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Best Stress Relief Vape — No Nicotine 2024 Roundup

If you're in the market for a vape with no nicotine to relieve stress and anxiety, you're in luck. Why? Because stress relief is one of the main reasons many people start vaping in the first place, and the large majority of those people aren't interested in vapes that contain harmful nicotine. They just want a stress relief vape — no nicotine required.

The good news is that manufacturers have taken notice. And that means you're going to have lots of options when choosing a stress relief vape, no nicotine added. Most such diffusers contain ingredients known to promote relaxation. We've chosen the nine best in the list below. Let's get into it!

The 9 Stress Relief Vape — No Nicotine Solutions


MELO Pink Slush vape

MELO's reason for existing is to provide an alternative way for people to get relaxing melatonin into their system. So you know our stress relief vape pen with no nicotine has to be at the top of our list of best vapes.

One of the things users appreciate about a vape like MELO is that there's no lag between when you use it and when the active ingredients enter your bloodstream.

That means that the relaxing melatonin hits you within seconds. You must often wait half an hour or more before feeling the effects of oral supplements.

Another plus? Unlike oral supplements, where a significant amount of whatever you ingest is lost just in digestion, the melatonin in MELO is almost 100% available to your body. Many users consider that a huge bonus.

Finally, there’s our soothing blend of flavors like Strawberry Ice, Tropic Slush, Cotton Candy and Gummy Bear, all of which get high marks from users.

Shop MELO here


ARRØ vape

ARRØ is a stress relief vape packed with plant-powered goodness that offers an alternative to traditional vapes. It doesn't contain any ingredients specifically designed to reduce stress, but that doesn't mean it can't help.

ARRØ is what's known as a flavored air vape. That means it contains only carrier base and flavor derived from expertly blended plant extract formulations that produce natural aromas users love.

Favorites include Magic Mint, Hawaiian Ice, Gummy Drop, and Peach Berry. Another bonus? Each ARRØ should last for around 5,000 inhales! Not infinite puffs, but close!

Shop ARRØ here

HealthVape Chill

HealthVape Chill

The HealthVape Chill, like the MELO, is a functional vape with ingredients chosen specifically for their ability to combat anxiety. But where MELO uses melatonin, Chill features a blend with chamomile as the star.

Chill’s other ingredients — valerian root, L-theanine, and passion flower — are also all-natural ingredients known for their anti-anxiety effects. Chill comes in three flavors: Lavender, Lychee, and Peach. Each disposable vape pen should last for around 400 to 500 inhales.

Shop HealthVape Chill here

Ripple+ Relax

Ripple+ Relax

Ripple+ offers a complete line of non-nicotine functional vapes, but the one we will focus on here is called Relax, appropriately enough.

Like HealthVape’s Chill, Relax puts chamomile in the spotlight. Also, like HealthVape, Ripple+ adds ingredients known for their relaxing properties. In this case, that's lemon balm.

Relax is offered in a jasmine flavor, which the company says is an herb that "lightens mood and reduces stress." You should expect to get around 1,000 puffs from each Ripple+ disposable pen.

Shop Ripple+ Relax here

NutroVape Relax

NutroVape Relax

NutroVape makes several devices that provide various physiological effects, but we're focusing on one here: Relax.

Relax is a stress relief vape with 0 nicotine that features a blend of chamomile, passion flower, and valerian root, all of which are prized for their ability to reduce anxiety and stress.

The manufacturer recommends using NutroVape when you need relaxation but cautions against anything ingesting any more than 20 puffs in a single hour. Used this way, each NutroVape should last you between one and three weeks.

A note about availability: NutroVape has stores in Australia and Hong Kong, but if you're not in either country, Amazon.com will be your best bet for getting your hands on NutroVape products.


Cloudy Calm Diffuser

Cloudy — a stress relief vape without nicotine producer — has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and LA Weekly for its extensive lineup of non-nicotine vapes. But the one we’ll hone in on here is the company’s Calm diffuser.

Calm is a disposable stress relief vape with no nicotine that promises to help you "discover tranquility whenever you need it," thanks to a blend that includes ashwagandha, lavender, and jasmine, among other ingredients. Each Cloudy disposable pen is pre-filled with enough stress relief vape juice with no nicotine for around 600 uses, which the company says should last you about a month if you use it as directed.

Shop Cloudy here


LUVV Melatonin Diffuser

LUVV offers two vapes that can help combat stress and relieve anxiety. The first, Zen, is a lavender-flavored blend of cassia and chamomile. The second, Calm, contains melatonin, cassia, and peppermint flavoring.

Chamomile and melatonin are both well-known for their ability to help you relax. But cassia, an ingredient unique to LUVV's formulation, may be new to you.

Several studies have shown that it can have anti-anxiety effects, and combining it with either chamomile or melatonin, as is done here, can make it even more effective. Each LUVV disposable should last for around 700 inhales.

Shop LUVV here

Melli Chill Out

Melli Chill Out

Melli is the manufacturer behind four popular non-nicotine vapes — Power Up, In Focus, Balance, and Chill Out. We will focus on the last one on that list for this article.

Chill Out is pre-filled with enough stress-relief vape juice with no nicotine for around 800 inhales. It’s packed with extracts of prickly pear, lime, and marjoram, all prized among holistic medicine practitioners for their relaxing effects.

The flavor of the Chill Out formulation is peppermint, which is also known for its ability to produce a sense of calm.

Shop Melli Chill Out here


MONQ Zen vape

MONQ designs its flavor and ingredient combinations around what it calls “Intentions” — what others might call physiological effects. These “intentions” include the ability to focus, to fall asleep faster, and, in the case of the one we’re highlighting here, to chill out and relax.

MONQ’s stress relief vape with zero nicotine is called Zen, and it's available with or without CBD (the version with CBD is called Zen+.)

Assuming you opt for the non-CBD variety, the ingredients in a Zen are frankincense, orange, and Ylang Ylang as the main constituents, along with traces of black pepper, sage, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, spearmint, and tea tree oil.

If you've read our other coverage of MONQ’s diffusers, you'll know you aren’t supposed to use them like traditional vapes. Instead, the directions are to inhale MONQ’s vapor through your mouth and then immediately exhale it through your nose.

The idea is that simply introducing the vapor into your nose is enough to reap the benefits. MONQ estimates that each disposable should last around two months if used as suggested — 2 to 3 inhales per use and 2 to 3 uses per day.

Shop MONQ here


Does smoking nicotine-free vapes relieve stress?

Based solely on the number of people who use nicotine-free vapes for this very purpose, we have to say yes. For some people, nicotine-free vapes do indeed help relieve stress.

Remember, too, that some people may turn to nicotine-free vapes to help relieve the anxiety that can come from quitting cigarettes or vaping with nicotine. People who use non-nicotine vapes for this purpose generally do so because it can help them cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Then there's another group looking for their vape to do more and help promote relaxation. That’s why you’ll find ingredients like chamomile, melatonin, lavender, or valerian in many vapes on the list above.

All of those active ingredients fall into the category of supplements that people commonly take to alleviate anxiety and promote a sense of calm. For more on vaping for health benefits, check out our article 9 Safest Vapes for Health-Conscious Users.

Are stress relief vapes with no nicotine safe for you?

Vapes that don't contain nicotine are unquestionably somewhat safer for you than vapes with nicotine or tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is a harmful substance all by itself and has been linked to everything from high blood pressure to rapid heartbeat, which can cause issues like strokes and heart attacks.

That's not to say that we can make a blanket statement and say that all stress-relief vapes are going to be safe for you, whether or not they contain nicotine. Some may still contain other harmful compounds, like diacetyl or vitamin E acetate, which have been linked to severe conditions.

This reality is why we always recommend that you stick to vapes from well-known manufacturers with long track records and histories of satisfied users. And, as always, we encourage you to read ingredient lists closely to ensure there's nothing in any new vape you’re looking at that’s known to be dangerous.

For more on this topic, check out our articles on the Benefits of Vaping Without Nicotine, the Pros and Cons of Vaping Without Nicotine, the Top 9 Healthy Vape Alternatives, and the Top 5 Healthy Vape Brands.

What are the potential side effects of stress relief vapes without nicotine?

The side effects of any nicotine-free stress relief vape are generally the same as those of any other type of vape.

These can include issues like irritation of your throat or lungs, coughing, shortness of breath, and other side effects that you might experience from any vape, no matter its ingredients.

Other potential side effects might be related to the ingredients of a particular vape. For example, if it contains melatonin, you may experience drowsiness as a side effect. If your vape contains valerian, you would expect to experience relaxation.

The bottom line is that if you experience an effect when swallowing a substance, you should plan on experiencing the same impact from vaping it as well.

What are alternative ways to relieve stress besides using vapes with no nicotine?

man meditating on a tree log

There are many ways to relieve stress that don't involve using a calming vape with no nicotine or vaping of any kind. These include:


Meditation has long been used to help calm the mind, and many people find that it helps reduce their anxiety and make them more adaptable to stress.

You can find hundreds of tutorials online that teach everything from simple deep breathing techniques to guided meditation, either of which can make a big difference in your stress levels.


Regular physical exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Physical activity releases endorphins, which are nature’s stress-release chemicals.

Even simple things like taking a 15- or 30-minute daily walk can help improve your mood and curb anxiety and stress.

Social Support

Sometimes, simply picking up the phone and conversing with a good friend or a family member can help reduce stress.

In fact, studies have shown that having a solid network of support groups can go a long way toward alleviating stress.

Don't be afraid to ask for help! If you find that stress or anxiety is becoming too much for you to deal with on your own or it's interfering with your day-to-day activities, you can reach out to a therapist to get professional support. There's no shame in reaching out for help when you need it.

Kick Back and Chillax!

Woman standing near purple flowers, eyes closed

There's no need to let stress run your life. The vapes on our list above are all designed to help you beat stress by changing your habits, introducing herbs or other supplements that can help you relax, or a combination of the two tactics — especially MELO diffusers.

Feel free to combine these vapes with other strategies that can help reduce stress all on their own, a few of which we mention above.

Good luck — you got this! You’re ready to find a vape with no nicotine to relieve stress and and anxiety. Want even more guidance? See our articles on Vapes Without Nicotine for Anxiety, Is 0 Nicotine Vape Safe?, What is in a Nicotine Free Vape? and 14 Best Nicotine Free Vapes.

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