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Caffeine Diffusers

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34 products

Why Choose a HELO Energy Diffuser?

Safe, Plant-based Ingredients
Energy Boost in Minutes
Tempting, Organic Flavors
Pay Less Per Puff
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Nature's Premier Plant-Powered Energy Boost

HELO caffeine diffusers are stripped down to the bare necessities for a reason. We know which ingredients work, and which are just window-dressing.

Guarana, Ginseng, Taurine, L-theanine, B12 or L-Carvone may look impressive on an ingredients list, but they can't provide the instant energy boost you're looking for. Caffeine is nature's proven premier energy source.

HELO contains only what's necessary to provide fast energy and great taste — natural flavors made from fruit extracts, organic vegetable glycerin, and caffeine. That's it.

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Nicotine-free, Portable Aromatherapy

HELO diffusers have never and will never contain harmful ingredients like Vitamin E Acetate, Diacetyl, Propylene Glycol or Nicotine. And because each HELO device is small and compact, it can go where you go — providing that boost of energy wherever and whenever you need it most.

HELO caffeine diffuser pens are perfect for anywhere you might need a boost of energy, whether that's hiking in the mountains, sitting on a ski lift or plowing through a mountain of work on your desk.

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More Convenient & Cost-Effective Than Coffee or Energy Drinks

Just one cup of premium coffee every day can set you back well over $100 per month! Same with energy drinks. (And who needs all that added sugar?)

HELO caffeine diffusers are the pick-up-and-go energy source that works quickly and won't add extra calories to your daily diet. Plus, they cost a lot less too.

Every HELO Air delivers natural caffeine at just 26 cents per serving. HELO Plus is even less expensive — just 22 cents per serving. And with each HELO Air delivering 400 inhales, and each Plus delivering 800, that makes HELO one of the most cost effective ways to take advantage of caffeine's benefits.

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Better Taste

Compared with coffee, tea or any popular energy drink, HELO energy diffusers come in a wider variety of mouthwatering flavors.

Choose from fruit-based essences like Strawberry Ice, Aloe Grape, Baja Berry, Mango and Pink Lemonade, or treat yourself to distinctive one-of-a-kind flavors like Caramel Coffee, Cherry Cola or Rocket Fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's plenty of evidence to suggest that inhaling natural caffeine does provide an energy boost. Several studies have concluded that inhaling caffeine has a stimulant effect, and inhaling caffeine also allows it to produce effects faster when compared with ingesting caffeine, as you would when taking a caffeine pill or drinking coffee. That’s because inhaled caffeine is absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your lungs, without having to pass through your digestive system first.

In the case of HELO, our caffeine diffuser heats up vegetable glycerin that contains natural fruit flavors and caffeine, causing it to vaporize. It's this caffeine-infused vapor that you inhale, delivering the energy "hit" you're after. For more on this, see our article Can You Vape Caffeine?

In general, the same precautions apply to caffeine diffusers that apply to other non-nicotine diffusers. That said, there haven't been studies specifically measuring the safety of caffeine diffusers. When comparing products, ensure that they don't contain ingredients like vitamin E acetate, diacetyl, or propylene glycol, all of which have been associated with negative health effects, and conditions like popcorn lung. For more on other alternative diffusers, see our article on Top 9 Healthy Vape Alternatives.

We would not recommend anyone under the age of 18 use any kind of diffuser, including those containing nicotine, and HELO diffusers are not offered for sale to anyone under 18.

It's impossible to say specifically how long a particular caffeine diffuser will last, because that depends both on how much e-juice is contained in the diffuser itself, as well as your usage pattern and how much caffeine you tend to need during a typical day. (For more on this, see our article on how long does a disposable vape last you.)

But let's take HELO diffusers as an example.

A standard "dose" of HELO is 10 inhales. From those 10 inhales, you should expect to get about 1.3 mg of natural caffeine. Even though that sounds low when compared to something like a shot of espresso, remember that inhaling caffeine is likely a much more efficient delivery system, so more of what you're inhaling is actually making it into your bloodstream. As a result, we've found that many people get the energy boost they need from just a few puffs.

With each HELO Air good for 400 inhales, and each Plus good for 800, that means each device should easily last two weeks or more. With lighter usage, it will of course last even longer.

What Do Customers Love About HELO Diffusers?

Perfect Flavor!

I ordered three different flavors and I’m extremely happy with all three. They ARE exactly as they advertise. Will make additional purchases. Happy buyer!!

Great product!

I am not one who likes coffee, and energy drinks get too expensive too fast. This product gives me the boost I need when I want it. No jitters, just a great flavor and instant energy!

Good alternative to energy drinks

Tastes good and doesn't make me crash like caffeinated drinks usually do, and it fits in my pocket for work. It's just difficult to keep myself from using it frequently since it tastes like candy. Overall however, really happy with it!


Signed up for the monthly diffuser plan. Taste is GREAT and the energy I receive from it is top notch. Wish they made a bigger version than the Plus because I seem to run out a week short of the new one arriving.

Love them!

I bought two for a vacation that starts with a long drive... I drove the whole way, while fully wide-eyed and focused. No negatives to say about these products! No headaches, or jitters!