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Vapes with No Nicotine on Amazon

When it comes to finding vapes with no nicotine on Amazon, your options are likely to be limited. You won't find any of the "big names" there, and you certainly won't find any diffusers or vapes that contain compounds like CBD.

Generally, you will be limited to choosing from aromatherapy devices or devices that aren't vapes at all but instead are focused on helping you adjust your breathing patterns to aid in your relaxation.

It's not quite a barren landscape, but you certainly won't find a wide selection, and you're very unlikely to find the kind of options and variety you'll get if visiting individual manufacturers' websites.

With those heavy disclaimers out of the way, let’s get to some brands that are available on Amazon, along with one that’s not (but that’s worth your consideration).

MELO & HELO: Not Available on Amazon, But Worth a Look

MELO melatonin diffuser in lavender flavor.

Only a select few manufacturers choose to make their products available through Amazon, so you’re going to be better served in the long run by expanding your horizons beyond the web shopping giant.

Our own nicotine-free vapes — MELO and HELO — are not available on Amazon but are among the highest-rated devices available.

They contain nothing but organic flavoring and one active ingredient: Melatonin (in the case of MELO), or caffeine (in the case of HELO).

HELO is our top choice for Energy Vapes with No Nicotine, while MELO is our top choice for Best Melatonin Vape. Both come in over a dozen different popular flavors.

The bottom line is that if you're willing to move off of Amazon's platform, you should have a look at MELO and HELO.

We also offer extensive reviews of other nicotine-free vapes in our articles on Healthy Vape Alternatives, Best Nicotine Free Vape, our Nicotine Free Vapes Collection, and Where to Buy Nicotine Free Vapes.

Now, here's a breakdown of 6 nicotine-free vapes on Amazon:

Quick Preview: 6 Popular No-Nicotine Vapes on Amazon

Skunk Labs Pen Mini: The main selling point of the Mini from Skunk Labs is its size. It's billed as the world's slimmest aromatherapy diffuser, making it a highly portable option.

Viglory Aromatherapy Inhaler: The Viglory isn't a traditional vape. It doesn't heat anything or produce any vapor. Instead, it uses a wick system that allows you to inhale vapors by burning any essential oils of your choice.

Breathing Necklaces: Amazon carries breathing necklaces from several brands. These aren't vapes or diffusers at all. Instead, they're metal "straws" or tubes that help you control your breathing and, manufacturers claim, manage stress and anxiety.

Plant Therapy & YGDZ Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler: These two essential oil inhalers are designed to allow users to ingest essential oil aromas via the nasal passages.

Natranal Puffer: A "flavored-air" inhaler with mixed Amazon reviews. Available in six flavors, it's heavily geared towards helping smokers quit.

Cigtrus: Another very simple flavored-air inhaler designed for smokers trying to kick the tobacco habit.

Skunk Labs Pen Mini

Skunk Labs Pen Mini

Skunk Labs is a boutique manufacturer of aromatherapy diffusers (and related paraphernalia) that maintains a presence on Amazon with their Pen Mini, self-billed as the "Legendary World's Slimmest Aromatherapy Diffuser."

Also available directly from the Skunk Labs website, the Mini can be used with pretty much any e-juice and measures just under three inches long.

It has three voltage settings — 2.4v, 2.8v, and 3.2v — and uses a power optimization process that allows the diffuser to operate at lower voltages, which Skunk Labs says helps eliminate combustion and deliver a healthier vaping experience.

Amazon reviewers love that it has the "most compact and portable battery on the market" and its "smoothest hit by far" compared to other pens.

Some users have left negative comments that generally center around the device suddenly stopping working after several weeks.

As of this writing, the price on Amazon was cheaper than going direct through Skunk Labs website — $18.92 on Amazon vs. $24.72 direct from Skunk Labs.

Shop the Pen Mini on the Skunk Labs website.

Viglory Aromatherapy Inhaler

Viglory Aromatherapy Diffuser

The Viglory Inhaler isn't a vape or diffuser as you're used to. Instead, it's a small wooden device shaped like an e-cigarette or vape pen, but unlike either one, it doesn't heat up, doesn't contain any electronics or batteries, and doesn't produce any smoke or vapor.

Instead, it simply allows you to inhale essential oils.

Each inhaler is handmade from organic wood and comes with blank cotton wicks with medical-grade polyester fibers, which are used to soak up and hold the essential oils.

As we've discussed in many previous articles, cigarette addiction is really two addictions: a behavioral habit in the form of an oral fixation and a chemical dependence on nicotine.

The Viglory can be an adequate oral fixation replacement if you're trying to give up tobacco or cigarettes.

Reviews cite ease of use and the wide variety of available flavors. In truth, you can use any food grade essential oil.

As of this writing, a package containing the main Viglory device and three wicks costs $37.90.

Shop the Viglory Aromatherapy Inhaler on Amazon here.

Breathing Necklaces (Many Brands)

The Lovetuner breathing necklace

We've written about breathing necklaces before (specifically the Komuso device), and now we're seeing plenty of "generic" brands of similar designs widely available on Amazon.

Breathing necklaces are not, in fact, vapes. They're not even diffusers.

Instead, think of them as breath-control devices. If you're not aware, controlling your breathing patterns is at the heart of activities like meditation and is well-known as a method for alleviating stress, anxiety, anger, and other generally undesirable emotions.

Breathing necklaces force you to slow down and be more mindful of your inhalations and exhalations, which helps you calm down.

Some natural health and mindfulness experts also claim that this approach to breathing stimulates the vagus nerve, which further promotes relaxation and calm.

You can find these necklaces in various shapes, sizes, and designs, but a few of the more popular brands come from Lovetuner, Insyoho, and Flo, with prices ranging from around $23 for Insyoho to over $70 for Lovetuner.

Plant Therapy & YGDZ Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler

Plant Therapy Nasal Inhaler

For the next entry on our list that's not really a vape, we have two nasal inhalers — the Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler from Plant Therapy, and the Personal Nasal Aromatherapy Inhaler from YGDZ — which are designed to allow users to inhale the aromas from essential oils.

The difference between these devices and the Viglory Inhaler covered above is that these two inhalers are designed to let you inhale the aroma of essential oils through your nose (Viglory is used through your mouth, more like a traditional vape).

Plant Therapy makes its own line of essential oils, while YGDZ does not, leaving it up to you to source the ingredients yourself.

Plant Therapy's oil options include scents like Chill Out, which contains a combination of Tangerine, Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, and Blue Tansy; Calming the Child, with a blend of Mandarin Orange, Tangerine, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile; and single ingredient oils like Sweet Orange (with orange peel oil), Lemon, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and more.

Shop Plant Therapy Nasal Inhalers here.
Shop YGDZ Personal Nasal Aromatherapy Inhaler here.

Natranal Puffer

Natranal Puffer

Natranal is the simplest form of a "flavored-air" inhaler that you're likely to find. Many of its features make clear that it's also heavily geared toward people who are trying to give up smoking cigarettes or using nicotine vapes.

For starters, the Natranal was designed to help you satisfy — and presumably overcome — the oral fixation and hand fidgeting components that make up the behavioral side of smoking addiction.

Let's start with its design — it's contoured to fit into your palm, making it easy to carry and keep on hand whenever a craving strikes.

But it's also designed to include what the company calls "Interactive Fidget Elements." These are buttons that you can press and a scrollable wheel that give your hands and fingers something to do besides hold a cigarette. Natranal calls these elements "sensory stimuli to keep your digits active and your mind clear."

The oral fixation is satisfied by bringing the inhaler to your mouth, inhaling the aroma, and then exhaling. There's no heating element, no vape juice, and no vapor or smoke. This product is purely a means to inhale flavored air.

In terms of the flavored air you'll be inhaling, the Natranal Puffer comes in six "flavors" — Spearmint, Coffee Bean, Ginger, Grapefruit, Peppermint, and Passion.

One thing to be aware of — the reviews on the Natranal are decidedly "mixed." Many praise its ability to satisfy oral cravings, while others say the aroma/flavor isn't strong enough to offer a satisfying smoking alternative.

Despite the mixed reactions, it's important we mention the Natranal here because it's one of the most prevalent vape alternatives you can buy on Amazon. Just be aware of its positive and negative aspects.

Shop the Natranal Puffer on Amazon here.


Cigtrus aroma inhaler

Like the Natranal Puffer, Cigtrus is another flavored-air inhaler designed to help smokers kick the habit. As with the Natranal, Cigtrus has mixed reviews on Amazon, with some singing its praises, while others dislike the flavor.

There isn't much that's unique about Cigtrus compared to other similar devices, other than its Grapefruit/Lemon flavor. It functions much like the Natranal and other alternatives we've already mentioned here.

Shop Cigtrus on Amazon here.

Happy Shopping!

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There you have it — a somewhat limited rundown of vapes, diffusers, and other "oral fixation" devices available for purchase right now on

Again, for a much more robust selection, you will want to venture off of Amazon’s platform and explore other options, such as individual manufacturers' websites. Good luck!

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