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Top 7 Fake Cigarettes to Help Quit Smoking

You want to quit smoking? Outstanding! Let us help …

Did you know that studies have shown that it's best to go into any difficult project knowing beforehand what you can expect, because it helps increase your chances of success? It's true. It does nobody any good to tell you it's going to be a piece of cake.

So you should know that quitting smoking and overcoming a nicotine addiction probably won't be easy. Lucky for you, there are more tools available to help than ever before. In this article, we're going to talk specifically about one of them — fake cigarettes to help quit smoking.

But before we dive in, you should know that this is just one in a series of articles designed to help you quit smoking. We have another that talks about the best gummies to help you quit smoking, for example, another on the 12 Best Nicotine Free Vapes, and still another on 5 e-Cigarette Alternatives. So be sure and check those out too if you want to be smoke free!

What Do We Mean by Fake Cigarettes?

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Obviously there's no legally mandated definition of what a fake cigarette actually is, so we'll define it as any device that mimics the act of smoking an actual cigarette — bringing something to your mouth, taking a "drag," and then exhaling — but that doesn't contain tobacco or nicotine, or generate tobacco smoke.

Under that definition, anything from clove cigarettes (which have been around for decades) to nicotine-free vapes would qualify. You're probably familiar with both of those. (And we'll actually discuss a couple of vapes in a second)

However, you may not be familiar with other "herbal smokes" that are marketed specifically to people who want to replace a tobacco habit with one that's not as harmful or addictive.

One quick note: We're certainly not doctors here, but generally, fake cigarettes that contain nothing but "flavored air" are going to be better for you than cigarettes that are called "fake" because they don't burn tobacco. Even if they burn things like cloves or other herbs, you're still inhaling smoke. Just something to keep in mind as you go through our list.

Ready? Let's dive in …

7 Fake Cigarettes that Can Help You Quit Smoking


MELO Air melatonin diffuser package in best seller Rainbow Road flavor.

MELO Air and HELO Air aren't fake cigarettes per se. They're actually vape devices that contain functional and helpful ingredients, rather than the nasty stuff you get from tobacco cigarettes or vapes with nicotine.

Neither one contains nicotine of any kind. Instead, HELO Air contains caffeine, to help with keeping you alert and on top of your game. MELO Air contains the opposite of that, melatonin, to help you relax. (Read up on how to vape melatonin and why melatonin vapes work.)

Available in flavors like Pink Lemonade, Arctic Mint, Mango, Cherry Cola and Red Apple Peach, you'll get about 400 inhales from a HELO Air, which can help satisfy the hand-to-mouth fixation you get with smoking. You get the same amount of inhales from a MELO Air, and it's available in a variety of flavors as well, like Peach, Midnight Mint, Lavender Dream, Bubble Gum and Banana.

If you're interested in learning more about using melatonin to relax, check out our articles on 3 Best Melatonin Vapes for 2024, Where to Buy Melatonin Vapes Online and in Stores and Melatonin Diffuser Reviews. If you want to get your hands on caffeine vapes, see our article on Where to Buy Caffeine Vapes.

In addition to being nicotine free, both HELO Air and MELO Air are free of unwanted or addictive substances, as well as diacetyl (associated with popcorn lung), vitamin E acetate (known to cause lung injury), and propylene glycol (a petroleum derivative), potentially harmful chemicals found in other vape products. See what makes MELO and HELO safe in our article Is a Melatonin Diffuser a Vape?

Shop MELO Air and HELO Air here.

ZERO Plant-Powered Puffs

Picture of a ZERO aromatherapy device in Heaven flavor.

Like MELO Air, ZERO is a vape device that's intended to simulate smoking. Zero produces "plant-powered aromatherapy" designed specifically to help smokers give up tobacco. Unlike MELO, ZERO doesn't contain anything other than "flavored air." So it certainly lives up to its ZERO name.

ZERO helps you quit because it satisfies two of the three behaviors you need to break to successfully ditch smoking — the ritual hand-to-mouth action of smoking traditional cigarettes, and the oral fixation from taking a drag and exhaling. Basically, it tricks your brain into thinking you're still smoking, since you're still performing those same movements.

ZERO comes in six flavors — Arctic Peach, Green Punch, Heaven, Jolly Berries, Magic Mint and White Gummy. Each ZERO should last around 2,000 puffs, or inhales, which is substantial. See How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last You for comparison.

Shop ZERO diffusers here.


3 packs of Honeyrose Herbal Smokes in different variants.

Honeyrose is a company based in the UK that makes a variety of herbal cigarettes … and they've been doing it since 1910! Honeyrose makes its herbal cigarettes from ingredients like marshmallow leaves, red clover flowers, rose petals, honey and fruit juices. They contain no tobacco, no nicotine, no THC, no CBD and no hemp. So they truly stick to their old-school roots.

You can buy Honeyrose in either flavored or non-flavored varieties. Flavored varieties include menthol, ginseng, vanilla, cloves, strawberry, cherry and chocolate. Unflavored blends are offered in what they call Blue, Deluxe and Special — Blue is the mildest blend, Deluxe is a medium blend, and Special is their strongest blend. They even offer herbal cigars!

Like all herbal cigarettes (and cigars in this case) — anything that burns and produces smoke, really — Honeyrose cigarettes do contain tar and carbon monoxide. But it's much less than in a traditional cigarette.

Shop Honeyrose herbal cigarettes here.


Picture of a Fum device and flavor cartridges with Habit Tracker booklet insert.

Füm isn't a vape, it's not an e-cigarette, and it's not an herbal cigarette. Füm is something altogether different — a device that doesn't produce heat, but that uses a "natural process of diffusion instead of vaporization to deliver scent and flavor." So Füm doesn't produce smoke or vapor of any kind. Instead, you're simply breathing flavored air, similar to the ZERO products mentioned above.

You get started with Füm by purchasing one of their packages, which include the main Füm device, a sample pack of their most popular "cores" (which contain the flavoring) and a habit tracker booklet. Füm's Journey Pack, their entry level offering, comes with the flavors Maple Pepper, White Cranberry and Crisp Mint.

Füm is designed to tackle and replace the three main components of a smoking addiction — flavor, fidget and fixation — so you know it's primarily geared towards helping people quit smoking tobacco.

Shop Füm here.

Breather Herbal Cigarettes

A pack of Breather herbal cigarettes

Breather offers a full line of nicotine- and tobacco-free cigarettes made from wild medicinal herbs. They feature various formulations, with each one addressing a different desired effect — like relaxation, stimulation and sleep.

Each of their herbal cigarette blends starts with raspberry, mullein and marshmallow plant as a base, with additional functional ingredients (chamomile in the relaxation blend, chamomile and lavender in the sleep blend, for example) depending on which effect you're after. Breather also offers a line of herbal cigarettes infused with terpenes, which may help you feel happier and more relaxed.

Shop Breather Herbal Cigarettes Here.

Bear Blend Herbal Cigarettes

A tin can of Bear Blend herbal cigarettes

Bear Blend is another brand of herbal cigarettes that are additive- and nicotine-free, and feature 100% natural hemp papers and filters (both of which are free of THC and CBD).

Bear Blend is offered in a variety of formulas, all of which serve to induce a desired effect. Some of the more popular blends are …

Moon, which Bear Blend says is their "most magical blend," produces a sense of balance and calm from the inclusion of rose and lavender. Other ingredients include Motherwort, St. John's Wort and Holy Basil.

Original, which was created over 20 years ago and is Bear Blend's "most floral and aromatic blend." It contains Mugwort, Rose Petals, Damiana, Catnip, Lobelia and Vanilla Bean.

And Dream Lodge, which creates "calming and dream-enhancing experiences" from ingredients like Valerian, Hops, Wormwood and Tarragon.

Shop Bear Blend herbal cigarettes here.

Whichever Route You Choose, Good Luck!

Many former smokers say that giving up tobacco and becoming smoke free is one of the hardest things they've ever done. But with the tools we've described here, it can be easier. And just a reminder, be sure to check out our other articles in our "Stop Smoking Series" mentioned above — "best nicotine free vape,” "best E-cigarette alternative", and "Best Gummies to Quit Smoking Cigarettes.”

Good luck!

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