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6 Best Mouth-Watering Flavored Vapes Without Nicotine

Ultimately, the reason you have for breaking free from nicotine simply doesn’t matter. You’re making a great choice regardless. Thankfully, there are many delicious flavored vapes without nicotine on the market that provide a buzz or feeling similar to the one that toxic chemical can.

In many cases, people realize they just need something to do with their hands in their search for the best nicotine free vape

This truth is why we chose to review these six delicious vape flavors without nicotine — so you can find everything you need in one place.


melo cotton candy non nicotine vape

If nicotine-free flavored vapes are what you seek, consider MELO. MELO offers plant-based melatonin-rich vapes with refreshing organic fruit flavors to help you relax, unwind, and fall asleep.

With tempting flavors like Peach Cream, Midnight Mint, and Lavender Dream, MELO vapes provide a smooth, soothing vaping experience. They contain only three simple, non-GMO ingredients — vegetable glycerin, melatonin, and natural flavors. You can rest easy knowing there are no harsh chemicals or additives.

Unlike other brands that use propylene glycol, an oil byproduct that may irritate your throat, MELO offers only pure and clean ingredients designed to help you fall asleep.

The main reason we consider MELO the best-flavored vape with no nicotine is because of the delicious organic flavors it offers. These flavors have earned rave reviews for providing a full spectrum experience that tastes shockingly good.

What sets MELO apart is its affordable price. MELO melatonin inhalers cost less per puff than comparable top brands. For even more savings, try MELO Plus vapes which provide even more uses for less money overall, making them the most cost-effective melatonin vape around.

If you want affordable and delicious flavored no-nicotine vapes, MELO offers a wide variety of options that blend soothing melatonin with high-quality ingredients.

Shop MELO vapes here


healthvape boost b12

Satisfy your senses with the safe, tasty blend of HealthVape's flavored nicotine-free vape. These vitamin-infused vapes use refreshing all-natural fruit and plant extracts to create a variety of tempting flavors that are vegan, non-GMO, and, most importantly, free of nicotine.

Some of the company’s best nicotine-free vape flavors include:

  • Berry Mint
  • Strawberry
  • Citrus
  • Cinnamon
  • Mango

Best of all, for each of these delicious flavors, there are different formulations of vapes that perform specific actions. These include energizing, soothing, and revitalizing blends that contain vitamin B-12, caffeine, and other active ingredients.

HealthVape prioritizes quality and transparency. Its proprietary formulas contain no harmful ingredients like vitamin E acetate or diacetyl.

Instead, they contain USP-grade, food-quality ingredients generated in an ISO-certified lab to create smooth, clean vaping formulations. The company has complete traceability on the organic origins of its natural flavors listed on its website.

You can trust the safety of HealthVape's ingredients and hardware, which undergo rigorous independent testing by industry leaders like Eurofins. These vape devices run at low power to avoid overheating and are produced using RoHS/SGS-compliant clean room manufacturing.

With over 450 puffs per vape pen and a wide variety of delicious flavors made from fruit essences, HealthVape offers a safe and scrumptious vaping experience. The firm’s commitment to quality ingredients and its rigorous testing make it a top choice for tasty nicotine-free vapes.

Purchase a HealthVape flavored no nicotine vape here


vitaminvape product offerings

If you’re looking for refreshing nicotine-free vape juice flavors, VitaminVape.co provides some unique options.

Its B12 vapes offer a tasty way to get an energizing vitamin buzz without any habit-forming substances.

The VitaminVape nicotine-free disposables and pod system are filled with a mouthwatering mango/citrus-flavored formula containing deionized water, organic fruit extracts, vegetable glycerin, and 1000 mcg of Vitamin B12.

You'll enjoy hundreds of puffs from each nicotine-free vape, with no harsh chemicals like vitamin E acetate or diacetyl.

These high-quality, stringently controlled vapes translate into months of use from every order. VitaminVape sells its B12 disposables in bundles of three, as well as in a kit with its long-lasting Big Cloud pod system. Each pod lasts up to 333 servings for the ultimate in vitamin vaping.

We like the fact that these vapes are not entirely disposable so you’re not simply throwing them away when you’re done. You just have to purchase pods to continue using the main condenser coil.

All in all, if you plan to skip the nicotine, VitaminVape offers fantastic nicotine-free vape juice flavors that provide you with the energy and vitality you’re looking for in every puff.

Shop VitaminVape flavored vapes without nicotine here


ripple+ watermelon nicotine free vape

Unwind and de-stress with Ripple+'s relaxing line of vapes without nicotine for anxiety. These plant-powered disposables and pods feature calming botanical blends to help you chill out.

Best of all, they taste great and that’s why they continue to earn a spot on most of our best flavored 0 nicotine vapes lists.

Choose from soothing flavors like Chamomile+Lemon Balm and Valerian+Jujube Seed. Or enjoy aromatic relaxation with Jasmine and Lavender formulas. Ripple+ uses refreshing all-natural extracts to create a variety of tempting vapes tailored for tranquility.

Its non-nicotine formulas offer up to 1000 puffs per vape pen to keep you feeling mellow for weeks, and its rechargeable pod system provides infinite puffs via a refillable pod. (Thus making it one of the best rechargeable no nicotine vapes on our list.) Ripple+ also offers money-saving bundles assembled from their signature relaxation blends.

As a conscientious company, Ripple+ adheres to strict quality control and rigorous safety testing. All its vaping components are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. The firm even offers a 10% discount if you use its recycling program.

Trust your flavor vape pen with no nicotine to Ripple.

Shop Ripple+ flavored vapes here

Inhale Health

inhale health innocent mint life pod

Break free from cigarette addiction with Inhale Health's satisfying nicotine-free vapes. Its Anti-Cigarette device and Life Pods provide a flavorful, guilt-free alternative to feed your cravings without any nicotine.

We love the Anti-Cigarette vape because it features a long battery life extensible via a USB-C charging port, so you can enjoy extended periods of nicotine-free vaping.

The Life Pods have a 2 ml capacity, with ceramic heating and magnetic docking to perfectly integrate with the vape device and make the entire thing easy to use, even for someone who has never used a portable vape before.

Choose from Innocent Mint and other menthol flavors that mimic the sensation of cigarettes, without any of the associated carcinogens or addictive compounds. Inhale Health uses an advanced zero-nicotine formula tailored for clean, smooth vaping satisfaction.

As an industry leader, Inhale Health is redefining healthy alternatives to smoking. Its innovative vapes offer the experience to help cigarette users quit, with the premium design and user-friendly tech to transition you to a nicotine-free lifestyle.

Best of all, we love that the company positions itself as a stop-smoking aid. If you’re struggling to quit smoking but need to have the sensation and flavor without the nicotine, this might be your answer.

Shop Inhale Health flavored vapes with zero nicotine here


10 pack monq aromatherapy vapes

If you’re looking for delicious flavors and a way to uplift your mood, MONQ offers a unique line of aromatherapy-style vapes. These vegan-friendly diffusers use custom essential oil blends to help you feel the way you want, without any nicotine or artificial ingredients.

MONQ sources premium botanical extracts that are carefully crafted into various aromatic formulas by scientists and herbal experts. Choose from its best-selling, relaxing, and mind-sharpening blends like Zen, Sleepy, Focus, and more. You can also build your own custom set using MONQ’s ingredients.

These rechargeable diffusers or disposable vapes provide a clean diffusion system so you can enjoy MONQ's mouth watering scents without adulteration.

With over 40,000 5-star reviews and hundreds of aroma combinations, MONQ offers immediate mood-boosting effects and long-lasting fulfillment in every nicotine-free puff.

MONQ separates itself from the competition by providing a different perspective on vaping while allowing you to skip the nicotine and enjoy all the flavors.

Shop MONQ aromatherapy vapes here

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FAQ About Flavored Non-Nicotine Vape Pens

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding flavored vapes without nicotine.

Where can you buy flavored vapes without nicotine?

We recommend vapes from the six companies listed in this guide, with MELO being our top recommendation for the company’s high-quality ingredients and the bold inclusion of melatonin.

MELO's plant-based formula, online storefront, and wide variety of flavors make it our top choice for places to buy nicotine-free vapes.

Can flavored vapes with no nicotine help you quit smoking?

A study by Harvard Health revealed many positive aspects of vaping for those who are trying to quit smoking. While the researchers ultimately recommend not doing either, there are numerous benefits to non-nicotine vaping as an alternative to using cigarettes if you’re trying to quit smoking.

Are non-nicotine flavored vapes harmful?

Numerous studies show that flavored air vapes with no nicotine can help people smoke fewer cigarettes throughout the day. However, the long-term health impacts of vaping any substance are still being researched. Some concerns with nicotine-free vapes are that flavorings may have unknown effects when inhaled and quality controls could be lacking.

Such possibilities are why it’s so important to only purchase the safest vapes you can find. 

For more information on are nicotine free vapes safe, see this post

What are the side effects of flavored vapes with no nicotine?

There are pros and cons to vaping without nicotine. Potential side effects include mouth and throat irritation, coughing, headaches, and nausea. These are typically mild, but some people can have allergic reactions to flavorings or experience more severe issues. Propylene glycol in vape liquid can also irritate airways.

What are the healthiest nicotine-free vape brands?

Some of the healthiest vape brands, based on product safety certifications, quality control procedures, and the use of high-grade materials are MELO, Inhale Health, and Ripple+.

Are there healthier alternatives to flavored nicotine-free vapes?

Counseling or support groups are also healthy ways to avoid smoking. Aromatherapy, herbal teas, diffusers, and stress relief techniques are alternatives for flavored vapes without nicotine. Moderation is also key for those choosing to vape non-nicotine products.

Live Nicotine Free

It’s time to break free from nicotine, cigarettes, and anything else that binds you. MELO and the other high-quality flavored vapes without nicotine in this guide will provide you with a smoking-like sensation and hand simulation to keep you busy and distracted so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

We're proud of our collection of nicotine free vapes for sale, and encourage you to consider our brand. 

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