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6 Best Cheap Nicotine Free Vapes (Budget-Friendly)

If you're searching for a cheap, nicotine-free vape, you know there are countless options to choose from. Finding one that doesn't skimp on quality can be a real challenge.

As any vaper knows, not all devices are created equal. That's why we compiled a list of the cheapest zero-nicotine disposable vapes on the market today.

These are healthy disposable vapes that strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality. So whether you're looking for a sleek design, hefty battery life, or a unique flavor profile, we have something to fit everyone's unique preferences.

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Best Cheap Nicotine Free Vapes (Budget-Friendly)

MELO Air Disposable Vapes

line-up of MELO Air Disposable Vapes in assorted flavors

MELO Air stands out from the crowd with its premium melatonin formula, specifically "built for rest." If you're looking for a nicotine-free vape that is guaranteed to keep you mellow and calm without breaking the bank, MELO Air is the ideal choice.

These vapes feel great in the hand and strike the perfect balance between discreet and eye-catching. While its melatonin-infused nicotine-free disposables are its flagship product, the same producer sells the HELO line of caffeine vapes and diffusers.

MELO Air's e-liquids are free of diacetyl, nicotine, and vitamin E acetate. Their primary ingredients are vegetable glycerin, deionized water, organic fruit flavor extract, and MELO’s signature melatonin blend.

As for the device itself, you get an 800-puff, fast-acting, non-rechargeable diffuser. MELO Air is the superior choice if you want a simple and effective vape stick guaranteed to deliver long-lasting flavor.

With hundreds of verified reviews, you can rest assured you're getting a premium product that stands tall against some of the most popular brands on the market. Users love MELO Air's variety of flavors (cotton candy being a fan favorite) and smooth vapor production.

This isn't just a budget-friendly choice; it's a top-tier vaping experience.

Click here to see more of Melo Air's product offerings.


Healthvape vitamin-infused vape pens

If you enjoy vaping and are looking for a device that comes with healthy ingredients like vitamin B12, vitamin C, or collagen, Healthvape is a fantastic choice.

Discrete and easy to use, each vape pen provides roughly 450-500 uses and comes in various formulas and flavors like BOOST, CHILL, or SOOTHE.

Healthvape takes a strong stance on safety and does everything possible to mitigate health risks. Its e-liquid formula is free of harmful ingredients and is vegan, non-GMO, and organic — right up our alley.

While reviews of Healthvape’s devices are generally positive, they aren’t the longest-lasting disposable vapes on the market. Each comes with roughly half the available puffs of other popular brands on this list.

The company’s attention to using only quality e-liquids makes these an excellent choice for anyone searching for cheap, nic-free vitamin vape.

To learn more and see if Healthvape is right for you, visit its website.

MONQ Nicotine-Free Pens

MONQ aromatherapy diffusers

MONQ calls these devices "Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers" or "Vape-Like" pens, but they function essentially the same way as any other non-nicotine disposable vape.

What sets MONQ cheap, no nicotine vapes apart is its unique blends. Common ingredients include cacao, orange, spearmint, vanilla, and caraway. These flavors are combined with an organic USP glycerin to create a pleasant and satisfying experience.

MONQ has a wide variety of products, including CBD-containing formulations. All products are conveniently named (Happy, Fresh, Focus, etc.), so their intended use is apparent.

While MONQ diffusers are not the most affordable options on this list, the company does offer discounts when you buy in bulk — up to 25% when you buy ten vapes or more.

If you want a vape pen that provides a unique blend of flavors and ingredients in its cheap, nicotine-free vape juice, MONQ is a terrific option.

Learn more about MONQ by visiting its website.

Chill ZER0 Nicotine Diffusers

Chill ZER0 Nicotine diffusers

Chill ZER0 sells zero nicotine disposable vapes in five robust flavors. While Chill might not offer the same flavor selection as other popular brands, this is one vape pen that packs a punch.

First, each of these cheap 0 nicotine vapes can deliver anywhere from 600 to 3,000 puffs. Even at the high end of the spectrum, these are some of the most affordable zero-nicotine vapes on this list.

While other brands of cheap zero nicotine vapes list the various clean ingredients that go into their e-liquids, Chill ZER0 lists propylene glycol, vegetable Glycerine, and flavoring as the only constituents.

That isn't to say there is anything harmful or unhealthy in these vape pens, but some may want to investigate further before making a purchase.

To see if Chill ZER0 is right for you, click here.

Cyclone Nicotine Free Gust Disposable

Cyclone Nicotine Free Gust Disposable

Right off the bat, let us just say that this isn't the brand for you if you're looking for a wide selection of flavor profiles.

However, if you're looking for the absolute cheapest nicotine-free vape you can buy, this is your solution. At only $6.00, it's hard to find any vape that can compete on price point.

The only problem is that this cheap vape pen with no nicotine has only one flavor: cucumber. And while it's touted as being longer-lasting than other popular brands, there are no specifics about puff-count or e-liquid content.

For those looking for a longer-lasting, rechargeable option, you might be interested in the slightly more expensive (but still affordable) Gust Super variant. It’s the lowest-cost cheap, nicotine-free disposable vape on the market.

Visit the company website to learn more and see if Cyclone is right for you.

Ezee Go Disposable Vape Pen

Ezee Go disposable vape

Last on our list is the Ezee Go. If you're a current or former smoker looking for a device that can emulate the feel and taste of a cigarette without the nicotine, this piece is precisely what you need.

Ezee Go offers two cheap, no-nicotine vapes: regular and menthol. Depending on your needs, you can choose between 20 mg, 12 mg, or no nicotine formulations.

Each of these cheap no nic vapes has a 285 mAh battery, provides up to 400 puffs, and is designed to look and feel like a real cigarette.

For those craving the taste of tobacco in a healthier package, this is one of the cheapest options available.

Learn more on


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Are Nicotine-Free Vapes Cheaper Than Vapes That Contain Nicotine?

Yes and no. Many disposable nicotine vapes are comparable in price to the low-nicotine or non-nicotine versions. Most brands sell the same vape with varying nicotine levels but a price that remains unchanged.

The cost of a zero-nicotine disposable vape depends more on factors like the brand name, technology used, and unique product features. In short, nicotine content may play a role in pricing, but it is not the sole determinant.

What Is the Cheapest Form of Vape?

A disposable vape is often considered the cheapest form of vaping. While some prefer a reusable, pod-style vape, these are only sometimes the most user-friendly, and some people feel they aren't worth the hassle.

If you're a former smoker who wants to start vaping without any fuss, a disposable vape can provide a simple, maintenance-free, and low-cost solution.

Are Nicotine-Free Vapes Safe for You?

A zero-nicotine disposable vape is almost always going to present fewer health risks than a nicotine-loaded variant. Consuming nicotine leads to addiction, and that is true whether you smoke cigarettes or a nic disposable vape.

Nicotine consumption has been shown to increase your risk of cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal problems. It may also harm your immune system and impact your reproductive health.

What Are the Risks and Side Effects of Using No Nicotine Vapes?

Non-nicotine vapes are generally considered less harmful than traditional cigarettes and deliver a healthier overall vaping experience. However, not all nicotine-free vapes put the same emphasis on quality ingredients, and this disparity can result in headaches, coughing, or dry mouth.

Always check and understand the ingredients in your disposable vape. For example, propylene glycol is an ingredient that is generally considered safe by the FDA. Conversely, certain compounds like diacetyl, often added to enhance taste, can be potentially harmful.

What Are Healthier Alternatives To Vaping?

Healthy alternatives largely depend on what you're looking to achieve. If you're seeking alternatives to smoking or vaping nicotine, you may consider nicotine replacement therapies like gums or patches.

If you're looking for alternative ways to de-stress, healthy activities like exercise or meditation are great ways to occupy your mind and keep your body healthy.

Are Nicotine-Free Disposable Vapes Cheaper Than Pod Vapes?

Both options can be affordable depending on how you use them. The appeal of a disposable vape lies in its low up-front cost and lack of required maintenance. If you enjoy vaping and don't want the hassle of cleaning your device, purchasing additional e-liquids, and replacing burnt-out coils, stick with a disposable vape.

If you're willing to devote some time to your hobby, pod vapes may offer more flavors and be more cost-effective in the long run. Ultimately, both systems can be relatively inexpensive if you make mindful purchases and vape in moderation. You can often find cheap, nicotine-free vapes online.

Takeaways: Picking The Best Cheap Nicotine Free Vape

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Whether you're looking to quit smoking or simply want a healthier alternative to your nic disposable vape, a product from the list above can be a great addition to your collection.

Ultimately, you want to pick a vape with a proven track record of reliability and known clean ingredients, and that's where MELO Air truly excels.

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Melo Air is our top choice for anyone seeking a safer vaping experience.

Shop today and experience a more restful night than ever before.

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