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Where to Buy Nicotine-Free Vapes

Wondering where to buy a nicotine-free vape? We've got you covered. Your sources for a nicotine-free vape will generally fall into two categories — direct from the manufacturer, or from an online or offline retailer. We'll dive into those specifics in a second, but first, a quick word …

Where to buy nicotine-free vapes is actually a more interesting question than you might think. Because a nicotine-free vape doesn’t have legal age restrictions (like nicotine vapes), they’re going to be considered a safer vape. That means you'll have a more varied selection of stores that will carry what you're looking for. Heck, you can even buy nicotine-free vapes on Amazon! (More specifics on that below.)

So, with that said, let's get into some of the specifics …

The TL/DR Summary

You should have more options for buying nicotine-free vapes than their nicotine-containing cousins. We'll cover these options in more depth below, but our main choices are going to be:

Direct from the brand's website: This can be a great option once you've decided on a nicotine-free vape brand you like.

Local specialty retailers, like "tobacconists:" Your average smoke shop will probably carry a fairly decent selection of disposable vapes and vape juice for you to choose from.

Online retailers: Several online storefronts stock nicotine-free vapes. They're going to be similar to the local smoke shop option in terms of choices and availability.

Convenience stores: This is most likely where you'll find lower-end offerings and a limited selection of nicotine-free disposable vapes. Probably best to avoid these unless you know they carry a brand you like and trust.

A Few More Details

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Direct from a Brand's Website

As mentioned above, this will probably wind up being your ultimate destination once you settle on a brand (or brands) that you like.

With most brands, you can get access to promotions, flash sales, special discounts and more just by signing up for their email list. You'll likely be offered an immediate discount (typically via a popup or publicly accessible discount code) on your first visit as well.

Here are a few of the more popular brands for nicotine-free vapes.


single box packaging of MELO Air in Lavender Dream flavor

One of our best vapes for sleep, MELO (and its "cousin" HELO) consistently lands at the top of the list when it comes to high-quality, great-tasting vapes with no nicotine.

Available in flavors like Cotton Candy, Orange Dreamsicle, Cosmic Berry, Gummy Bear, Midnight Mint, Peach Cream, and more, MELO replaces the nicotine you don't want with melatonin, something you might want if relaxation is your goal.

Prefer a boost of energy instead? Try HELO, a caffeine disposable vape from the same manufacturer, which replaces soothing melatonin with energizing caffeine. HELO tops our list of energy vapes with no nicotine and is one of our picks for best vapes to help you quit smoking. MELO is also featured on our list of the 12 Best Nicotine Free Vapes for 2023.

Shop MELO melatonin vapes here.


ripple+ variety pack of vapes

Among the dozens (if not hundreds) of non-nicotine vape options on the market, we chose Ripple+ to feature here because of its wide variety of flavors and functional ingredients.

Another plus to ordering direct from the manufacturer is the ability to get "variety packs." That's on display at Ripple's website, where you can get The Mighty Max Pack, a variety pack of six of Ripple's various flavor/ingredient combinations. (Each one is also available separately).

Included in the pack are Ripple's Power formulation, a peppermint-flavored vape with ginseng and ginkgo biloba; Relax, which is jasmine with chamomile and lemon balm; Dream, with lavender, valerian and jujube seed; Boost, in pomegranate with maca and green tea; Focus, a mango-flavored vape with bacopa and sage; and Happy, passionfruit with schisandra and limeflower.

Shop Ripple+ vapes here.

Local Specialty Retailers

"Yes, We're Open" shop sign

There's something to be said about venturing out into the real world and interacting with true experts. Many employees at local specialty retailers know the vape world backward and forward, so they may be able to recommend options you’d never otherwise hear about.

These shops can typically be found through sources like Google Maps or Yelp, or even through a local community group on sites like Facebook. There are a few regional and national chains — like The Cigarette Store, Wild Bill's, Low Bob's and Tobacco Superstores — but even these have limited locations around the country.

An independently owned outfit is more likely to be staffed by fellow vapers who will be happy to offer up recommendations based on your preferences. Check them out!

Online Retailers

Phone home screen with with Apple Store, Amazon, and other apps

While every brand today has a website dedicated to their products and their products alone, there are a few online retailers who stock non-nicotine vapes from a number of brands. (Note: these stores will typically sell vapes with nicotine "side by side" with non-nicotine vapes, so just be aware of what you're buying.)

Here are two of the more popular online retailers.


Amazon? Yes, that Amazon! While you'll never find vapes with nicotine (or CBD or THC or any other even remotely "controversial" substance) on Amazon, you can actually find a few vapes that fall into the "flavored air" category.

These are typically going to be marketed as smoking cessation aids and/or oral fixation devices for people quitting smoking, rather than vapes.

A few of the disposable vapes brands you'll find on Amazon as of this writing include Oxygen Aroma Inhalers, Cigtrus Oral Fixation Craving Relief and Natranal Puffers, among others. A search as simple as "vape" on Amazon's main site will turn up a number of options for you.

Shop vapes on Amazon here.


8Vape is one of the more popular online retailers of disposable vapes and vape-related paraphernalia, including single-use disposables, vape juice and other products like CBD gummies, tinctures and more. So it can serve as a one-stop-shop if you're into other things along with your vapes.

Some of the vape brands you'll find at 8Vape include HELO (yes, the same HELO we mentioned above), Snowwolf, Cloud Nurdz, Fire Float and more.

Shop 8Vape's nicotine-free vape selection here.

Convenience Stores

a convenience store with shoppers at night

You probably want to drop convenience stores into the “if there’s absolutely nothing else available” category. Convenience stores typically won’t have the best selection of products or carry particularly high quality items.

If you’re going to do your vape shopping in a convenience store, be very careful to read every label to check for dangerous ingredients before you put down your money.

Shop Around!

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There you have it — a fairly wide selection of sources for where to buy non-nicotine vapes, including both online and old school offline options.

If you're brand new to non-nicotine vapes, give one of your local brick-and-mortar shops a try. They can turn you on to brands that you may not know, and give advice based on what you're looking for. (Or stick with a brand you already know you can trust, like MELO!) Either way, the options are out there. Good luck!

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