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Where to Buy Caffeine Vapes

When it comes to where to buy caffeine vapes, you have a few different options to choose from. Generally, you'll be trading off between selection and convenience, or price and availability, just as you would for most other products you regularly purchase.

Below, we've compiled a short list of what we feel would be your best options for buying caffeine vapes — two online and two in the "real world." Let's dive in …

(Note: Curious about whether vaping caffeine is safe in the first place? Read Can You Vape Caffeine? here then check our list of safest vapes here.)

The TL/DR Summary

We get into the details below, but these are our top 4 choices for buying caffeinated vapes.

1. Manufacturer's Websites: This is often the best place to buy caffeine vapes. If you cut out the middleman and buy direct from the source, you can often save money and find options that retail stores might not carry.

2. Local Smoke Shops: Do a quick Google Maps search for "smoke shops," “vape shops” or "tobacco" and you'll probably find a local expert to help you sort through choices.

3. Online "Superstores:" These can be a good choice if you want to sample different brands, or if you're not 100% sure exactly what you're looking for.

4. Gas Stations/Convenience Stores: Depending on where you go you'll probably find only a limited selection, but these can certainly work in a pinch.

The Details

Direct from the Manufacturer

Buying vapes, caffeine or otherwise, direct from the manufacturer is often the best route. It allows you to take advantage of limited-time promotions, and you're almost guaranteed to have the best selection.

You can also take advantage of loyalty programs or bulk discounts if you become a regular customer. Example: HELO caffeine vapes, which are available here. At the time of this writing, you can get 10% off and free shipping on orders over $40.

One of our 4 best caffeine vapes for 2024, and known as "Zeus's Oxygen," HELO caffeinated vapes top our list for several reasons — value, efficacy and great taste.

At only 26 cents per serving, HELO vapes are among the most economical on the market, yet they're made from only the highest quality ingredients and natural flavors, with zero nicotine and NONE of the other bad stuff like diacetyl or Vitamin E acetate.

HELO's energizing flavors include Strawberry Ice, Aloe Grape, Tropic Slush, Baja Berry, Arctic Mint and more. HELO is available in two sizes — Air, which contains 400 puffs, and Plus, which contains 800.

Shop HELO vapes here.

HealthVape Energy

HealthVape offers two caffeine vapes in its Energy collection, one in citrus flavor and one in cinnamon flavor. In addition to caffeine, HealthVape's offerings also include Vitamin B12, and the amino acids L-Theanine and L-Carvone.

You can choose from either disposable vape pens or pods. The pens should deliver around 400-500 puffs. The pods come in packs of four 1 ml bottles, each of which should last for around 200 puffs.

Shop HealthVape here.


LUVV offers a few varieties of vapes under the "energy" banner, but only one — Wake — contains caffeine. The other two — Vita and Rise — contain Vitamin C and Vitamin B12, respectively.

Available in Mandarin Orange flavor only, Wake contains B12, L-Theanine and L-Carvone in addition to the caffeine. (So identical ingredients to HealthVape above.) Each disposable vape pen should deliver around 650-700 inhales, while each pod contains enough juice for around 200 inhales.

Shop LUVV vapes here.

Local Smoke Shops/Vape Stores

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Local smoke shops used to deal only in cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco and loose tobacco for people who like to roll their own. Today you should be able to find an extensive selection of vaping products here as well. Similarly, most locales will have stores dedicated to vapes and vaping supplies.

Your local speciality retailer is going to be more knowledgeable than your average convenience store employee when it comes to the products they carry. They might be able to turn you on to a favorite brand, or one that's offering a special promotion, which might save you a few bucks.

Most of the time, these shops will be independently owned, though some chains do exist. But even the biggest national chain — The Cigarette Store — has under 200 stores nationwide. Other chains include Wild Bill's, Low Bob's and Tobacco Superstores. Even if these chains aren't in your area, most towns and cities will have a tobacco or vape shop within driving distance.

Online "Superstores"

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There are a number of e-commerce shops dedicated to nothing but vapes. You can generally find a wide selection from a variety of brands at these stores, along with decent prices. These can be a great option if you want a "one stop shop" for other products — like CBD gummies or caffeine gum, for example — saving you the hassle of having to order from multiple manufacturer's sites. If you want to learn more about caffeine products other than vapes, check out our article on alternative sources of caffeine.

Here are a couple of the more popular online superstore destinations:

8Vape: 8Vape features a selection of caffeine vapes (and other caffeinated products, like gum and tinctures) at competitive prices. In addition to caffeine vapes, you'll also find vape juice, CBD gummies and tinctures, caffeine capsules and more.

Shop 8Vape here.

Vape Juice Depot: Vape Juice Depot features hundreds of different vaping options, including caffeine vapes, vapes with nicotine, vape juices and tanks, caffeine gummies and more. They offer free shipping on orders over $99, a loyalty program and a low-price guarantee.

Shop Vape Juice Depot here.

Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

aisle filled with products in a convenience store

You pretty much know what you're getting from these stores. They’re not the best place to buy caffeine vapes, because you'll most likely find a limited selection and less knowledgeable staff than any other option on this list. But they're called convenience stores for a reason — they're everywhere.

You'll have to settle for whatever they have on hand, and you'll also probably pay a premium (convenience has a price!), but if there's no other option and you're desperate, give them a try.

Happy Shopping!

Whether you choose disposable pens or pods, and whether you choose the convenience of shopping online, or prefer the face-to-face experience of shopping at brick and mortar stores in the real world, there are plenty of options for getting your hands on caffeine vapes. Now go grab some energy!

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