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2024's Top 6 Herbal Vapes with No Nicotine

Nicotine-free herbal vapes are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people look for alternatives to nicotine vapes so they can escape that addictive substance. But which ones should you try? Which brands are the best?

Here's our list of the top 6 herbal vapes, no nicotine, for 2024:


HELO caffeine diffuser Pink Lemonade flavor

MELO and HELO are sister brands produced by the same manufacturer. Both are consistently highly rated for flavor and functionality, making them some of the best non-nicotine vapes on the market. Both are entirely nicotine-free and do not contain any of the common vape substances known to cause health problems — no Vitamin E acetate, no diacetyl, and no propylene glycol.

Each MELO or HELO diffuser contains nothing but organic fruit flavorings, vegetable glycerin, and either melatonin (in MELO diffusers), or caffeine (in HELO vapes.)

Both MELO and HELO also made our lists of Best Organic Disposable Vapes, Best Nicotine Free Vapes, Top Healthy Vape Alternatives, and Best Vapes to Quit Smoking.

MELO is available in over a dozen flavors, including Cotton Candy, Cosmic Berry, Midnight Mint, and Peach Cream. HELO's flavors include Pink Slush, Banana Ice, Aloe Grape, Caramel Coffee, and more.

Both HELO and MELO are available in two disposable sizes — regular and Plus. Each regular diffuser should deliver around 400 puffs, while each Plus size one should deliver around 800.

Shop MELO and HELO here.


Sparq herbal vape

Another leading no-nicotine herbal vape, Sparq describes its offerings as "Vitamin Air," which should give you a good indication of the ingredients you'll find in a Sparq vape — vitamins, amino acids, herbs, and other natural ingredients.

Sparq offers disposable vape pens in three formulations — FUEL, PURE, and MELT — and two flavors, Vanilla and Strawberry.

Sparq’s product line also includes a variety called ZERO, which is available in Sweet Mango or Cool Mint flavors and contains nothing but "flavored air" — no herbs or vitamins of any kind. Each of the formulations mentioned above is also available in pod form.

Regarding what each formulation contains, FUEL promises to help you "Recharge with vitamins, amino acids and herbs traditionally found in supplements that elevate mental and physical endurance."

Specifically, FUEL contains Beta-Alanine, L-Theanine, and L-Choline. PURE, meanwhile, contains an "age-defying" blend of Grape Seed Extract, Blueberry Extract, and L-Choline, while MELT focuses on boosting your metabolism with ingredients like Green Tea, Acai Berry, and L-Choline.

No matter which formulation you choose, Sparq estimates that you should get around 300-400 puffs per device.

Shop Sparq here.


Cozy Monq diffuser

Monq is self-proclaimed as the "world's #1 aromatherapy diffuser," promising to help you "relax your worries and unlock your ultimate self."

The company’s line of "intentional aromatherapy diffusers" is quite large, with nearly two dozen different herbal no-nicotine vape options to choose from.

To make choosing a bit less complicated, you can break Monq's offerings down into two general categories — vapes that contain CBD and vapes that don't.

Like many other non-nicotine vape brands, Monq attempts to induce various states of mind with its herbal ingredients, states of mind like “calm” and “focus.” However, the brand gets into more esoteric options with flavor and ingredient combinations named things like Sexy, Love, and Zen.

Monq's offerings are too extensive for us to go into the ingredients in every formulation here, but we can give you some insight into their five top-selling blends.

Note that each of these formulations is available with the herbal ingredients alone or with the addition of CBD. These CBD-containing blends are identified with a "+" sign after the name.

Sleepy, for example, contains Bergamot, Chamomile, and Lavender, while Sleepy+ contains those same ingredients plus CBD.

Rounding out the rest of Monq's Top 5, we have Focus, with Coffee, Ginger, and Rosemary; Happy, with Fennel, Thyme, and Vanilla; Ocean, with Eucalyptus, Lime, and Tangerine; and Zen, with Frankincense, Orange, and Ylang-Ylang.

You can also create bundle packs by combining ten flavors of your choice or choose one of their pre-selected packs, such as their bestseller pack, which contains the five flavors mentioned above.

Finally, Monq claims that if you use their vapes as directed — for 2-3 puffs during each use, with 2-3 uses per day — each device should last several months.

Shop Monq diffusers here.


HealthVape with Vitamin C in minty lime flavor

Any discussion of the best herbal nicotine-free vape has to include HealthVape, a brand that we've discussed several times before in our articles on Best Nicotine Free Vapes and Best Vapes for Anxiety.

Available as disposable pens and pods, HealthVape offers six varieties, each highlighting a different main ingredient.

Vitamin C is the star of Vital, available in Minty Lime or Mango flavor; Boost features B12 and is available in either Berry Mint or Strawberry; Caffeine is the main ingredient in Energy, which is available in Citrus or Cinnamon.

Chill highlights chamomile in either Lavender or Lychee flavors; Soothe, with melatonin, comes in Peppermint or Jasmine; and finally Restore, which contains collagen and comes in Lavender or Peppermint flavors.

You can also get combo packs, which combine three of HealthVape's offerings that are all geared toward producing the same effect — the Relaxing combo pack contains Chill, Soothe, and Restore. In contrast, the Energizing pack comes with Boost, Vital, and Energy.

Shop HealthVape here.


Ripple+ Power variety

Ripple+ is another herbal vape brand that we've profiled here before. Specifically, in our article on Safest Vapes for Health-Conscious Users. With over 5,000 five-star reviews, Ripple+ has long been a favorite among people seeking a non-nicotine herbal vape alternative.

Ripple+ vapes are available as both disposable pens and pods in eight regular formulations and flavors, along with the occasional "limited release."

At the time of this writing, the company’s limited edition vape is called "Loser," referencing big tobacco's long-running attempts to portray smoking as "cool." The packaging for Loser was designed by artist Coco Capitan.

Among Ripple+’s regular flavors you will find Calm, with passionflower and sage in a white peach aroma; Power, with ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and peppermint; Happy, with passionfruit, schisandra and lime flower; and Boost, with pomegranate flavoring, green tea and maca.

Other blends include Focus, a mango-flavored vape with bacopa and sage; Relax, a chamomile and lemon balm vape flavored with jasmine; Dream, with valerian, lavender, and jujube seed; and Free, a watermelon-flavored combination of green tea and limeflower.

Ripple+ has also been reformulated in recent months to contain more e-liquid in both its pens and pods, meaning they'll last longer than previous versions. The company says you can expect to get about 800 puffs per pack of pods and around 1,000 puffs from each of its pens, roughly double what they contained before.

Shop Ripple+ vapes here.


Melli Chill Out herbal vape

Melli likes to boast that it doesn't include anything in its diffusers that "you wouldn't use to bake a cake" — a nod to a short list of ingredients including only plants, botanical extracts, and fruit.

Melli offers a non-nicotine herbal vape in four different formulations, each with a different combination of herbs, vitamins, and flavors designed to produce specific physical and mental effects. The current lineup includes In Focus, Chill Out, Power Up, and Balance.

The company describes In Focus as "a botanical paradise for your taste buds, and tranquility to focus your mind," with jasmine, vanilla, and geranium rose, while Chill Out offers a peppermint-flavored combination of prickly pear and lime.

Power Up provides ginseng and lemon balm with mandarin orange flavoring while Balance contains apricot, fig, and cinnamon flavors.

Each Melli diffuser or vape contains 3.5 ml of e-juice per device and should last for around 800 puffs.

Shop Melli here.


What is the best herbal vape with no nicotine?

There's no single best herbal non-nicotine vape because so much depends on your personal taste and the effect you're trying to achieve.

MELO, for example, would be a great choice if you want a relaxing nicotine-free vape, thanks to the inclusion of melatonin in its formula. But it wouldn't be your top choice if you're looking for a vape that can provide energy.

For a pick-me-up vape, HELO would be a great choice because it contains energizing caffeine.

Why use nicotine-free vapes or nicotine-free vape juices?

Many people choose non-nicotine herbal vapes because they're trying to quit tobacco and nicotine vapes, or they don't want to get addicted to nicotine in the first place but still want to experience other aspects of the physical act of vaping.

The harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine are well-known and have been thoroughly documented.

Vapes that replace nicotine with other, safer substances make sense for someone trying to give up cigarettes, for example. They’re also the perfect solution for someone who once used vapes with nicotine and is now trying to break that addiction.

Congratulations on Making the Wiser Choice!

Group of friends sitting around a fire pit

Anyone who's ever been addicted to nicotine and tried quitting smoking will tell you that giving up this habit is one of the hardest things you'll ever do. It really makes sense not to get addicted in the first place, and nicotine-free vapes can help with that.

If you are using herbal vapes to help you quit smoking cigarettes and break a nicotine addiction, good for you! Vaping can help satisfy the oral fixation component of the addiction while helping your body break the chemical dependance you have on nicotine.

Either way, you've made the wiser choice to go with nicotine-free vaping! Congratulations! Give MELO’s nicotine-free disposables a try if you're after relaxation, or try HELO caffeine diffusers if you're after energy. You can rest easy knowing either option is 100% nicotine-free — along with every other choice on this list!

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