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6 Safe Vape, No Nicotine Solutions in 2024 (In-Depth Look)

No matter how good they may taste, most vape pens contain nicotine. And we all know that nicotine addiction is a deadly and difficult habit to break. So it’s not surprising that many people in the vaping community are choosing to safe-vape no nicotine pens instead.

Nicotine-free vape pens are perfect for vapers looking for a healthier alternative that can still provide a satisfying and smooth vaping experience — and there are many options to choose from.

We review the top six safest vapes without nicotine and explore their potential side effects, whether or not they’re safe for everyone, and whether they can help you quit smoking.

Safe Vapes With No Nicotine


Melo Plus Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers

If you’re searching for the safest non-nicotine vape, look no further than MELO. MELO non-nicotine vapes aren’t like traditional vape pens at all. They’re personal aromatherapy diffusers.

We make some of the safest vapes on the market. They are 100% nicotine-free and do not contain harmful additives like vitamin E acetate or diacetyl. But they do contain an exciting ingredient that most other vapes do not: Melatonin.

MELO nicotine-free vapes include essential oils and potent melatonin, which helps promote more restful sleep. Melatonin is a natural hormone that bodies produce, but your sleep and wake cycles can become disturbed when your body doesn't produce enough.

Don’t need help falling asleep? MELO Labs also makes a safe nicotine-free vape called HELO, which contains caffeine as its active ingredient instead of melatonin. Both MELO melatonin vapes and HELO caffeine vapes are safer alternatives to nicotine vapes, and both come in a variety of delicious flavors to further enhance the vaping experiences they offer.

Shop MELO and HELO personal aromatherapy diffusers here


Healthvape Nic-Free Pens

One of the best manufacturers of high-quality, healthy vapes without nicotine is HealthVape.

HealthVape nic-free pens have zero nicotine and do not contain any other harmful chemical additives. Available in 17 flavors, these diffuser pens are unique in that they’re infused with vitamins, proteins, and hormones that we all need.

The HealthVape firm makes multiple vape varieties, each offering users different benefits. Its Boost vapes are infused with vitamin B12, while its Vital vapes contain vitamin C. HealthyVape also makes Chill vapes with chamomile and Restore vapes with collagen.

Many people have turned to HealthVapes as a way to stop smoking cigarettes, as the devices tend to mimic cancer sticks in size and shape but contain no carcinogens.

Shop HealthVape Nic-Free Pens here

Capnos Zero

Capnos Zero Vape

The Capnos Zero isn’t a vape at all — there’s nothing inside to vaporize. It is not filled with vape juice; since there’s no juice to heat, it doesn’t have a heating element either. With a Capnos Zero, you don’t breathe out any clouds or smoke because the only thing you inhale and exhale is air.

Each Capnos Zero is a pressurized air inhaler that contains no ingredients other than natural extracts you can add on your own for a more flavorful experience if you choose to do so.

Designed to deliver that deep-hit sensation you get with traditional vaping or cigarette smoking; this device is ideal if you’re looking for a healthy vape alternative that offers deep lung pulls.

Shop Capnos Zero here

Cyclone Pods

Cyclone Pod Nicotine Free Thunder Vape

Cyclone Pods makes both disposable vape pens and refillable pod system vapes, all with zero nicotine and zero tobacco. Featuring three different types of safe vape pens with no nicotine, Cyclone Pods offers a variety of flavor choices and vape designs.

Enjoy a satisfying vaping experience with the 5,000-puff disposable Gust Super. Or opt for the reusable and refillable Thunder Pod System — or the Surge Pod System. There are more than two dozen flavors to choose from, including fruits, coffee, menthol, and tobacco formulations for those who prefer an authentic tobacco taste.

Shop Cyclone Pods here


Ripple+ Zero Nicotine Vape

Ripple+ delivers tasty plant-powered puffs with zero nicotine vape juice and no harmful additives. These safe zero nicotine vapes are actually personal aromatic diffusers, but unlike nic-free vapes that contain essential oils, they contain a variety of natural extracts.

The Ripple+ comes in six key varieties with different ingredients to deliver different effects. Best-selling is the Power diffuser, with a formulation that includes ginseng and ginkgo biloba extracts. The Focus diffuser includes natural bacopa and sage extracts.

If you want a chill, calming experience, try the Relax diffuser with soothing chamomile and lemon balm extracts. But if you want to feel uplifted, try the Happy diffuser with extracts from schisandra and limeflower instead. Either safe, nicotine-free vape will give you good results.

Shop Ripple+ diffusers here


Monq Diffuser Vape Pens

Like the other best nicotine-free vape brands we reviewed above, Monq is not a traditional vaping device. Monq makes personal aromatherapy diffusers shaped like cigarettes but free of nicotine and other dangerous chemicals that many e-cigarette brands include.

Like MELO and HELO devices, these safe, zero-nicotine disposable vapes use essential oils to deliver a plant-based vaping experience that’s both satisfying and effective. You’ll find a variety of unique scents that provide different benefits, including Sleepy with bergamot, chamomile, and lavender and Cozy with cardamom, cinnamon leaf, and vanilla.

Monq also makes its signature essential oil blends in vape pens with CBD, which can help to reduce pain, improve sleep, and reduce inflammation in the body. Are you concerned that CBD will get you high? It won’t. It is not psychoactive or addictive despite its analgesic properties.

Shop Monq diffusers here

Safe Vape No Nicotine FAQs

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Can Vapes Without Nicotine Help You Quit Smoking?

Whether your nicotine addiction is a result of smoking cigarettes or nicotine vaping, quitting is hard. In addition to breaking your physical addiction to the toxic drug, you have to break the behavioral habits you might not even realize you’ve developed along the way.

For many smokers, the oral fixation they develop is just as addictive as nicotine itself — and that’s where vapes without nicotine might help you quit.

The ingredients in nicotine-free vapes will not help you lessen your dependency on nicotine. There is no scientific evidence to prove that zero nicotine vapes can help you quit smoking. But the act of using a zero-nic vape can help satisfy that pesky oral fixation.

Are Zero Nicotine Vapes Actually Safe for You?

Nicotine-free vaping is certainly a healthier alternative to using nicotine vapes, but health risks may exist.

Everyone wants to know if zero nicotine vapes are safe, but we cannot say with certainty that they are or aren’t. There isn’t enough research or scientific data to indicate whether they could pose health risks or have potential long-term effects.

What we do know is that many zero-nicotine vapes are free of addictive chemicals and harsh additives that nicotine vapes often contain. So, are they safe? We don’t know. Are they safer? We believe they are.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Nicotine-Free Vapes?

Before you pick up a bundle of safe, no-nicotine vapes, know that potential side effects may occur with their use, including:

Lung damage

Both cigarette smoking and nicotine vaping can lead to lung injury. Nicotine and the other harmful chemicals used in cigarettes and some e-cigarettes can damage mouth, nose, and lung tissue. It’s unclear as to whether or not nicotine-free vapes can have the same harmful effects.

Difficulty breathing

Anything that you inhale has the potential to interfere with your breathing. Even vaping without nicotine can cause labored breathing, especially if you vape with products that contain harsh additives like diacetyl and vitamin E acetate.

Gum irritation

Our gums are sensitive, and even nicotine-free vapors can irritate yours or increase your risk for gum disease.

Vaping without nicotine may also have some temporary yet immediate side effects, such as headache, coughing, dizziness, or feeling a burning sensation in the throat.

What Are Alternatives to Using No Nicotine Vapes?

No nicotine vapes, safe plant-based vapes, and aromatherapy vapes with essential oils are all healthier alternatives to vaping with nicotine. But there is one significant alternative to all of these options: not to vape at all.

Vaping as we know it is only about 20 years old. We need more research and scientific evidence to thoroughly understand its potential side effects and benefits. Until we have that data, the healthiest alternative to using a no-nicotine vape is not to vape at all.

Where To Buy the Best No Nicotine Vape Pens

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All the brands listed above are solid choices if you’re looking for the safest nicotine-free vape pens. But MELO remains our favorite (as you might imagine).

There are potential dangers to inhaling vapor, but MELO diffusers aren’t intended to be inhaled at all. These personal aromatherapy diffusers actually work better when you don’t inhale them into your lungs and instead cycle the vapor from your mouth out your nose.

Ready to try MELO for yourself? Head to Try Melo Air now to buy nicotine-free vapes in twelve delicious flavors.

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