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Can Vaping Without Nicotine Help With Anxiety?

If you vape as a way to cope with stress and anxiety, you’re not alone. Some people rely on nicotine to calm them down, and many also believe that the simple hand-to-mouth act of vaping can reduce anxiety levels. But since we all know nicotine is harmful, we can’t help but wonder: can vaping without nicotine help with anxiety, too?

The short answer is yes, and there are several reasons why. We’re about to dive deep into how vaping without nicotine can help ease anxiety, plus recommend the best vape for anxiety on the market.

Can Vaping Without Nicotine Help With Anxiety?

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So, how exactly does non-nicotine vaping help with anxiety? There are several different ways.

People experience anxiety for many different reasons, but one of the most common triggers is stress. Stress and anxiety, while distinct, are closely connected. Learning better ways to cope with stress can alleviate anxiety, and nicotine-free vaping might help you do so.

Zero-nicotine vapes can help satisfy an oral fixation, and this alone can be a stress reliever. Ex-smokers and ex-vapers will tell you that breaking the physical habit of vaping is just as difficult as breaking a dependency on nicotine. If you’re trying to quit nicotine, non-nicotine vapes may make it easier, as you can still satisfy the oral fixation.

Some non-nicotine vapes also include essential oils, herb extracts, and other natural ingredients that have calming effects and put you at ease. There are several stress-relieving, nicotine-free vapes available that can help keep anxiety at bay, and they include various ingredients to provide different effects.

Our MELO Air device is an excellent option if you’re stressed from a lack of sleep. Free of addictive, toxic chemicals, MELO Air includes essential oils and melatonin to promote healthier, more restful sleep. It’s perfect for use at the end of a long day when you need to unwind and get a solid night’s rest.

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If you’re looking for a way to calm down during the day, Ripple+’s Relax formula is an effective option. Its vape juice includes natural chamomile and lemon balm extracts to put you in a chill, relaxed mood.

Some people experience anxiety when they have a long to-do list and feel like they can’t get it all done. In this scenario, our HELO vapes, with essential oils and caffeine, can provide some added energy to help you power through a busy day.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Non-Nicotine Vaping?

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There are pros and cons to vaping without nicotine for anxiety. Most experts agree that quitting vaping altogether is the best approach, but others believe that these potential benefits outweigh the risks:

Vaping Without Nicotine May Help You Quit Smoking

One of the most significant benefits of vaping without nicotine is that it might help you quit smoking for good. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes or stop vaping e-cigarettes, some people find that non-nicotine vapes make it easier to do either.

While there is no scientific evidence to prove that zero-nicotine vapes can aid in smoking cessation, many users find vaping without nicotine to be a helpful, effective method. Overcoming a nicotine addiction and doing away with an oral fixation at the same time is no easy feat. Many smokers turn to vaping as a way to break these habits one at a time.

No-Nicotine Vapes Can Calm You Down

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Read any article on how to better cope with anxiety or reduce stress, and you’ll find “learn deep breathing techniques” listed as one of the top tips. And it’s true. Learning how to control your breath is critical to reducing anxiety, as long, deep breaths calm you down and make you more mindful.

Vaping without nicotine can have a similar effect. Many people enjoy vaping because they like how those long and slow inhales and exhales feel. With non-nicotine vapes, you can enjoy that relaxing sensation without the side effects caused by the toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes and nicotine vapes.

Zero-Nicotine Vapes Aren’t Physically Addictive

People often turn to vaping nicotine as a way to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety in the short term. The problem with this approach is that when you later don’t want to smoke or vape, you will do it anyway because you’ve become addicted to that pernicious toxic chemical.

Non-nicotine vapes do not contain physically addictive substances. There is no danger of developing a physical dependency, so when you decide to stop, it’s not hard to do so. While it’s best not to smoke or vape at all, people considering picking up the habit are much better off doing so with non-nicotine vapes that don’t contain physically addictive tobacco derivatives.

What Is the Best Nicotine-Free Vape to Help With Anxiety?

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With the addition of natural melatonin to promote more restful sleep, our MELO Air is one of the best nicotine-free vapes on the market today.

There are many types of vapes without nicotine for anxiety, but MELO Air is superior in that it delivers a truly unique vaping experience.

Technically, it’s not a vape at all — it’s a personal aromatherapy diffuser not intended for inhalation.

Rather than having you inhale the vapor deep into your lungs, the MELO Air is designed for retronasal use, meaning that you take its mist into your mouth and exhale it through your nose. Because you don’t have to inhale it into your lungs, it is an objectively safer option with regard to long-term lung health than zero-nicotine vapes that require deep inhalation.

If you have anxiety, you’ve probably had your fair share of restless nights. No matter how hard you try to turn your brain “off,” anxiety can make it difficult to fall asleep.

When you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you wake up feeling groggy. You spend the whole day feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. This vicious feedback cycle causes even more stress and makes it difficult to sleep the next night.

Our bodies naturally produce melatonin, but sometimes they don’t make enough. Melatonin supplements are a popular option for people who struggle to sleep well through the night, and MELO Air is a much more flavorful way to get your required daily dose of this essential hormone.

Our MELO Air diffusers come in ten tasty flavors, including Orange Dreamsicle, Gummy Bear, and Midnight Mint. They all support improved sleep and overall wellness and are free of toxic chemicals and nasty additives.

MELO Air vapes are also portable, convenient, and disposable, so you can use them anywhere. Individual “Air” model diffusers should last for about 400 inhalations, while MELO “Plus” model diffusers offer double that—about 800 puffs.

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What Are the Potential Side Effects of Using Zero-Nicotine Vapes for Anxiety?

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Just because a vape has zero nicotine doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe. Non-nicotine vapes are safer than those with addictive substances, but adverse effects and health risks are still possible.

Throat and Mouth Irritation

Smoking or vaping anything can irritate the throat and result in a coughing fit. Any substance you inhale has the potential to cause throat and mouth irritation. Non-nicotine vapes for anxiety can also cause dry mouth and dehydration, so be sure to drink water before and after use.

Lung Damage

Inhaling any substance into your lungs can negatively impact your respiratory health. Even non-nicotine vapes with natural ingredients can include harmful chemicals and artificial additives. This reality is one reason why we always recommend devices like MELO and HELO diffusers that don’t require you to pull anything into your lungs.

Before trying a new vaping product, check the list of ingredients. Reputable manufacturers with nothing to hide disclose all of their vape juices’ ingredients on product labels. If you can’t find an ingredient list, it could be because there’s something on it you should avoid.

Allergic Reaction

Many non-nicotine vapes contain essential oils, herbal extracts, or hormones like melatonin. However, even natural, organic elements can cause allergic reactions in some people.

More scientific data and research are needed to understand the long-term risks that non-nicotine vaping may cause. Until we have more medical evidence, there’s no way to know all of the side effects or potential benefits of non-nicotine vaping.

Where to Buy Nicotine-Free Vapes to Ease Anxiety

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There are dozens of zero-nicotine vapes on the market. We may be biased because we build them, but we consider our MELO to be the best anxiety vape without nicotine.

MELO doesn’t contain toxic chemicals or dangerous additives. But it does contain melatonin, an essential hormone that our bodies naturally produce to help us sleep — although they often don’t produce quite enough.

Anxiety and stress go hand-in-hand, and poor sleep habits are a leading cause of stress. Vaping a bit of melatonin before bedtime can help calm and relax the body so you can get the solid eight hours of sleep you need and deserve.

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