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Where to Buy Melatonin Vapes Online and in Stores

If you’re eager to try some melatonin vapes but wondering where to find them, you’re not alone. These products are still relatively new, and only a select few local drug stores or supermarkets carry them in-store. So, where are people buying them?

Read on to learn where you can buy melatonin vape pens online, which in-person stores currently carry them, how to get your local store to sell melatonin vape pens, and which melatonin vapes are best.

Where to Buy Melatonin Vape Pens Online

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The easiest place to find melatonin vapes is online. Our MELO Air melatonin vaporizers can be purchased directly from our website, and they usually ship within one business day. Customers tend to be very happy with how quickly our products arrive, as you’ll notice from reading the reviews.

You can also find MELO Air on Amazon. For instance, here’s where you can find our popular Rainbow Road and Peach Cream flavors, if you prefer to buy from Amazon. We offer a total of ten different flavors, and most are available on Amazon: Just search for the one you want to see if it’s available.

That said, we should point out that you’ll get a better price if you order directly from us. An individual melatonin vape pen is just $15 if you order it from our website, whereas our vaporizers are currently about $20 on Amazon. This is because we don’t have to pay Amazon’s ever-rising fees when we sell from our website.

We also offer free shipping on orders of $25 or more when you order from our website. To take advantage of this offer, you’d just need to order two or more vape pens from us. And with so many awesome flavors to choose from, it shouldn’t be hard to find two (or more) you’re interested in trying!

Which Stores Sell Melatonin Vape Pens

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If you’d really prefer to buy your melatonin vape pens in-person, you do have a few options. Residents of Texas and South Carolina will be happy to know our MELO Labs products are sold at some gas stations in these states. You may also be able to find our products in some boutique stores, smoke shops, and convenience stores.

But before you head to your local gas station or convenience store, we’d just encourage you to call ahead to verify that our products are sold at the location you’re interested in. We can’t guarantee that our products are in every single gas station in these states, and even stores that do typically sell them may be sold out. So, call ahead to be sure.

How to Get Your Local Stores to Sell MELO Air

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While your in-person options for buying MELO Air are currently limited to stores in Texas and South Carolina, we’re working on expanding. If you want our products to be sold at one of your local stores, you can help us make this happen!

Simply get in touch with the store you’re interested in and ask them to fill out this form. If you have any questions about this process (or anything else), we want to hear from you! We’re happy to offer support however we can, and we’ll reply within a day or two. Just go here to ask your question, and make sure to include your email address so we can reply.

Where to Buy Other Melatonin Vapes

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While we’re confident that our MELO Air melatonin vaporizers are the best on the market to offer healthy sleep support, we realize other companies work hard on their products, too. Here, we’ll take a look at how our products compare to Cloudy and Inhale Health.

You can buy the Cloudy Melatonin Diffuser directly from their website, but you can also find it on Amazon. Similarly, you can buy the Inhale Health Melatonin Diffuser from their website or from Amazon. You may also be able to find either vaporizer in some specialized stores. (Note that a “melatonin diffuser” is the same thing as a melatonin vaporizer.)

While this is not an exhaustive list of all melatonin vape brands, information about where to buy other brands is mostly the same. As with Melo Air, your best bet for buying other melatonin vaporizers is most likely the company’s website, but you’ll also be able to find them on Amazon or in certain select stores like gas stations or convenience stores.

Try All Our MELO Air Products to Help You Fall Asleep

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As we’ve seen, the best place to buy melatonin diffusers is online, directly from the company’s website. You can also find them on Amazon, but you’ll most likely get a better price buying from the company’s website. Additionally, you can find some melatonin diffusers in certain select stores.

At MELO Labs, we offer some of the best sleep aids on the market. MELO Air works so quickly and efficiently that you’ll feel the effects within minutes. This is especially helpful when your sleep habits or sleep patterns are inconsistent: Because it works so fast, you won’t need to worry so much about what you do after you take it but before you get into bed.

We also offer MELO Sip, for those who are on the fence about vaping. Melo Sip is a powdered melatonin drink that works almost as quickly as Melo Air. It also has some bonus ingredients to boost relaxation: chamomile extract, valerian root extract, l-theanine, and GABA as well as sleep-promoting vitamins and minerals. It’s an extremely effective sleep aid.

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