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Best Fruit Vape — No Nicotine Roundup (2024)

When it comes to non-nicotine vapes, the name of the game is flavor. And when it comes to nicotine-free flavors that more people prefer, fruit-based varieties always seem to be near or at the top. So, if you’re looking for a fruit vape — no nicotine included — you’re on the right track.

Here are nine of the best fruit vapes with no nicotine on the market today.

Top 9 Fruit Vape — No Nicotine Contenders


a set of HELO vapes in different fruity flavors

Popular Fruit Flavors: Cosmic Berry, Strawberry Ice, Orange Dreamsicle, Banana Ice

MELO and HELO are two of the most popular no-nicotine fruit vapes on the market, and one of the main reasons is the wide variety of flavors these sister brands offer.

But MELO and HELO also bring a little something extra to the party. In the case of MELO, that's a dose of calming melatonin. And in the case of HELO, it's a jolt of energizing caffeine.

So you can enjoy a full-flavor, zero-nicotine disposable vape with an excellent taste and take advantage of the added supplements. We recommend going with either diffuser's “plus” size model, which should deliver around 800 puffs per device.

Shop MELO and HELO here


ARRØ Max vape in Strawberry Pomegranate Ice flavor with box packaging at the back

Popular Fruit Flavors: Strawberry Pomegranate Ice, Peach Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon Aloe Grape

The ARRØ is a perfect fruit vape pen with no nicotine because it delivers flavor and nothing but flavor. ARRØ diffusers are what's known as flavored air vapes. That means they provide a nice vape-like throat hit without you inhaling any other ingredients (besides the company’s stand-out lineup of flavors, of course!).

Another plus with the nicotine-free ARRØ is its lifespan — 5,000 inhales per device make it one of the more economical nicotine-free fruit vapes available.

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Blakk Smoke "On the Go" Hookah Pens

Blakk Smoke Vape in Tropical Fruit flavor

Popular Fruit Flavors: Orange Mint, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, Exotic Grape, Sour Apple, Sour Raspberry, Dragon Fruit, Tropical Fruit

Although Blakk Smoke calls its nicotine-free pens “hookah pens,” as opposed to vapes, in reality, there’s very little difference between the two. Still, Blakk Smoke has become a top-rated manufacturer based mainly on its flavor profiles that mimic those in larger traditional hookah pipes.

Blakk Smoke took the idea of the standard hookah pipe and pared it down to a convenient size that's easy to take anywhere. Each Blakk Smoke Hookah pen is pre-filled with enough e-juice to deliver 2,022 puffs.

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Ezee Puff+

Ezee Puff+ in Apple flavor

Popular Fruit Flavors: Apple, Blueberry, Fruit Jam, Orange Mint, Pink Lemonade

Another fruit vape with zero nicotine, Ezee Puff+ is the only nicotine-free vape on our list that’s also available in nicotine form. However, we're only covering the nicotine-free variety here.

If you check out the Ezee Puff+ website, you'll notice that you have lots of different options when it comes to their disposable vape pens, but the one you want to focus on — if you're looking for a fruit vape with no nicotine — is the Ezee Puff+.

Each device contains 2 mL of Vape juice, which should be good for around 600 inhales.

Shop Ezee Puff+ here


VitaminVape in Citrus Mango flavor

Popular Fruit Flavors: Mango Citrus is VitaminVape's only flavor.

The nicotine-free fruit vape VitaminVape makes choosing a flavor easy. Actually, it makes it impossible: VitaminVape devices only come in one flavor, which the manufacturer describes as a “light organic mango and citrus.”

The vitamin from which VitaminVape draws its alliterative name is vitamin B12, and you'll find a lot of it here — 5000% of the recommended daily allowance.

Used according to the manufacturer's directions, each of the disposable nicotine-free vapes should last you for around 300 inhales. That’s 30 servings of 10 inhales each.

The idea is that when this diffuser is used once a day, it will last you for an entire month. Note that this rating applies to the company’s disposable pens. VitaminVape's e-juice is also available in pod form, which should last considerably longer.

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Cyclone Gust Super in Mango variant

Popular Fruit Flavors: Blue Razz, Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon, Super Fruit Punch, Guava Passion Fruit, Banana

We've covered cyclone nicotine-free pens and pods here on the blog before. Cyclone was initially conceived as a way to help smokers give up cigarettes, as evidenced by flavors like Tobacco and Bold Tobacco.

However, for our purposes, we're only including the Gust, Gust Plus, and Gust Super, which all come in various popular fruit flavors (see above).

These disposables come in three sizes: The 200-puff Gust, the 600-puff Plus, and the 5000-puff Super. Note that Cyclone does also offer fruit vape juice with no nicotine in pod format. See the link below to check out the company’s complete lineup.

Shop Cyclone here


LUVV Wake vape in Mandarin Orange flavor

Popular Fruit Flavors: Mandarin Orange, Minty Citrus, Berry Mint

LUVV is a fruit vape with zero nicotine that you can't choose based on flavor alone. That's because these nicotine-free vapes come in several functional varieties, each with a different list of ingredients, and each one comes in a different flavor.

For example, suppose you want to get a LUVV in the company’s popular Mandarin Orange flavor. It’s only available in WAKE formulation and contains caffeine. If you prefer LUVV’s minty citrus flavor, you'll be limited to choosing the VITA variety, which contains vitamin C as its active ingredient. This limitation is not a deal-breaker, but it could be a drawback if all you want is flavor and nothing else.

Shop LUVV here


Ripple+ Focus vape in Mango Aroma variant

Popular Fruit Flavors: Watermelon, Mango, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate

As with LUVV’s vapes, you can't simply choose a Ripple+ disposable fruit vape without nicotine based on flavor alone. You choose based on the functionality you're after, and the flavor is selected for you.

So, for example, if you want to get a Ripple+ in Mango flavor, you must get one with the Focus formulation, which is infused with bacopa and sage.

Or, if you fancy a pomegranate-flavored vape instead, you're limited to Ripple+’s Boost, which contains green tea and maca. Again, not a deal-breaker. But certainly, something to be aware of.

Shop Ripple+ here

Flum Zero

Flum Zero vapes in assorted flavors

Popular Fruit Flavors: Green Apple, Tangerine Guava, Lemon Cane Ice, Mango Pineapple Peach, Passion Fruit Raspberry

The Flum Zero is a flavor-first 0-nicotine fruit vape that's among the longer-lasting nicotine-free disposables you'll find. Specs indicate that it should deliver around 3,000 puffs.

Designed first and foremost for convenience, every Flum Zero comes pre-filled with e-juice and pre-charged, ready to use straight out of the box. No muss, no fuss. And nothing can get in the way of the fruit flavors users love.

Shop Flum at online stores like Huffers & Puffers


a close up photo of an apple tree branch with its fruits hanging

Are fruit vapes with no nicotine harmful to your health?

Any zero-nicotine fruit vape is going to be less harmful to you than a vape that contains nicotine, simply because nicotine is detrimental to your health all by itself. Fruity vapes without nicotine don’t have any.

In terms of fruit vapes specifically, no evidence would suggest that fruit vapes are any more or less harmful for you than other nicotine-free vapes.

There are possible side effects from fruit-flavored vapes, just as there would be with any other nicotine-free vape. These include things like a scratchy throat or irritated lungs, which might lead to some coughing or other symptoms.

As always, you want to look out for and avoid substances like diacetyl or vitamin E acetate, both of which have been linked to severe health problems. For more on this, check out our articles on Safest Vapes and Pros and Cons of Vaping Without Nicotine.

What are the potential side effects of fruity vapes with no nicotine?

We covered this briefly above, but the potential side effects of fruity vapes that are nicotine-free will include the same kinds of side effects that you might experience with any type of non-nicotine vape.

Other potential side effects will be specific to whichever vape you're using. That's because each manufacturer puts a unique formulation into its mix, and any functional ingredients included will affect your body in different ways.

For example, if a vape like MELO, which contains melatonin, is used at bedtime, it should help you fall asleep. But that’s an “intended” effect. A side effect might include daytime drowsiness, depending on how much you use it.

Conversely, a vape like HELO, which contains caffeine, should increase energy. Again, this is an intended effect. An unintended impact might be jitters or a rapid heartbeat if you happen to be very sensitive to caffeine.

That's why reading labels and following the manufacturer's directions is essential. This strategy lets you use the product as the company intended, which should minimize the possibility of unintended side effects.

Are there healthier alternatives to nicotine-free fruit vapes?

In terms of vapes, you probably won't find too many that are healthier for you than flavored fruit vapes with no nicotine. As mentioned above, they're certainly going to be healthier for you than anything that contains nicotine.

Some products don’t heat up and vaporize something but instead rely on helping you control your breath to deliver an experience that could be comparable to a vaping session.

The fact that these devices don't contain any ingredients makes them healthier for you than any vape.

But in terms of devices that deliver a throat hit and flavor, nicotine-free fruit vapes are going to be among the safest alternatives available.

Savor the fruity flavors!

an adorable woman with curly red hair happily eating a strawberry

If you're going to vape, choosing only 0 nicotine fruit vapes is an intelligent decision. When it comes to flavors, you're pretty much guaranteed to be able to find one you’ll enjoy, whether that means flavors that mimic the taste of tobacco, of herbs like mint, or, in the case of the vapes that we've covered here, of fruit!

Give some of the options on our list above a try. We're confident you'll find at least one or two that satisfy your taste buds, especially if you give the innovative functional ingredient vapes in the MELO and HELO lines their day in court.

Are you looking for more? Check out our articles on Is 0 Nicotine Vape Safe?, What is in a Nicotine-Free Vape, 6 Benefits of Vaping Without Nicotine, Best Nicotine-Free Vapes for 2024 and Healthy Vape Alternatives.

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