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8 Cigarette Alternatives Without Nicotine (2024)

We all know how deadly it is to smoke cigarettes and how dangerous it can be to vape some toxic compounds. Yet despite the consequences, we continue to smoke and vape because nicotine is so addictive. Many people who have attempted (and failed) to quit smoking and vaping in the past are now turning to new products to help them quit: cigarette alternatives without nicotine.

Herbal cigarettes without nicotine are getting a lot of attention for the fact that they look, feel, and smoke like cigarettes. Whether you’re looking to quit smoking or start smoking or vaping without the risk of becoming addicted, an herbal cigarette or a zero-nicotine vape may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

In this article, we review the top eight cigarette alternatives without nicotine and explore their potential benefits, their potential side effects, and whether or not they can help you quit smoking.

Cigarette Alternatives Without Nicotine


MELO Air diffusers in multiple flavors and colors

While many cigarette alternatives with nicotine look like traditional smokes, the best cigarette alternative without nicotine doesn’t resemble a cigarette at all. At first glance, our MELO devices might look like vapes, but they are not really vapes in the traditional sense.

MELO is a personal aromatherapy diffuser. It’s one of the best nicotine-free vapes available today because, unlike many other vaping products, it doesn’t include any harmful additives or toxic chemicals and doesn’t even require you to inhale. Instead, you simply pull the vapor into your mouth and then exhale it through your nose.

HELO devices contain melatonin — the body’s natural sleep hormone — so many people searching for an alternative to cigarettes for relaxation rely on them for assistance in falling asleep.

This healthy vape alternative is made for relaxation. Our bodies produce melatonin naturally, but sometimes they don’t produce enough. MELO increases your melatonin levels so you can enjoy a more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, restored, and more productive.

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American Billy Cigarettes

Pack of American Billy cigarettes

The only ingredient you’ll find in American Billy Cigarettes is green tea. Developed by an acupuncturist in search of a natural way to help patients quit smoking, these herbal cigarettes allow you to enjoy smoking without inhaling harmful nicotine and other toxic additives into your lungs.

American Billy Cigarettes are designed for use in a three-step smoking cessation process. If you’re searching for safe cigarettes alternatives like American Billy are a great option because they look and feel like the real thing.

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Real Leaf Breather Supreme Herbal Cigarettes

2 packs of Real Leaf herbal cigarettes

Real Leaf Breather Supreme Herbal Cigarettes contain zero nicotine and zero tobacco. Instead, they are made with a blend of wild, medicinal herbs. As natural cigarette alternatives, some people find them helpful in helping to quit smoking.

The Breather Supreme packaging indicates that these zero-nicotine cigarettes include “Virginia flavor,” and the brand describes them as having a “neutral, delicate taste.” It does not disclose the individual ingredients, so we cannot confidently say which herbs they include.

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Taat Cigarettes

Pack of Taat cigarettes

Taat cigarettes are a nicotine-free smoking alternative made with 98% organic hemp and water. The remaining 2% comprises FDA-approved food-grade ingredients that deliver an authentic tobacco taste. Taat cigarettes also contain up to 25mg of CBD and less than 0.2% of THC per stick, making them a popular choice for people who rely on smoking as a way to relax.

Taat cigarettes are available in three different flavors. The Menthol blend has a minty taste, like Marlboro Menthols and Newports. In contrast, the Smooth blend is equivalent to smoking Marlboro Golds or American Spirit Yellows, and the Original blend is akin to smoking Winstons or Marlboro Reds.

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Honeyrose Cigarettes

pack of Honeyrose cigarette

One of the things we appreciate most about the manufacturer of Honeyrose Cigarettes is that it discloses which herbs and ingredients it uses in its various blends, while many herbal cigarette brands do not.

Honeyrose cigarettes are 100% nicotine-free and tobacco-free. They include herbs and natural ingredients such as marshmallow leaves, red clover flowers, rose petals, fruit juices, and honey. They’re available in menthol, light, mild, and intense tobacco flavors, and tasty flavored varieties like Cherry, Clove, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

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Khoor Berry Blue Cigarettes

2 packs of Khoor Berry Blue cigarettes

If you’re in the habit of vaping nicotine e-juices in tasty flavors, Khoor Berry Blue Cigarettes may offer you the perfect alternative.

Made with hemp and organic peppermint leaf, Khoor cigarettes are nicotine-free, tobacco-free, and chemical-free. They do not contain CBD oil or marijuana, but because they’re made with hemp, they may contain up to 0.3% THC.

Many nicotine-free cigarette alternatives are only available in classic tobacco flavors and menthol varieties. With a sweet, berry taste, Khoor Berry Blue cigarettes offer something entirely different.

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Oklahoma Smokes Cigarettes

Pack of Oklahoma Smokes cigarettes

Oklahoma Smokes Cigarettes are pure hemp CBD smokes with all-natural hemp flower containing 8% CBD + CBG, plus trace amounts of THC. They smoke and burn evenly like light cigarettes, and they provide a sense of relaxation that many smokers enjoy.

Will they get you high? Absolutely not, but they do have a smell similar to that of cannabis. If you smoke them in public, you might get some quizzical looks.

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Khoor Vanilla Cigarettes

2 packs of Khoor Vanilla cigarettes

Like the Berry Blue variety we reviewed above, Khoor Vanilla cigarettes have a unique flavor profile. Slightly sweet with vanilla essence, these cigarette alternatives allow you to enjoy a traditional smoking experience yet replace the nicotine with premium herbs and fresh vanilla flavor.

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No-Nicotine Cigarette Alternatives FAQs

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What is the Best Cigarette Alternative Without Nicotine?

It is impossible to declare one cigarette alternative the best because many people find specific methods of zero-nicotine smoking to be more beneficial and more satisfying than others.

For example, many smokers looking for e-cigarette alternatives choose zero-nicotine vapes over herbal cigarettes because they prefer to vape rather than smoke traditional ciggies. From personal aromatherapy diffusers to disposable vape pens, there are many safe vapes without nicotine to choose from.

On the other hand, some people who want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes prefer herbal cigarettes. While herbal cigs won’t prevent nicotine withdrawal symptoms, they do satisfy the hand-to-mouth oral fixation that comes with smoking cigarettes and produce a satisfying miasm of combustion particulates just like the “real thing.”

The best cigarette alternative without nicotine is the one that delivers the benefits and provides the results you’re looking for.

Do Herbal Cigarettes Give You a Buzz?

There is a lot of buzz surrounding herbal cigarettes and how they might be an aid in quitting smoking. But will they give you a buzz? Some might, but most will not.

All non-nicotine smoking alternatives have the potential to make you lightheaded. So, if that’s what you consider a buzz, you may experience one.

Herbal cigarettes with CBD can make you feel calm and relaxed, but it’s nothing like the high you get from smoking cannabis. If you’re looking for a THC-type marijuana buzz, you won’t find it here.

Keep in mind that not all herbal cigarettes are created equal. Most US and UK manufacturers use non-therapeutic, natural herbs that do not produce psychoactive effects. However, many herbal cigarette brands made in Asia contain “medicinal” herbs, which can cause anything from aphrodisiac effects to hallucinogenic effects.

Are Herbal Cigarettes Without Nicotine Safer Than Nicotine-Free Vapes?

There are differing opinions as to whether herbal cigarettes are safer, less safe, or just as safe as zero-nicotine vapes. Because nicotine is highly addictive, most people agree that vaping or smoking cigarettes without nicotine is safer than smoking or vaping with nicotine. But there isn’t enough research surrounding nicotine-free vapes for us to make a conclusive statement.

There are pros and cons to vaping without nicotine, just as there are pros and cons to smoking nicotine-free and tobacco-free cigarettes. We cannot say that one is safer than the other, but we do know that experts say that not vaping or smoking at all is always the safest option.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Nicotine-Free Cigarettes?

Nicotine-free smokes are viewed by many as a “healthy” way to quit smoking. But it’s important to note that the simple act of smoking can have harmful effects on your health.

Organ Damage

Whether a cigarette contains nicotine or not, every time you light one and inhale, you’re breathing in carbon monoxide. When carbon monoxide hits your red blood cells, it prevents your blood from getting the oxygen it needs.

This short supply damages your lungs, which require clean oxygen to function correctly. It also damages your heart, as it needs to work harder to supply the body with the limited amount of oxygenated blood available.

Mouth and Gum Damage

All tobacco cigarettes, non-nicotine cigarettes, and vapes can potentially damage your mouth, teeth, and gums. This risk goes hand-in-hand with introducing combusted particulates or heated vapors into your mouth.

Lightheadedness and Intoxication

Non-nicotine cigarettes may make you feel lightheaded. Depending on which herbs they contain, they may also cause you to feel intoxicated or experience psychoactive effects.

This article from the National Library of Medicine provides a comprehensive look at the potential side effects of herbs commonly found in herbal cigarettes.

More scientific evidence is needed to understand all the potential risks of smoking cigarettes without nicotine. Nicotine is considered the most dangerous substance in cigarettes because it is addictive and toxic. But even zero-nicotine cigarettes may cause unwanted side effects.

Can Cigarette Alternatives Without Nicotine Help You Quit Smoking?

One of the most significant benefits of vaping without nicotine is that it can make quitting tobacco cigarettes a little bit easier. Smoking alternatives without nicotine won’t do much good in fighting off cravings or reducing withdrawal symptoms.

So, rather than looking at them as a way to break free of nicotine dependency, think of them as oral fixation smoking alternatives instead.

There are a few reasons why people find it so difficult to stop smoking or vaping. One is that our bodies become dependent on nicotine. Our brains crave it, so we continue to inhale it to scratch that itch.

Another reason is that the act of smoking or vaping becomes a behavioral dependency in itself. Zero-nicotine cigarette alternatives won’t eliminate your nicotine dependency at all, but they can help you satisfy your oral fixation. Many people find it easier to quit for good when they break their nicotine addiction first and then work on breaking the hand-to-mouth behavior habit.

A third reason is that our bodies also become addicted to the sensation that deep inhalations and exhalations provide. Non-nicotine cigarettes and vapes allow you to enjoy that sensation as you wean yourself off nicotine or, after quitting, rid your body of it altogether.

Who Makes the Best Cigarette Alternatives Without Nicotine?

happy girl in flower dress standing in a field

Smoking herbal cigarettes may be healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes with nicotine, but smoking and vaping of any kind can be harmful to your health.

If you want to quit smoking and vaping for good, our MELO personal aromatherapy diffusers just might be the healthy cigarettes alternatives you’ve been waiting for. With no nicotine, no toxic chemicals, and no need to inhale, MELO offers a vape-like experience that can satisfy your oral fixation, help you get a better night’s sleep, and quit smoking forever.

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