9 Best JUUL Alternatives in 2024 (In-Depth Look)

9 Best JUUL Alternatives in 2024 (In-Depth Look)

Although JUUL devices and JUUL pods remain available for purchase, in all likelihood, that will change soon. The FDA banned the sale of JUUL products back in 2022. The company appealed, and you can still buy them until that’s resolved, but you may need to find a JUUL alternative soon.

However, the writing is certainly on the wall for JUUL and its fans, which means now is the time to start looking for a replacement for JUUL. As always, we've got you covered.

Below, we cover nine of the best alternatives to JUUL pods and its pod system, including vapes with nicotine and vapes that are nicotine-free, so you have lots of options to choose from. Let's dive right into the list.

The 9 Best JUUL Alternatives


MELO starter kit

MELO and HELO have been two of the leading nicotine-free alternatives to JUUL pods for years. Although they approach it differently, our sister brands both share the same mission of being a healthier alternative to nicotine-containing vapes and cigarettes.

But as a healthy JUUL alternative, MELO and HELO are about what they do contain, just as much as they’re about what they don't contain. That’s because both our disposable vapes replace nicotine with healthier alternative active ingredients that produce positive effects.

In the case of MELO, that positive effect is relaxation, thanks to the inclusion of melatonin. In the case of HELO, it's a boost of energy from including caffeine.

Both MELO and HELO are cheaper alternatives to JUUL. They are among the longer-lasting nicotine-free vapes you'll find, with the plus size of both brands delivering a solid 800 puffs per disposable device.

All of the ingredients in both MELO and HELO are all natural. You'll never find anything like diacetyl or vitamin E acetate in either of them. Users also swear by their delicious flavors, such as Cotton Candy, Gummy Bear, Cosmic Berry, and Caramel Coffee.

Shop MELO & HELO here

Elf Bar BC5000

Elf Bar BC5000

The Elf Bar BC5000 is a disposable vape known for three distinguishing features that make it an excellent alternative to JUUL.

The first is its long life. Even though the EAlf Bar is one of the smaller disposable vapes available, it holds an impressive 13 mL of Vape juice, which should be good for around 5,000 inhales.

Next are the flavors. The Elf Bar is famous among vapers for its many flavor options. At last count, there were 45 to choose from, which puts its stable at or near the top in terms of variety. Favorites include Strawberry Piña Colada, Peach Mango, Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew, and Strawberry Cream.

Third, users absolutely love its commitment to customization as a standout feature. It's particularly appealing for someone looking for a JUUL alternative because you can choose from three nicotine salt strengths — 5%, 3%, and completely nicotine-free.

Shop Elf Bar BC5000 here


UWELL A2 vape

A solid JUUL pods alternative, UWELL offers several lines of pod systems and vape kits. The one we will focus on for this article is the company’s top-rated Caliburn series, particularly the A2 pod vape kit.

With its sleek and slim design, the A2 refillable pod system is preferred by vapers who prize portability in a JUUL substitute. Its 520 mAh battery is long-lasting and fast-charging, further adding to its portability factor.

The A2’s vape pods feature a secure magnetic connection, and a tighter airflow, which users claim delivers a richer flavor. With the A2 pod’s 4 ml capacity and the powerful battery mentioned above, you have a vape that should last most of the day without worries.

Shop UWELL here

Vuse Alto

Vuse Alto

One of the only devices that can challenge the Elf Bar in terms of flavors is the next entry on our replacement-for-JUUL list — the Vuse Alto.

The Alto matches the Elf Bar with 45 flavor options, including the standard tobacco and menthol for people coming over from cigarettes and more unique options, like Apple Sour, Banana Ice, Blue Raspberry, and Blood Orange.

But that's not the only thing that sets it apart. It's also packed with two pieces of proprietary technology — a charging device that makes recharging easy and what the company calls “quiet draw” technology.

This tech, in theory, makes the Vuse one of the smoothest and quietest vapes. Another plus is its 350 mAh battery, which gives you all-day-long reliability. Each Vuse Alto should deliver around 400 puffs.

Shop Vuse Alto here

VOOPOO Drag X Plus

VOOPOO Drag X Plus

The Drag is famous for several reasons, from its design to its flavors to its performance. You might first notice that this is one sharp-looking vape. It's made from a combination of zinc alloy and leatherette and is compact, measuring only around 140 mm.

It features an upgraded chip, which gives you customization abilities not found in many vapes of this size.

Pods for the VOOPOO are also a step up from the ordinary. They have upgraded magnetic suction and 4.5 ml of capacity, making them a straightforward (and long-lasting) way to carry your favorite vape juice with you all day long.

Shop the VOOPOO Drag X Plus here


HealthVape Energy

HealthVape is a leading nicotine-free vape we've written about numerous times. That's because HealthVape is one of the best choices if you want to avoid nicotine altogether and instead prefer vaping functional ingredients that may actually be healthy for you.

HealthVape offers six flavor/ingredient combinations: Energy, which is a citrus-flavored vape that includes caffeine and vitamin B 12; Vital, with vitamin C in a minty lime flavor; Restore, which contains lavender and collagen; Boost, which is a berry mint flavored vitamin B-12 vape; Soothe, with peppermint and melatonin; and finally Chill, which contains lychee flavoring and chamomile.

Each HealthVape disposable should deliver around 450-500 inhales.

Shop HealthVape here

Vaporesso XROS 3

Vaporesso XROS 3

The Vaporesso XROS 3 Pod Kit was introduced to the vaping community with much fanfare and quickly earned the reputation of living up to the hype.

We love its long pod lifespan (which some estimates say can be up to 20 days) and its easy top-fill design and anti-leak technology, making topping off with your favorite vape juice a breeze.

It also earns high praise for its built-in safety features, outstanding battery life, and undeniably visually appealing aesthetic.

Each XROS 3 has a powerful 1000 mAh-capacity battery, which should deliver a day’s worth of vaping unless you’re among the heaviest users.

Shop the Vaporesso XROS 3 Pod Kit here

SMOK Novo 4

SMOK Novo 4

The SMOK Novo 4 combines simplicity with advanced features, making it suitable both for beginners and advanced vapers.

Although well-known for its ease of use, The Novo 4 introduces some advanced settings that more experienced vapers will no doubt love tinkering with — things like replaceable coils, adjustable airflow, and variable wattage control, all of which can be tweaked to design a unique vaping experience.

All of that combines to make the Novo 4 a solid option for a vape that can grow with you as your tastes evolve.

Shop the SMOK Novo 4 here



CAPNOS is utterly different from every other option on this list. There’s no vape juice, nothing heated, and nothing vaporized.

There's absolutely nothing in a CAPNOS besides flavor. Instead, the device delivers a throat-hit sensation by pulling in and pressurizing surrounding air to mimic the tingle you get from a vape or a cigarette.

Originally designed to help people quit smoking, you can tell that the CAPNOS still possesses that pedigree.

The CAPNOS is a great, cheaper alternative to JUUL if you’re looking to eventually give up vaping or smoking entirely since it can help satisfy the oral fixation component of the habit without actually delivering any of the nasty chemicals.

Shop CAPNOS here


What factors should you consider when choosing a Juul alternative?

You have to consider many different factors when looking at the various - you have. Here are a few of the most important ones.


If flavor is one of the reasons you vape, you will want to make sure that your favorite flavors are available in whichever vape you choose.

Most vapes today feature similar fruity flavors, but some vapes may have a slightly different twist even on the same flavor, and others may be somewhat more adventurous than others.

Take MELO and HELO, for example. MELO and HELO feature flavors that others don’t — like Gummy Bear and Cotton Candy. So, if flavor is crucial to you, you will want to take a long look at the flavor lineup of any vape you're considering.

Form, function, and usability

Another factor to consider is how the vape feels in your hand, how it will feel carrying it around all day, and what it feels like when you use it.

Some people prefer a very inconspicuous vape, small and compact. In contrast, others may think that factors like airflow or the ability to control temperature are more important than what it looks or feels like.

You also want to look at things like battery life. Consider how you plan to use the vape and how battery life and chargeability fit in with your usage pattern.


Unless you’re a “money is no object” type of person, the vape’s cost will be a pretty important consideration.

When looking at cost, consider all factors because it may not always be an apples-to-apples discussion, and finding cheaper JUUL alternatives isn’t always entirely straightforward.

For example, two vapes with an identical price tag may be radically different when one delivers 500 inhales, but the other delivers 3,000. That's a blatant difference, but there might be other subtle differences in whichever brands you're considering.

Also, look at things like the cost of replacing pods for a pod-based system and any other accessories you might need to get the full use out of whatever device you're considering.

Reviews and reputation

We always recommend that you stick with brands that have been around for a while and combine longevity with a solid history of positive reviews.

Remember to pay attention to reviews from people most likely to match your usage pattern and preferences, along with reviews from experts.

On our blog, you'll find reviews for dozens of vapes, including many that would be considered adequate JUUL alternatives. Not to toot our own horn, but this blog is a great start to check up on the reputation of any vape you're considering.

What are the different types of Juul alternatives?

There are generally three different types of JUUL alternatives. And the one that's right for you will depend on what you're looking for from the new device.

The first type of alternative, and the most obvious one, is going to be other brands of nicotine-containing vapes/e-cigarettes. So, if your only goal is to move from JUUL to a different type of vape, you have a lot of alternatives.

However, this category is further broken down into two sub-categories. You could be looking for a vape that contains nicotine, or you could be looking at a different category entirely, which would be vapes that are nicotine-free.

For more on this, see our articles on Is 0 Nicotine Vape Safe and Benefits of Vaping Without Nicotine.

The third category is not a vape at all. This option is what you’d be looking at if your reason for seeking a JUUL alternative is to break a nicotine or vaping addiction. In this category, you're going to find various options for nicotine replacement therapy.

We've covered many of those here on the blog as well, but just to go over them briefly, these include things like nicotine gum or lozenges, nicotine patches, and nicotine inhalers, which are very similar to vapes in that they deliver nicotine directly to your lungs, giving you an instant nicotine rush as you’d get with traditional smoking or vaping.

Plenty of Juul Alternatives to Choose From

Group of women in a field laughing

There you have it — our non-exhaustive list of some of the best JUUL alternatives on the market today.

Though naming an absolute best JUUL alternative is difficult, we're sure you'll find a great replacement on our list above, whether that’s for another vape with nicotine or maybe this will spur you to make a more significant switch and move to non-nicotine vapes.

If you do go that route, you certainly can't go wrong with MELO, HELO, or the other nicotine-free alternatives on our list. Good luck!

For more on this topic, check out our articles on Best Nicotine-Free Vape, Best Melatonin Vape, Best Caffeine Vape, What is in a Nicotine-Free Vape, and Pros and Cons of Vaping Without Nicotine.

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