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5 Best Melatonin Patches of 2024

Melatonin patches are a relatively new product, and just one of many ways to take supplemental melatonin. Because they haven’t been around for very long, there isn’t a lot of research on melatonin patches, and there also aren’t very many products to choose from.

We created this guide to compile all the information that currently exists about melatonin patches in one place. We’ll tell you about some of the best melatonin patches of 2024. We’ll also explain how the patches work and when to use them, and introduce you to some melatonin alternatives that work even more quickly than a patch.

Five Best Melatonin Patches of 2024

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In this section, we’ll cover the top five melatonin patches on the market as of 2024, listing the benefits and drawbacks of every one. Note that each company sells boxes or bags containing multiple patches, but the exact number of patches per pack varies.

MELO Dream Melatonin Patch

We started MELO Labs because we were unhappy with most of the melatonin supplements on the market. Our customers have grown to love our popular melatonin vaporizers and powdered drinks, and with our new melatonin patch we’re able to offer even more variety. Now every MELO Labs customer can get the melatonin product that best fits into their life.

Best Price for Melatonin Patches

For $10.99, you can get a box of 15 MELO Labs patches. That means each patch costs less than a dollar.

As you’ll see, this is by far the most affordable option of any on this list. But we didn’t cut corners to make our patches inexpensive. Our melatonin patches offer a sustained release of melatonin to support healthy sleep all night long, and it begins working within half an hour of application.

Additional Ingredients to Enhance Sleep

Unlike the other melatonin patches you’ll find on this list, ours incorporate other ingredients to help support healthy sleep. For instance, our patches are infused with honey, which clinical trials conducted at the University of Saskatchewan have shown can help induce natural melatonin production and promote sleep.

Additionally, our patches include jujube seed, which has been shown to improve sleep quality in post-menopausal women by a randomized controlled trial published in the journal BioMedicine. They also include cinnamon, which is full of antioxidants and can help reduce inflammation and blood pressure, as well as astragalus, an adaptogenic herb that can help treat the symptoms of sleep apnea according to a rodent study from the Chinese Medical Journal, among other ingredients.

Highly Rated

And as you’ll see from looking at reviews, customers are happy with the effects of our melatonin patches. One customer said she slept right through the night and didn’t have the nightmares she has experienced with melatonin pills and gummies.

So if you’re looking for a melatonin patch with the best price — as well as the most beneficial ingredients to help you get a good night’s sleep — look no further than the MELO Dream Patch.

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PureZen Sleep Melatonin Patch

Each box of PureZen Sleep melatonin patches has ten patches. According to the company, these patches can induce sleepiness on demand, and will release melatonin into your bloodstream for an extended period throughout the night. They work quickly and have no side effects.

The main drawback is the price. The original price is nearly $150, i.e. $15 per patch. That’s a lot to pay for a single dose of melatonin! For the same price, you could get a melatonin supply that lasts for a month or more. That said, check for sales, because they do frequently offer discounts.

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Uqalo Melatonin Patch

Uqalo melatonin patches come in bags containing 12 patches. These melatonin patches are said to have an attractive design, and the seller says they can help with jet lag as well as anxiety. The patches are also thicker than some other brands, suggesting they may last longer throughout the night. The company claims they deliver melatonin for up to 6-8 hours.

One bag typically costs around $40, but as with the PureZen patches, check for sales and discounts.

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The Good Patch Melatonin Patch

Melatonin patches from The Good Patch come in small bags of four, though many package deals are available for multiple bag quantities. Currently, you can buy a six-pack on Amazon, giving you 24 patches in total. The price is a bit steep at nearly $70, though you’ll be getting twice as many patches as you’d get from Uqalo.

The Good Patch advertises itself as plant-based, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan, making it a good option for those who follow a plant-based lifestyle. These patches are also free of latex, so those with latex allergies need not worry about having a reaction.

Each patch delivers 10 mg of melatonin, a relatively high dose. Those who want a smaller dose might prefer a different patch, but it’s worth pointing out that PureZen and Uqalo don’t actually say how much melatonin is in each patch. It may also be possible to cut an individual patch in half, giving you a more reasonable dose (and twice as many patches).

In addition to melatonin, these patches also contain valerian root, hops, and black pepper extract for a more relaxing effect than you’d get with melatonin alone. As such, they may be a good option for those whose insomnia is related to anxiety.

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Klova Sleep Patch

The Klova Sleep Patch with melatonin comes in packs of 28 for about $35, making it one of the better deals on this list. As with The Good Patch, the Klova Sleep Patch also contains valerian root, hops, and black pepper extract in addition to some other bonus ingredients to help you relax.

Additionally, the company tells you how much of each ingredient is in each patch. The amount of melatonin is 3 mg per patch, a reasonable dose for most people. All other ingredients are listed via the number of mg per patch, unlike The Good Patch, which just lists ingredients.

It should be noted that not all customers found these patches helpful. Some said they felt like they had a hangover the next morning, and others found the sticky residue left over from removing the patch hard to wash off. But with so many beneficial relaxing ingredients, they may be worth a try, especially for those with anxiety.

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How Melatonin Patches Work

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You might be wandering: how do these things actually work? The technical answer is, “via transdermal melatonin delivery.”

Transdermal means “across skin” — from Greek, “trans” meaning across, and “dermal” meaning skin. So transdermal melatonin patches deliver melatonin to your bloodstream by passing it through your skin. They do this non-invasively, without having to break your skin barrier.

Though they’re relatively new, melatonin patches have been tested in a few scientific studies that show promising results. One study published in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics found melatonin patches could help people sleep during the day, suggesting they may be especially helpful to shift workers, those dealing with jet lag, or anyone with disturbances to their circadian rhythm (body clock).

Another study published in Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy tested the effects of melatonin patches on rats. According to that study, an “initial burst” of melatonin lasted about four hours, and a plateau appeared at around eight hours after administration, meaning these patches have the potential to provide extended-release melatonin.

While more human studies are needed, these preliminary findings are promising. The researchers from the Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy study point out that they used hairless rats, whose skin is more permeable than human skin. As such, it’s reasonable to imagine the effects may be a bit less noticeable in humans.

With this in mind, many melatonin patch companies emphasize that the patches should be placed on a part of your body that is relatively hair free. Not only will this make the patch more effective, but it will also be much less uncomfortable to remove. You’ll also want to ensure you’ve thoroughly washed the area where you intend to place the patch, to help it stick better.

Of course, it’s also important to remember to remove the patch. Leaving them on for more than 12 hours is generally not recommended. When you’re done sleeping, simply peel the patch off. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue.

When to Use Melatonin Patches

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As we’ve seen, the main advantage of melatonin patches is that they offer extended-release melatonin. This is in contrast to most oral melatonin supplements: Oral melatonin tends to work quickly, helping you fall asleep when you’re having trouble sleeping, but it won’t necessarily help you stay asleep.

Melatonin patches can help to prevent premature awakenings throughout the night, improving your sleep quality. In this sense, they may improve sleep maintenance and help you get more restful sleep. If your sleep problems cause you to wake up frequently throughout the night, melatonin patches may be a good option for you.

They’re also a good option for those with jet lag, or anyone who experiences disruptions to their sleep schedule. To be clear, this is true of melatonin in general: A review published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews found oral melatonin very effective in reducing jet lag.

But because of their extended-release properties, melatonin patches may work even better for the treatment of jet lag, since those whose sleep schedule suddenly changes may find themselves waking up too early. This suggests melatonin patches may be helpful for secondary sleep disorders (sleep disorders caused by external disruptions) in general.

Other Melatonin Products to Help You Fall Asleep Fast

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Of course, melatonin patches aren’t for everyone. Those with sensitive skin or anyone who simply doesn’t want to have to put on a sticky patch may prefer other forms of melatonin. But which melatonin supplements are most effective for sleep regulation?

As it turns out, melatonin pills — the most popular type of melatonin supplement — may be about the least effective. A 2000 clinical trial published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found melatonin pills had an average of 15% bioavailability. A more recent 2016 study from BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology found melatonin pills had just 3% bioavailability.

This isn’t surprising, in part because pills need to be broken down by your stomach before they can begin to be absorbed. As an article from Medicare Europe explains, the digestion process alone can take upwards of half an hour. What’s more, they claim pills have just 39% to 53% bioavailability.

By contrast, Medicare Europe says liquid supplements have an average of 98% bioavailability, far superior to that of pills. For this reason, liquid melatonin supplements as well as melatonin sprays may be a better option for those who prefer not to use patches but want better bioavailability from their supplements.

The other advantage of liquid melatonin supplements is that they’re much faster-acting than pills. Medicare Europe claims liquids can be assimilated in as little as 1-4 minutes (though it’ll take a bit longer to actually feel the effects). This makes sense: Though liquids still need to pass through your digestive system, they don’t need to be broken down.

The fastest-acting melatonin on the market is most likely contained in melatonin vaporizers. These bypass your digestive system altogether by delivering melatonin directly to your bloodstream via the lungs. And as we’ll see in the next section, plenty of evidence suggests they’re much safer than most other types of vaporizers.

Finally, those who are interested in transdermal melatonin delivery but want to avoid the stickiness of melatonin patches may be interested in melatonin creams. These are essentially lotions applied topically to the skin before sleep. More research is needed on this delivery method, and melatonin creams probably won’t make you feel as sleepy as patches. But they may help you relax, depending on the other ingredients they contain.

Shop MELO Labs for All Your Melatonin Needs

Two stacked boxes of Melo Sip melatonin powder drink in stardust and watermelon flavors.

To recap, melatonin patches are relatively new and aren’t yet backed by much scientific research, but some preliminary evidence suggests they may be effective at delivering extended-release melatonin. At MELO Labs, we offer one of the best melatonin patches on the market.

But for those who would prefer not to use a sticky patch, we offer some very fast-acting alternative melatonin supplements. MELO Air is a melatonin vaporizer that will get you ready for sleep in as little as 10 minutes. And unlike many vaporizers containing drugs, MELO Air contains nothing known to harm the lungs.

In fact, MELO Air has only three ingredients: melatonin, organic vegetable glycerin, and natural flavors. They contain no vitamin E acetate, no propylene glycol, no nicotine — nothing known to cause harm to your lungs. And they come in a wide variety of customer-approved flavors, more than any other melatonin vaporizer on the market.

Even so, we realize vaping isn’t for everyone. For those who prefer not to vape, we’ve got you covered with MELO Sip, our powdered melatonin drink. Simply add a packet to a glass of water.

MELO Sip is almost as fast-acting as a melatonin vape, plus it has bonus ingredients for relaxation, like valerian root, chamomile, GABA, and l-theanine, as well as vitamins and minerals. It also tastes great with no added sugar, sugar alcohols, or artificial sweeteners of any kind. It comes in four awesome flavors that are enhanced by wholesome monk fruit extract, an all-natural low-calorie sweetener.

With a variety of fast-acting melatonin supplements to choose from, we’re confident we have something for everyone to get better sleep at MELO Labs.

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