELO Air also makes a lavender melatonin vaporizer, but the chocolate flavor is unique to Inhale Health. So, if you’re looking for a chocolate-flavored melatonin vaporizer, this is the brand for you. It’s described as having a strong taste.

The website and the box give clear instructions for use. Customers are instructed to “activate for 3 seconds, or until LED blinks, up to 10 times a day.” Overall, customers were satisfied with the effects, and many commented that they only needed a few puffs.

As for what’s in the melatonin vaporizers from Inhale Health, this is unfortunately a bit of a mystery. The website lists melatonin and “vegetable base” as the main ingredients, but you won’t find a full list of ingredients anywhere. In addition to those two ingredients, the product most likely contains natural and/or artificial flavors, but we can’t say for sure what else is in it.

While we’re not sure what else is in these vaporizers, the website boasts that they contain no vitamin E acetate, propylene glycol, nicotine, or diacetyl. They are most likely safe to use. (But if you prefer to know exactly what’s in your vaporizer, you may want to go with MELO Air.)

Regarding price, an individual vaporizer from Inhale Health is about $20. While this is more expensive than the vaporizers from MELO Air, you can get a discount by buying several at once. You can buy a 3-pack, a 5-pack, or a 10-pack, each with a slightly larger discount. If you go with the 10-pack, the cost of each individual vaporizer will be just slightly less than MELO Air.

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The Cloudy Melatonin diffuser comes in just one flavor: lavender + chamomile. That said, it’s the only one of these melatonin vaporizers that also has additional natural sleep aids. In addition to melatonin, this vaporizer contains lavender extract, chamomile extract, and l-theanine to help you relax before you fall asleep. Customers found this combination very effective.

However, the Cloudy melatonin diffuser has some drawbacks. For one, the website is a bit cagey about how exactly these products are intended to be used. The Cloudy melatonin diffuser describes itself as a “personal aromatherapy product” that is “not for ingestion/inhalation.” You’ll notice the reviewers also don’t mention how many puffs they took.

Unfortunately, this means the company won’t tell you how many puffs to take per dose or how much melatonin is in each dose. Both of the other two companies give clearer instructions.

Another drawback is the fact that this vaporizer contains propylene glycol. This is a petroleum byproduct, and some people are allergic to it. Even if you’re not allergic, you may find vapes with propylene glycol more harsh and irritating than vapes that contain only vegetable glycerin. If you’re concerned about your lungs, the other two products are a safer bet.

Like Inhale Health, these vaporizers are about $20 each, making them more expensive than MELO Air. Like Inhale Health, they also offer discounts for buying in bulk. If you buy a 3-pack, the price per individual vaporizer will be a little less than MELO Air. If you buy more than three at once, the price goes down substantially. So if you want the best bulk deal, go with Cloudy.

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Why Vaping Melatonin Works Better Than Other Forms of Melatonin

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Melatonin vaporizers are by far the most fast-acting melatonin supplements you can buy.

Why is this? Because vaporized substances get into your bloodstream faster than traditional forms of melatonin. For instance, pills take much longer to be absorbed.

As an article from Medicare Europe explains, pills must be broken down by the stomach before their contents can be absorbed. This can take upwards of half an hour, by which time some of the contents of the pill will have gone to waste. Meanwhile, vaporized substances bypass your digestive system and get into your bloodstream almost right away.

This may also partially explain why pills often have poor bioavailability. A clinical trial from the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found that melatonin pills had an average bioavailability of just 15%. That means most of the pill is wasted! Note that the same is likely true of melatonin tablets and melatonin gummies, which also have to be broken down by the stomach.

While similar research has yet to be conducted on melatonin vaporizers, there’s reason to believe they would have greater bioavailability than pills. Because they work so quickly and bypass the digestive system, there are fewer opportunities for their contents to get wasted.

As we’ve seen above, this is supported by anecdotal evidence. Many customers are able to feel the effects of MELO Air after just 2-3 inhales. That’s only about 0.3 mg of melatonin, much less than you’d find in the average melatonin pill. If people are able to feel the effects of very small doses, then those doses must have decent bioavailability – or they wouldn’t be felt at all.

With this in mind, we’re confident melatonin vaporizers work more quickly and have greater bioavailability than any other melatonin supplement (and most other sleep aids) on the market.

That said, we know vaping isn’t for everyone. This is why we created MELO Sip, a powdered melatonin drink with chamomile extract, valerian root extract, GABA, and l-theanine as well as vitamins and minerals to support sleep. It comes in four awesome flavors and is sweetened with monk fruit extract. It has no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The article from Medicare Europe says liquid supplements have an average of 98% bioavailability and get absorbed very quickly, in as little as 1-4 minutes. They’re the next fastest-acting melatonin supplement after melatonin vaporizers. For those who are still on the fence about vaping, we recommend trying MELO Sip.

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Our Pick for the Best Melatonin Vape: MELO Air

Box of Melo Air Melatonin Vaporizer in Rainbow Road flavor showing usage recommendations.

As we’ve seen, the three most popular melatonin vape brands are MELO Air, Inhale Health, and Cloudy. If you want something that has chamomile, lavender, and l-theanine, choose Cloudy. If you’ve got your heart set on getting a chocolate-flavored vape, go with Inhale Health. If you want to buy in bulk, Cloudy offers the best deal, but Inhale Health also offers discounts.

But if you want something with total ingredient transparency, no propylene glycol, by far the most variety of flavors, and the least expensive price per individual vaporizer, there’s no better choice than MELO Air. Customers are thrilled by how quickly and effectively our vaporizers work, and they love the many flavors.

We started MELO Labs because we were unhappy with the melatonin supplements on the market. We wanted to create affordable melatonin supplements that work fast, offer healthy sleep support, and taste great. Try MELO Air if you’re excited to vape melatonin. But if you’re still not sure about vaping, go with MELO Sip, our fast-acting melatonin drink.

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