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3 Best No-Nicotine Vapes with Throat Hit (2024)

One of the main appeals of vapes with nicotine is the so-called “throat hit” you get when you inhale the vapor — that tingling sensation that tells you that you just inhaled more than run-of-the-mill air.

For the most part, that sensation you feel is caused by vaporized nicotine. So, when you remove that nicotine, it becomes harder to recreate that sensation. But that doesn't mean that manufacturers haven't found ways to replicate it.

Some makers of nicotine-free vapes recognize that users want that throat-hit sensation but without the nicotine. So they’ve developed flavors and techniques for delivering it.

Here are our top three no-nicotine vapes with throat hits that we think you should give a try.

Best Nicotine-Free Vapes with Throat Hit

Top Overall — MELO & HELO

HELO Plus vape

MELO and HELO are two leading disposable nicotine-free vapes, both of which were designed to provide a satisfying nicotine-free throat hit, along with a few additional benefits.

In addition to the throat-hit sensation, MELO features soothing melatonin to help you relax, while HELO contains caffeine when you need an energy boost. Our powerful e-juices taste great and provide the satisfying sensation you’re looking for while they step up to the plate with some added functionality.

Our HELO diffusers, in particular, come in flavors like Strawberry Ice and Banana Ice, which are both excellent choices for duplicating the kind of throat hit you get from a nicotine vape.

Experiment with a few different flavors until you find one that provides the right combination of throat hit and flavor.

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Zero Max

Zero Max Vape

The Zero Max is a reusable vape explicitly created to be a zero-nicotine vape with a throat hit. The clues are in the name itself.

The technology used to create the vape is dubbed the “Max Hit Formula.” And it certainly delivers on its promise.

The Zero Max device itself is rechargeable and reusable. The only part you’ll dispose of is the canister that holds the vape juice, which the manufacturer calls a “Puff Box.”

You have options in terms of flavors, ranging from Cherry Cola and Watermelon Ice to Blackcurrant and Blue Raspberry.

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Capnos Diffuser

Featured in Forbes and Yahoo! News, Capnos is a device specifically designed to help people quit smoking. Of course, one of its central features is that it provides a strong throat hit. However, Capnos approaches this need differently.

Capnos isn't a Vape. Instead, it uses only the surrounding air in your environment to create a pressurized drag that exercises your lungs and mimics the throat hit you’d get from a more traditional vape, which heats up and vaporizes e-juice.

In theory, that makes the Capnos usable practically anywhere since nothing is being heated, and thus, there’s no noticeable vapor.

The Capnos device itself is reusable. You only need to switch out the flavor pods, which are available in Orange Citrus, and Mint flavors.

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How can you get a good throat hit with 0 nicotine?

There are several different strategies that manufacturers use to increase throat hit without nicotine.

The main ones are adjusting the propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin ratio and relying on flavor profiles with a more pronounced throat-hit effect.

Vapes with a higher percentage of propylene glycol often provide a more significant throat-hit sensation. However, this ratio typically isn't under your control.

The flavors you choose are under your control. Look for flavors with “ice” in their name. These will typically deliver a more satisfying throat hit than others.

Also, look for flavors that include menthol or peppermint, both of which can help mimic the throat-hit sensation.

What is the best non-nicotine vape with a throat hit?

While we admittedly may be a bit biased, in our view, MELO and HELO are the clear winners when it comes to nicotine-free vapes that provide a satisfying throat hit. Give them a try and see for yourself!

Can non-nicotine vapes with a throat hit help you quit smoking?

Yes, they absolutely can, and many people use them for precisely this purpose. Any vape, as long as it's nicotine-free, can certainly help you give up cigarettes by providing the same sort of repetitive hand-to-mouth actions that are a hallmark of smoking.

When you add a satisfying throat hit component, as all of the vapes mentioned above do, you increase the chances that it will help you quit smoking simply because it adds another layer of satisfaction to the vaping experience.

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Are nicotine-free vapes with a throat hit safe for you?

There's no evidence that nicotine-free vapes with a throat hit are any more or less safe than any other non-nicotine vape. There’s evidence that these types of vapes are much safer for you than either smoking cigarettes or using a vape that contains nicotine.

That's because introducing nicotine into your body means rolling the dice with a toxic chemical that's been linked to everything from high blood pressure to heart attacks.

There is a caveat to that, however. You still need to pay attention to the vape juice’s ingredients, even if it doesn't contain nicotine. It might still contain substances that aren’t necessarily considered dangerous but that you may want to avoid for various reasons.

For example, some non-nicotine vapes contain substances like THC, which is the compound in marijuana that causes psychoactive effects. If that's your thing, we're certainly not judging, but if not, you want to avoid those vapes.

Also, even though a substance may generally be recognized as safe, it doesn't mean it will always be safe for you. If you're allergic to any ingredients in the vape juice, you want to avoid that brand.

What are the potential side effects of 0 nicotine vapes with a throat hit?

The potential side effects of a 0-nicotine vape with throat hit are essentially the same as any other nicotine-free vape. These might include minor throat or lung irritation, coughing, dry mouth, or dehydration.

Such side effects will most likely occur if you are sensitive to propylene glycol, the compound in most non-nicotine vapes that helps deliver the throat hit sensation.

Are zero nicotine vapes with throat hits addictive?

We cover this topic extensively in our article on Are Nicotine-Free Vapes Addictive?, but let's briefly review the answer to this question again here.

If the vape you’re using is filled with vape juice that does not contain substances known to be addictive, there shouldn't be any increased risk of becoming addicted to a vape that provides a throat hit as opposed to one that doesn't.

Remember, there's a difference between a true addiction and a deeply ingrained habit. A true addiction means that your mind and body are dependent on the substance. And if you don't get that substance, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms.

You could become accustomed to the physical action of bringing a vape to your mouth, inhaling, and then exhaling, and certainly develop an ingrained habit for that behavior, but that's not a true addiction or chemical dependence. It's more of a psychological habit.

The bottom line is that non-nicotine vapes don't contain the same addictive compound that vapes with nicotine contain. So, they should carry a much lower risk of dependency.

A Satisfying Throat Hit is Possible Without Nicotine!

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Even though nicotine-free vapes aren't necessarily known for their punch, that doesn't mean that you can't find some satisfying options for a nicotine-free vape with throat hit.

At MELO Labs, for example, we recognize that the typical nicotine-free vape isn't satisfying for many people, so we developed flavors that come closest to replicating the throat hit you’d get with a vape that contains nicotine.

As mentioned above, focusing on flavors with “Ice” in their name (like Strawberry Ice and Banana Ice from HELO) is a great way to get a satisfying throat hit with zero nicotine.

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